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Written to "Just Give Me a Reason" feat Nate Ruess by Pink for those who like to listen as you read!

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*Just Give Me a Reason


Tony felt the rustling of the sheets next to him and slowly opened his eyes. Her long dark mane of wispy curls danced delicately over naked flesh and he gulped at the glimpses of her various curves as she sat on the edge of the bed; the swells of her breasts, the dip in her spine and those dimples, God those dimples staring him right in the face now just a foot from her on his side of the bed. His mind and body were instantly bombarded with flashes from the night before. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the touch, the tasteā€¦the freedom. One night of dancing in each others arms and all the walls had finally come down. What began on the dance floor continued in their hotel room and the dawn had come too early, breaking the spell.

Ziva's eyes flashed back over her shoulder realizing he was awake and for a second held and then looked away. She reached for whatever was nearest to cover up and pulled Tony's white dress shirt from the rumpled mess of clothing littering the floor beside the bed.

"Are we going to talk about what happened last night?" Tony asked swallowing hard and pulling the sheet up a little to cover his lower half more. He was feeling self-conscious and unable to hide his desire for her this early in the morning. The scent of sex was still so heavily in the air and on his skin and lingering in his mouth. His tongue darted out briefly to feel his bruised lips from her intense and passionate kiss. He pulled himself up enough to roll slightly on his side and prop himself up on one elbow to look at her.

"What is there to talk about?" Ziva asked him quietly without looking at him as she slipped into his shirt, threading each arm into a sleeve and then swooping her gorgeous long tendrils out from beneath the fabric and setting them free once more.

Tony managed to swallow the groan in his throat watching her movement and seeing the last of her naked body before him as she stood and the shirt fell over her thighs, hiding everything else from his view. He could see that she was retreating with the light of day.

"I think there is a lot to talk about, Ziva." He began quietly staring at her form beside the bed while she finished with the buttons and knelt down picking up her discarded clothing from the evening before, torn off in the throes of passion. "Don't you?" He was nervous about what this meant now, this change in their relationship. He'd hoped it would send them off into the right direction, finally with both admitting at least with actions how they felt towards one another even if they couldn't say it yet with words.

"This is not a good time, Tony." She shook her head with a soft sigh, still refusing to meet his eyes and thinking about catching her father's killer.

"So you regret what happened between us last night?" Tony asked trying to mask the hurt in his tone.

"I never said that." Her eyes finally caught his as her head immediately whipped in his direction from where she was kneeling down beside the bed.

It was then that Tony could see the unshed tears glistening there with held back emotion, that yes, last night meant something to her too.

"I'm tired of pretending, Ziva." He held her gaze and spoke quietly hoping she could see how much last night meant to him as well.

"I'm tired of pretending, too." She answered him in barely above a whisper and a single tear finally escaped beneath her lashes as she closed her eyes briefly and then looked away, standing but not moving.

"When this is over with Bodnar... We are going to talk about this." Tony swallowed hard with eyes roaming up her incredibly beautiful form, wearing nothing but his dress shirt. His breath hitched at how much he wanted her, even more now that he'd had her. "No more pretending. No more retreating. Not this time, Ziva." He understood why this wasn't a perfect time to be discussing this given they were going to avenge her father's death today; but he also wasn't going to let this chance slip away from them again. They'd done that before.

"When this is over." Ziva repeated quietly, flashing her eyes back to his and holding fast with a small head nod. "No more pretendingā€¦no more retreating. I promise, Tony." The briefest of smiles flashed across her face with the falling of another tear and she quickly wiped it away. "I'm going to use the bathroom first. Then it is all yours." She moved quickly towards the bathroom across the room and Tony watched her go. When the door shut behind her, he fell back down against his pillows.

"No more pretending. No more retreating." He repeated out loud quietly to himself staring at the ceiling with a slow smile spreading across his face. "I promise too, Ziva."