Alone on patrol in the dreary burrows of London, Faith comes across a possible vampire.

"I think you should pick on someone my own size," she quips reaching for the stake in her jacket as she steps towards the vampire. The eyes of the vampire bulge as he recognizes the dark slayer.

"Slayer," he calls ominously before hightailing it out of the alleyway and up the main street.

"Damn, I was hoping to get some action in tonight. Shit's been too slow. Fuckin' summer." She pulls a cigarette from her soft pack; flicks open her dented zippo dating back to her Boston days and lights up.

Deciding it was best to go back to her flat at this point in the night, since everything that could have been slayed seemed to be running from her. As she walked down the dark, damp, empty sidewalk she heard her feet bang out a beat. Or at least she thought it was her feet.

Suddenly electric guitar riffs filled the air around her, and Faith burst into song.

It's a new day, but it all feels old,

It's the good life, that's what I'm told,

But everything it all just feels the same.

Back at Sunnydale, it felt more to me

Like a jail cell, a penitentiary.

My time spent there it only made me see

Faith was running through the streets now, jumping on dumpsters, singing at the top of her lungs. She released all the negative energy she had pent up in her from the last time she had seen her sister slayer.

I don't ever wanna be like you

I'm never gonna do the things you do

I'm never gonna hear the words you say

'cause I don't ever wanna

I don't ever wanna be you

Don't wanna be just like you

Screaming the last word of Faith's solo ditty, she suddenly realized what she had been doing.

"What the fuck? Was I actually just singing?! Great, there must be something wrong with the super friends." Lighting up a new cigarette, she chose to rush home before anymore songs came her way…or thoughts about one blond slayer.

Later in San Francisco

Buffy plunged the stake easily through the vampire chest, watching with a smirk as it burst into ash before her eyes. I think that's enough for one night. I have work in the morning and I need me some beauty sleep.

Pleased with her count of seven solid vampire slays and one furry demon, Buffy stashed away her stake in her purse and headed back to the apartment she shared with Willow.

Things had been fun living with the Wicca, especially since she dumped Kennedy. She annoyed the crap out of me, always leaving wet towels in the bathroom. Buffy was happier to be out of Dawn and Xander's house as well. Loud sex noise, real or fake, are never fun to hear as the roomie. Especially when said sex noises are coming from best friend and baby sister. Ick!

The past year was rough on them all, though. She couldn't forget that. It was good those two had each other. Even though Buffy had been able to save the world, the slayers, and her friends from numerous big bads including the United States military, she had suffered tremendously. Giles' passing had come all too suddenly for the petit slayer.

I still can't believe he's really gone. She chuckled to herself bitterly. It's even harder to believe he only left me that book. He left Faith…everything.

The California native's skin prickled slightly at this thought. Not because she was really bitter about Giles' will, but because her brain had brought up the other Chosen One.

Even though the two had seen each other since the almost drowning in England, neither could deny the tension that sparked between them like crackling exposed wires, even with a gigantic country and ocean to separate them. How do things always end up so badly between us? It's always maim first, yell at later. Without realizing it Buffy began to not only say her thoughts out loud, but sing them.

Once upon a time

A few mistakes ago

I was in your sights

You got me alone

You found me.

Buffy couldn't deny how wonderful Faith had made her feel when she worked side-by-side with her in Sunnydale, before Finch, before Gwendolyn Post.

I guess you didn't care

And I guess I liked that

And when I fell hard

You took a step back

Without me.

So many things pushed the two apart.

And she's long gone

Not next to me

And I realize the blame is on me.

'Cause I knew you were trouble

when you walked in

So shame on me now

Flew me to places I'd never been

So you put me down oh,

Out of nowhere, a single vampire attacked Buffy from behind.

Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground.

The vampire sang back to her: Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, troub—

Buffy rammed the stake she had used earlier through this new singing vamp before she could finish her verse. Ditching the stake like it was bad luck, Buffy starting power walking to her apartment in the Mission, still thinking, still singing, about Faith.

No apologies, she'll never see me cry

Pretend she doesn't know,

'Cause she's the reason why

I was drowning, she drowned me

I'm drowning

Now I heard you moved on

From whispers on the street

A new notch in your belt

Is all I'll ever be

And now I see she was long gone

When she met me

And I realize now the joke is on me.

Buffy finally reached her apartment. She pulled out her keys and sighed heavily as she turned them in the lock. Faith always made her feel exhausted, even when she was just singing about her.

Hold on as second…singing?! Aw, sh—

Buffy rushed inside, flipping open her ancient cell phone at the same time and punching the familiar speed dial button.

"Hello?" a monotonous, drowsy voice greeted the slayer.

"Xander, did you do another spell to bring the fun in?"