Warning: Grammar errors, mpregs, cuss, time skip, RemusxJames, SiriusxSeverus, HarryxLucius, RonxHermione, cravings, mates, and deaths.


Sometimes, the students do their best to make a reunion party at best when returning to Hogwarts once more. Sixth and Seventh years tend to sneak in alcohol for their party. Professors have no idea this was going on in the main commoner area. Music was playing to amuse the teenagers and others would be snogging off silly.

However, James was playing harmless hex towards Severus – which Lilly had invited him over to. Remus shook his head at the immature best friend of his. He knew how James would be like and he should act out as a prefect. Instead, he couldn't ruin his tonight plan and carried a couple large cups over to where James stood.

"Prongs, you promised to be better of yourself this year and that includes who you bullied." Remus reminded him, especially during their long train ride that James was determined to change for the better.

James sighed, "I know…erm, sorry Snape. Old habits die-hard. Just keep your ug-"

"-Prongs!" The werewolf glared at him, preventing any bully harassment going that includes Physical, emotional, and mental.

He sheepishly smiled, "Sorry, I'll behave now. Oh," His finger pointed at the cup, "Is that drink for me? I'm thirsty!"

Remus nodded and let him have the large cup, mostly with alcohol and punch in the mix. Potter helped himself to drink and he couldn't get enough. He didn't drink it right away, but little by little. The werewolf encouraged him to drink it more through the entire night and Severus watched his bully having his idiotic night. Lily couldn't care less to James and hung out with her friend.

Sirius kept hanging out with a few people to keep himself distance, but he had some fun. His eyes leaned towards someone he recognizes every second of the day. He couldn't help it and wondered the same. He decided to use a healthy approach for a change. Both of his best friends were having some fun and decided this may be his only chance. The animagus went to the punch bowl and helped himself a couple of drinks.

Black walked up to Lily and Severus, knowing it will not be easy, and no one was caring to watch between the two.

"Ah, Lily, Severus. It's great to see you both today." Sirius smiled.

Lily smiled as she sparkled her emerald eyes, "Sirius, it's been a long while. How is your summer?"

Severus rolled his eyes and looked away. He has no use for Black at all, well, aside from Regulus. He chose to look out for Lily as any friends would do.

"Oh, you know, insufferable parents and managed to focus on my studying. Had some fun here and there. How about both of you?" He smiled kindly.

Severus stared as his head snapped at the animagus. He was rather confused when he's involved now. Sirius handed them a drink of their own and Severus did not understand why such kindness. Usually, Sirius would send Lily away and he would begin to harass him.

The two Gryffindor boys made their night successful and pleased last night. Sirius got Severus to be unguarded and made some fun last night. Remus found out that James fancied him a lot more and they ended up making love. The happy feeling in the air was no more than falling in love.

Remus was happy to be in James' arms during the night and he stared at his mate. Who is sleeping away soundlessly and at much peace. Of course, the prefect needed to go to the bathroom and helped himself there. Potter hardly noticed a thing in his sleep.

Sirius cuddled with his pillow, memorizing his moment with his Slytherin last night, and all giddily about it. He couldn't wait to see how things turn out in the morning.

Yet, someone groaned in utter pain and caused others to wake up. Peter wasn't used to having a major headache with a hangover. He was too drunk last night. James yawned and stretched as he wakes up. He felt good and he couldn't place on his fingers why. He shrugged it off and opened his bed curtain.

"Padfoot, wake up! We have class today and surely we don't want our folks to get on our tail this time." He insisted, for an early riser.

Sirius' eyes snapped opened groaned. He was enjoying his dream and school couldn't wait for another day. His head shook and figured he can make his dream real.

"Yeah, yeah. But, I don't think you care, though. We should have free period for first class. Why worry?"

James smirked, "That's because Evans is going to be mine this year."

Remus came out and froze in his walking. Did James forget already? James grabbed his clothes and headed into their bathroom. Sirius noticed something going on with Moony and joined him.

"You alright there, moony?" His hand patted his friend's shoulder.

The werewolf frowned, "I-I thought he loves me?" He whispered.

The animagus' brow rose, "Who?"


"…so, you're confused?" Sirius shrugged.

The prefect shook his head, "He said it to me last night before we made love and now, he wants Lily?"

Sirius' grey eyes widened, "What!" He whispered, "You finally got him to open up! How?" He pulled him to his bed quarter and closed the curtain for privacy.

Remus kept pouting, not pleased to hear from James' words, and extremely disappointed.

"I assumed all the drinking he had would make him confess truthfully."

The animagus nodded, "Okay, how much drink did he have? Three or four?"

"…" He kept silent for a bit, "Eight."

Sirius had no idea and he knew that was right off the drunk chart. He was surprised Prongs made it through fine without a headache. Then again, this guy is a serious morning riser.

"Um, Remus, he would be too drunk too remember anything last night. But, don't worry, you can tell him what happened last night and he probably feels something new around you."

Moony was rather relieved to hear his friend's word and realized he hasn't lost his chance. He needs his mate, despite of his difficult role in his life.

"Yeah, he has to know he is my mate since I am a creature that needs a mate."

Sirius smirked, "I know. I finally got my mate last night as well."

Remus smiled, "Who? Do I know her or him? What house?"

The animagus chuckled, "Don't tell anyone," His eyes looked around in case anyone listened in and Remus nodded, "Severus Snape."

Remus softly whistled and he hadn't expect that at all. He thought about it and recalled times where his friend pulled away from getting involved or had been quieter than usual if James and him were trap in the room with Severus. He knew how serious he takes his crush and he might have left a good impression last night.


"-Come! We don't want to be late for breakfast!" James interrupted their conversation.

Sirius signaled Remus to be quiet and the werewolf accepted that. They both wanted to start a good year and the outcome. Sirius and Remus were ready to go and James grabbed his book bag for the day. Peter seemed to be gone already and not even around.

"James, may we talk-" Remus walked up to him and got dragged along with James out of their dormitory.

Potter smiled, "Sure, as we go along the way. What do you want to talk about? Is it about your furry problem coming up tonight?"

His head shook, "No, that isn't for another two weeks. I was going to ask you about the party last night, if you recall anything important."

"That you looked out for me and made sure I didn't do any harm for Snape?"

The prefect knew it would not be easy, yet, it was a start. He nodded and James smiled anyway.

"Thanks, moony. I hope Snape can forgive me for everything I've done. I figured it would get me Lily's trust and believe that I can change for her." He smirked.

Remus was rather hurt when he sees his mate wanting others. How could James forget so easily? Especially their night was rather long.

"Um, do you remember anything else of last night? Anything exciting perhaps?" The nervous werewolf bit his lips.

Potter scratched his chin and thought back, "I remember hearing about someone is getting laid that night, but that's about it."

This wasn't what the prefect wanted it, but he figured it was better than nothing was. Sooner or later, his mate will remember and forget about Lily had ever existed. He was certain of that. Sirius followed along side by side of his friends. He couldn't wait to see his favorite Slytherin in no time. He wondered how his mate would respond.

They entered into the Great Hall with several students. Everyone chatted, enjoying their breakfast, and dealing with their time table schedule to exchange discussion towards. The grey eyes searched and spotted the familiar long black hair. He smiled and Severus hardly turned around. He was confused and figured he walks up, considering Regulus and Severus are friends.

"Hey Regulus, Severus."

Regulus jolted and turned, "Sirius! W-what are you doing here?"

"…You do know this is a Slytherin house table, right?" Severus looked at the Gryffindor as if he lost his memory.

Sirius blinked and thought back. He was confused, he knew he did not get Severus too drunk or that close. Was it Snape's first time drinking? He wasn't too sure and decided to keep up to have his mate in no time.

"And what? Can't I greet you both in the morning?" He softly smiled.

The young Slytherin shrugged, "I guess there's nothing wrong with that…but you've seen me all summer, though. I thought you want a break from me?"

Sirius chuckled and ruffled his brother's hair, "No, you're my only brother and I want to do better than I have all those years. We need to bond. You too, Severus."

The black eyes blinked at him, "Why me? I thought you practically hate my guts?"

His brow rose, "No, I never hated you. That was James' words, not mine. I was going to ask if we're still up for the studying tonight that we made a deal with last night."

The Slytherin scowled, "What tricks are you up to, Black? I did not make plans to study with you and as if I would do that with you especially."

Now, this backfired on the elder Black and he was not sure what to make of. He kept himself together and kept this neutral at the most.

"No tricks. You said you would enjoy keeping me in focus on my studying and I promised to Keep…Potter away from you." He explained the plans.

Snape stared at the Gryffindor as if he lost his mind and scoffed to turn around to eat his breakfast. Regulus shrugged and sheepishly smiled at his older brother. He waved softly and returning to his breakfast. The Gryffindor was too confused here and decided to join his friends once more.

Remus and Sirius exchanged looked that did not seem to be good at all. They had no idea how to approach their mates without upsetting them. It seems likely not everything will be as it is.

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