Emile woke up with a massive headache. He had been drinking last night, and now he had to suffer the consequences. Jon and Tim had slept on the couch, since driving wasn't really the best option. Emile put a hand to his head. Now he remembered why he didn't drink in large amounts. But something felt… off. He had experienced being hung over before, but this felt different. It was like his entire body had changed.

As he sat up in bed, he opened his eyes to a peculiar sight. He was still in his room, but there was long brown hair obscuring his vision. He didn't remember getting a wig or something last night, although he supposed his memory could be clouded from all the alcohol. He assumed it must have been some sort of prank the others played on him while he slept, and expected to see photos plastered over Twitter and Facebook when he got to his computer.

He reached up to pull what he assumed was a wig off his head, but found it wouldn't come off. It actually felt as if it was attached to his head. He was about to tug harder when he noticed the hand he was tugging with looked different from his own. It was softer and slenderer. The same went for the arm it was attached to. His gaze continued down his arm, resting on the two lumps on his chest, clearly evident underneath his shirt.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jon and Tim woke up when they heard a loud, feminine sounding scream.

So this happened. Blame my brain, it does weird things. Later chapters will be longer; I just felt this was a good short chapter to set up the rest of the story. This may or may not contain shipping, I'm not sure. If it does, keep in mind I've never written romance before.

Have a good life.