The years have gone by, Nathan ended up in Gryffindor house, and Scorpio landed in Slytherin house. Just like their mothers were. Harry had befriended Nathan and they would study together from time to time, but Hermione has suspected something between the two. They both never had much interests for Potion, love for flying, and somehow get into trouble without trying. She knew his last name and made a connection during the fourth year with their professor Lupin. She noticed how strangely Sirius and Severus had behaved, but Remus has sided in to shelter Sirius.

Nathan and Scorpio were involved. Of course, Nathan was safer around the Full moon for his mother. He transformed in his own will, a black wolf like, and managed to distract his mother. Professor Lupin turned motherly turns her son until Professor Snape guided his students and son out of the way. Unfortunately, Harry panicked for his godfather and Severus wanted him to be safe. He failed to go after him and uncertain what may happen. The Slytherin refused to get close to Black ever again, not after losing Black's brother, but more of losing someone he used to care for.

The first thing he did was to make sure Scorpio wasn't nearby Sirius at all or there would be some conflicts arising in the air.

Hermione suspected something through the year, but she chose to keep her mouth shut. Harry has changed since the fourth year after losing a classmate he was getting close to. He had nightmares sometimes, but he got over it from time to time. He tried to spend sometimes with his godfather, but the year has swallowed him with having to teach his friends and those who wanted to learn the DADA. Scorpio was willing to join in and sly enough to convince Nathan into this. However, they refused to back down from a challenge.

Until…the nightmares of what Voldemort had intended to do have worked to lure Harry Potter to the Mystery Department. He was too worried of Sirius and dashed off to gather members of the Dumbledore's Army. Scorpio and Nathan exchanged glances at each other, but they knew better of themselves.

"We ought to find my mum," Scorpio commented.

"My mum too, I'll firecall him. It might prove Sirius is still at the Grimmauld place. I think Harry is falling into his' trap."

They nodded and rushed into what they had to do. Hermione noticed the way they acted towards each other and how quiet, but she was too distracted ordering everyone to prepare their plan as they all led out of the Hogwarts. They rushed over to where they needed to get to.

Nathan used the floo network to call, "Mum? Are you home?" He looked around and spotted the blond hair man, "Mum!"

Remus turned around and met up with his son through the firecall, "Nathan, shouldn't you be taking your OWL exams right now?"

His head shook, "It's over. Look, is Sirius here?"

"Yes, he's in the kitchen. Why?"

He sighed, "Harry and everyone is going to the Mystery Department to go rescue Sirius, but I think they forgot to call here instead. Mum, it got to be you-know-who's trap!"

The green eyes widened, "What! You get Severus into this-"

"-Scorpio is getting his mom right now."

"Then I want you both to stay right where you are. I'm getting Sirius and we're going to get them out before he tricks them into the plan. If you feel unsafe, floo over here immediately."

"Okay, I'll tell Scorpio."

"Stay out of trouble, Nate."

Nathan understood and they both ended the conversation. He rushed over to Slytherin's dungeon to find his best friend and slammed into him without a second thought to process what had happened. They groaned and looked up at each other.

"Mum is after Harry and our friends." Scorpio said.

Nathan nodded, "Mum is with Sirius, so they're going after them too. He said we should stay put, if we're not stay. We head over to the Grimmauld place."

Scorpio agreed and helped his best friend back on their feet, until someone grabbed their shoulders. They were paler than Severus could ever be.

"Now, let's get you boys to my office and explain things." The wicked witch has caught them.

The boys exchanged glances and knowing they do not want to be in trouble, especially with someone who is involved as a ministry spy and on the dark side. They had to get home safe soon enough. One thing for sure is that this old hag witch does not know how to keep her hands off the Snape offspring.

"Well, I suppose we should go," The young Snape commented, "But not where you want us."

Scorpio snatched Nate's hand and used magic to force the woman off them. They ran off into the Slytherin dormitory, rushed into the fireplace, and floo'ed over to their safety home. They collapsed into the living room and breathed. For now, they had to ward off the nasty woman from following them and they knew they had to stay in the kitchen. No one can do anything much if they cannot see them in the kitchen.

~At the Ministry of Mystery Department~

Sirius couldn't believe his godson had forgotten he was staying at the Grammauld place for a place they had for next year. Sure, he'd go out from time to time, but Voldemort doesn't know his animagus' form.

"Why does he keep himself getting into trouble," Sirius muttered after splitting up with Remus to find the kids.

Remus rushed over to the left side of the department and Sirius rushed to the right side. He ran into the room and his eyes caught his attention. The gold glistened and they were a familiar tool. He stopped and realized something. He checked his surrounding and held up his wand in case for anything. He walked up carefully and picked up a time turner. He put it on and hid it under his shirt. He understood why faith was playing now and saw a reason to be here. Perhaps everything had happened for a reason, but right now, those kids had to be back to Hogwarts immediately.

He rushed over and found deatheaters after them, especially with Harry and the prophecy ball. This wasn't good and they were all after him to obtain a piece of the future. If Voldemort learns how, then the future changes for sure. He had to be sure both Harry and the Prophecy remains safe at the upmost of his efforts. He spotted the tall blond man against his godson.

Sirius growled and whipped out an attack against the Malfoy. Lucius was slammed down onto the ground and Harry lit up at the sight of his godfather. He rushed over, kept the distance away from the enemy, and hugged him.

"What were you thinking, Harry?! If your father knew what you were doing, he would have your head for this!" Sirius squeezed his little Prongslet.

"Sorry, I thought you were being tortured." His head shook, "Still, anyone can get it besides him. I had to be sure. We need to stop the rest of the deatheaters of his'." Harry pointed out.

"Harry, no. You go to the Grammauld immediately. I'll get everyone send there. These guys won't stop until they get what they want." His grey eyes drew to the small globe ball, "I'll take the prophecy." He insisted.

Harry bitten his lip and stared at the other side with fears for his friends.

"He's here, though. I have to stop him." The Gryffindor boy couldn't push it aside.

"Give me the prophecy."

Harry nodded and handed it to him. Sirius held it and he knew he shouldn't read it. Immediately dropped it to destroy to learn the truth. The green eyes widened and stared at this man before him.

"W-what did you do that for!? Everyone is fighting to keep this out of his hands!" Harry was about to panic.

Sirius frowned, "We don't need the future to tell us more. We know it is between him and you. Right now, it is better off that he doesn't change anything. Now, make a move on and let's save your friends."

The boy-who-lived blinked at him and nodded. They raced off to the sector where his friends were defending themselves from most deatheaters and shouting out in their defense. Remus had showed up and knowing the trouble they were in. Bellatrix almost made a vicious attack, but Harry knocked her dark spell off. She shrieked and furious to see someone a bit advance. Sirius wasn't in the mood to be dealing with her and he struck at her before she can attack again.

She was hit and had fallen into the viel. Neville cheered in revenge and continued to attack the weakly deatheaters. Some of them were in fears and one of them raced passed to escape. Lucius apparently had woken up and Harry had enough with him right now. He picked up his feet and chased him.

"Harry!" Sirius groaned, not thinking this would be an easy mission.

"Don't even think about it, Lucius Malfoy!" Harry hissed and threw some heavy hexes.

Lucius stopped after getting hit from a trap and the boy reached up to him. Sirius slowed down, realizing the reaction had been going on between them, and he stood by to make sure no one would attack during this time.

"Are you insane?" Mr. Malfoy whispered to him.

Harry shook his head, "I think you are, you knew better not to threaten me! Why did you even come here?"

"Sorry, but it was to remain loyal in his eyes."

Harry sighed and shook his head. His wand lifted and unbound the spell immediately.

"Get out of here before I have half of mind to keep you in your cage." Harry commanded.

Lucius nodded and ran to the floo network to return home before the lord came. Sirius was about to walk up to him, but suddenly someone had appeared. Oh, this wasn't good for Harry to be involved and he knew better anyway.

"Voldemort!" Harry screeched.

The dark lord smirked, pleased to try a chance to kill the boy, and Harry refused to let him believe that otherwise. Voldemort struck the attack and Harry stood there without fear. Sirius' eyes were wider and deathly afraid to see something had gone wrong. The spell was hitting close to Harry and the boy whipped it off like nothing. This backfired him.

Harry struck another attack immediately before another spell could be reproduce within seconds. Voldemort took it, almost collapsed onto his knees, and tried to regain his strength. Harry repeated the spell and chanted like a radio stuck on a repeat. The Dark man could not think of something to protect himself, becoming weaker less than a second, and his body fell flat like a muggle would react to being shot by a gun.

Harry picked up a different spell, the dark art spell set him to ensure his death this time, and triggered to wither. The ministry employees came out in shocked, found themselves in the final battle, and the light side was winning. Harry announced another spell and caused Voldemort's body to shrivel up and dissolved into ashes.

Harry breathed and lowered his guards down a bit. Sirius managed to come by his side and people gasped to see the sight of the criminal. One thing for sure, they needed to escape. He grabbed onto godson and apparate over to where his friends were. Remus nodded and they grabbed everyone into bundle of hugs to apparate over to the Grimmauld place. Severus saw the sight of them and apparate behind them, knowing where to go already, and headed there directly.

Albus has appeared and decided to fill in for Harry's victory and savory of Voldemort. So this saved some helpful insight of what had really been going on. Now, people were having faith in the man once more.

~At the Grimmauld~

Everyone fell apart after landing, but they were all safe from insane reporters for now. Harry brushed up and decided to head over to the upstairs until his godfather caught him from leaving.

"We need to talk, kiddo."

Harry blinked, "About what?"

"In private. Let's go into your guest room."

The savior understood and they head upstairs, leaving others confused. Remus was hoping he wasn't going to explain anything about the past. He had no use to explain anyone about James, but he knew Nathan will wish to know. He heard voices from the kitchen and headed over. He saw the boys hanging out and having their lunches.

"Did something happened at Hogwarts?" Mr. Lupin had to check in, knowing they have to return soon.

Scorpio nodded, "Yeah, we got caught by that ministry teacher and she was trying to find out more. We escaped and came here."

Nathan agreed, "We didn't feel safe with her. She scared us to death when she caught us."

Remus frowned, "I wouldn't want a teacher to cause you boys to feel like this. Then again, whoever does feel safe with a ministry like her?" He muttered, "Well, Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Harry are here. Oh, and your mother, Scorpio is with us too."

Scorpio lit up and rushed out of the kitchen to see him. He was worried for his mother, involving risks and danger, and being a spy. Nathan handed his other half of the sandwich to his mother and Remus gracefully accepted it.

"You-know-who is probably done for now." He told him.

Nathan smiled, "Good ridicule! I hope we're the winners officially this time. Do you think we'll be getting his followers arrested and lock'em up for good?"

Remus chuckled, "Possibly yes. Albus might come here after the school is finished and talk about how we truly won or if it's another loss cause to this battle."

Nate understood. Remus, however, worried what Sirius could be saying to Harry right now. War's over, no one would be bothering them for a while, and trying to settle down after a vicious battle.

Sirius and Harry stood across in a small bedroom, but enough for five people. The door's closed for securing privacy and facing this as if they're being caged in.

"I'd like to know…and full honesty, what was that about before Voldie showed up?" His hands on his waists.

Harry stared at him, "What have you heard so far?"

"From his whispers of are you insane to cage him. Explain before I go out of my mental mind." Sirius didn't like what he saw, but he figured it would be best to know now.

Harry nodded and realized he had to explain. He knew he would get caught eventually, but it wasn't like he's dealing with law makers on this. It was safe for him talk about this anyway.

He sighed, "Lucius Malfoy is my slave. During my second year, when I handed him the damaged diary with a sock. When he gave it to Dobby, apparently there were still magic in it. When Dobby received it, the spell transformed Dobby's slavery onto Mr. Malfoy and dragged me into this. I was forced to be the slave's master and he's my slave. We agreed he can play the spy in my order, he acts this way to protect us both. Of course, I told him no threats and he deliberately disobeyed me. I have to punish him, still." He sheepishly smiled.

Sirius was glad more than he says and sat down on the bed immediately.

"Oh, good! I thought you were going to say you're involved with him." He sweats his forehead off.

Harry blinked, "No. Just responsible for him. Although, I told him to stay put and not to do anything against the school. He shouldn't have threatened me for the prophecy ball!" His head shook.

"Is this slavery permanent for him?"

"Dobby says that spell is an ancient magic of work. To remove it is by killing him, but you know I can't do that because he's Draco's father. If I take him away, Draco would kick my arse and claim that I am just jealous that I never have a father to grow up and twisted to make him join my side or whatever nonsense he can pull out."

Sirius heard him, but he knew what Harry had meant. He never realized so much must have slipped by.

"Who else knows?"

"Only him and me." The savior declared.

His brow rose, "Not even your friends?"

"No, or people would know by now. I chose to keep this quiet. If people knew, they'd take advantage to the both of us." He shrugged, "But I figured if I got caught, I'd explain."

Sirius smiled, "Well, I'm proud of you, kiddo. Where were you planning on going now?"

"To Lucius. I still need to punish him. It won't take long. I'd be back in five minutes." Harry told him.

Sirius nodded and suddenly witnessed his godson apparition without help. He never thought anyone would be able to pick this up easily, but he had to hand it to him. Right now, he needed to do a few things and decided to get right into his quick planning.