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Careful; Paramore

You can't be too careful anymore

Last year. Last year was the fiftieth annual Hunger Games, and I have to say that they were a smashing hit. Forty-eight tributes instead of the usual twenty-four and a wonderful Arena. There was a victor as an underdog; not the most easygoing victor, not someone who was easy to get along with, but an underdog all the same. The first winner District Twelve had had in many years. I don't like Haymitch Abernathy but I can't deny that his victory will make the fiftieth Hunger Games hard to beat.

The new Head Gamemaker sits down at my desk, looking about a quarter as nervous as he should be. "Last year's Games were a huge hit, Taurus," I say skeptically. "How are you going to compete with that? There's pressure on you this year."

The Head Gamemaker Taurus Dawson grins at me. "Simple," he replies. "I do something creative."

I roll my eyes and purse my lips. "The Games have to be creative every year, stupid. Explain to me this great Arena that will make everyone remember the fifty-first Hunger Games, not the fiftieth. You do want your first year as Head Gamemaker to be a success, don't you? I can have you killed if you displease me. That's what happened in the forty-"

"Please don't talk about the forty-sixth Hunger Games," Taurus winces. Those were a terrible year. The Games were held in an aquarium and all the tributes that ran out of oxygen drowned. A boy from Four won that year. Needless to say, the Head Gamemaker didn't live until sunrise after the victor was crowned.

"I'm simply reminding you," I say, "That if these Games go wrong, especially after having such an exciting Quarter Quell, you will be punished."

"I know, your majesty," he replies mockingly. "But you'll be grateful you picked me for the job. You'll be thanking me, I can assure you that."

"Do not cross me, Mr. Dawson," I warn. "I'm not one to be crossed."

Taurus rolls his eyes and pulls out two blueprints. He rolls out one blueprint and turns it to face me.

"This year," he explains, "Our angle was to make the district remember their pasts. Before Panem, in the time of North America, there were two particularly prominent wars labelled 'World Wars'."

I nod, to show I'm following.

"They were obviously very political, but essentially a series of battles fought in muddy fields filled with trenches. Tributes will be transported back to 'World War I'. We will give them weaponry from the time, along with our classical weaponry. The tributes will become the soldiers."

I look at the Gamemaker skeptically. "Why don't we just make them reminisce, say, the rebellion? It only happened fifty years ago. It would be much more effective in get the point across to our older viewers." I love 'the point'. There's always some psychological twist in each Games that makes people realise how helpless they are and how powerful we are. I get it, Taurus wants people to remember wars. It's a wonderful way to prove how powerful we are; we beat them in the rebellion. It's a way to remind them that the entire world is survival of the fittest. But nobody remembers this 'World War I' thing. It happened hundreds, probably thousands, of years ago. I don't know how Taurus even found out about it.

"I see what you're getting at, but you're wrong, Miss," Taurus says bluntly. "This proves that humans have always had wars, that we'll always be the same violent race. It reminds the tributes that when war is declared- be it World War I or the rebellion- chaos will be wreaked and only the strongest will emerge on top. It's perfect, actually."

"How do you even know that this is a real historical event?" I ask. "What proof do you have?"

Taurus happily whips out several yellowed papers. There appear to be many photos, drawings, news clippings and posters. "This," he says, showing a new clipping that informs the country 'War has been declared'. "You gotta hand it to the archaeologists."There is a poster of a woman, appearing to be deep in thought, thinking, 'Gee! I wish I were a man. I'd join the navy.' And, I nod, impressed, as I shuffle through different clippings.

"You seem to have done your research," I admit, looking at the new Head Gamemaker. I can see a future for him; and a very successful one at that. He just has to make sure to treat his president with respect. And not to try anything foolish.

"Well, I wasn't planning on making this a year to forget. You've underestimated me, president; that's where you go wrong. You underestimate everyone."

"You have no idea who I am and what I do," I inform the rash man in front of me. "If you are to keep your life you'll learn to hold your tongue."

He rolls up his blueprints, glaring at me. "Yes, president," He says mock-courteously. "As you wish."

"I like your Arena. I like your ideas. But be careful," I warn. "You've nearly crossed the line already. Life is a balancing act, Taurus, as someone of your young age has probably not learned yet. But I'm telling you now. Because I don't want to have to kill you. Impress me this year, Taurus Dawson, and I'll consider keeping you as Head Gamemaker. Impress me and all will go well for you."

He looks more worried now. I grin, satisfied; finally I have put this man in his place. The Gamemaker rolls up his blueprints and gets up to leave. "This time next week, you can show me more of your layout for the Arena," I say. "Let's hope you've learned some manners by then."

I sit back. Scary though I seem to that man, I'm impressed with his idea.

This will be a year to remember.

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