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Here With You

Chapter 1: You're Not Alone

Stiles was getting pissed off. It had been over a month, a month since he had last seen the Alpha, since his pack had taken off abandoning him. Stiles wanted to kill them for that. He had given Derek his space, let him brood but enough was enough. So Stiles drove out to confront him and kick his wolfy ass into gear.

Derek was already waiting from him as he pulled up. Normally Stiles would be kind of intimidated by the Alpha standing all glarey eyed with his arms crossed over his extremely muscular chest but he was too furious with him.

"What the hell?! Where have you been?! It's been a month! Not once have you broken into my room to scare the shit out of me and demand my awesome research skills! What the hell?!" Stiles crossed his arms to mimic Derek's stance in a vain attempt to be intimidating.

Derek actually managed to look surprised. "Why do you care? What are you even doing here?!"

Stiles sighed feeling the anger drain out of him realizing how hurt he was. Derek just didn't understand. "I get it okay? You're feeling betrayed, abandoned. Your pack left you for greener pastures and all that. Well they're dicks if they didn't realize that you were the best thing, the best Alpha for them. Okay you don't know exactly what you're doing most of the time and you can be grumpy and snippy and too harsh-"

"Stiles!" Derek cut him off.

"Sorry, sorry." Stiles smiled meekly rubbing the back of his head. "But just because they're gone doesn't mean you should just give up live in this burnt house and sulk for the rest of your life."

Derek shook his head. "You don't understand."

"Then explain it to me," Stiles countered.

Derek sighed. "We're pack animals. They where my pack. I'm alone now. Wolfs don't survive alone."

"You're not alone! Dude, you've still got me! And I'll never leave your side," Stiles spurted out before he could even think about it. But it was true. He never would leave the grumpy Alpha.

"You're part of Scott's pack," Derek retorted.

Stiles smiled stepping towards him. "No I'm Scott's friend, his best friend, but I'm your pack. I have been for a while now."

Derek dropped his arms his heart suddenly beating pounding in his chest while Stiles was steady, completely honest. "You're my pack?" He didn't dare hope.

"Yeah I'm your pack. You're stuck with me," Stiles promised in a mock threat but completely serious.

Stiles was annoying, a pain in his ass, he always go himself into trouble, and he couldn't shut up, but Derek, Derek was okay with that. Because Stiles was his pack. He just hadn't realized it at the time. He wasn't even sure when that had happened. Maybe it was after the pool incident, no it was earlier than that, when something had caused him to appear in Stiles room asking for help. Not Scott's. It was the same feeling that told him now that Stiles would keep his word, he would never leave him.

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