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And welcome to my little corner of the fanfiction universe! This is my first crossover fanfiction, so hopefully it goes well. Normally, chapters are longer than this as well and not so stream-of-consciousness. However, the first chapters are because everything is confusing for Sakura because she doesn't understand Amestrian at all and alchemy is confusing.

Summary: Transmuted into the heart of the Ishvalan War at the age of thirteen, Sakura must learn to survive in Amestris as she is forced to participate in the genocide. With no where left to go after the war, she is adopted by Roy Mustang and must continue forward, trying to find a way home among the chaos of the military and the Elric brothers. Parental Roy!

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~Sakura's POV~

Something pulled at my arm, startling me. I turned around for a second, peering back at the dull dirt covering the market street. People were lingering about, chatting aimlessly with each other on this lovely Saturday afternoon... but there wasn't anyone close enough to have even brushed by me accidentally. What had that been?


I paused, looking up at the sound of Ino in confusion. The sound had seemed to come from miles away, distant and muted. I must have just been tired from working the hospital shifts. Even though I wasn't even a chūnin yet, Tsunade-shishou wanted me working at the hospital to get accustomed to it. Get accustomed to all the death. But still, the exhaustion hadn't been this bad before.

I was just imagining things. That was it.

"I'm just tired," I insisted, rubbing at my eyes for emphasis. "Kami, I need some sleep soon or I'm going to fall over right here. Want to go get some ramen or something?" I smiled broadly, cringing internally as I realized I sounded like Naruto. Ino giggled; however, setting me at peace again. We quickly altered our course, heading towards Ichiraku's. I would never admit it, but their ramen was pretty amazing.

It had been almost a year hadn't it… a year since I'd seen Naruto, since Jiraiya had taken him away for special training. I couldn't help but wonder how he was doing, Naruto Uzumaki. He was-

The world tilted to the right, gravity seeming to lose its hold on me for a second. Why did it feel like I was floating? Why didn't it feel like my feet were touching the ground? "Ino," I nervously called, stopping in the street as I tried to recover my sense of which way was up. Why was the ground diagonal, sloping around me?

"Sakura?" Ino's voice was laced with urgency, her face swimming into my vision as she tried to assess what was wrong. I could already see her training beginning to kick in as she portrayed the typical medic calm that we all struggled to emulate. Apparently she had nailed it.

And then came the tugging, the sharp yanking on my arm. Something was urgently trying to garner my attention, its intensity increasing. I twisted around, trying to feel who was pulling me around in circles. But there was… no one. Something was yanking at my arms, pulling me away into the space, but I couldn't see it, couldn't find it.

It pulled me again, that strange invisible force, nearly dragging me off my feet. "Ino!" I yelled, stumbling in the direction of whatever it was. My inner equilibrium had been thrown off as I nearly crashed into a person walking by. "Ino?!" I heard feet running towards me, concerned shouting through muted ears. All I could do was call for her, hope that somehow she could help.

"Someone get the Hokage!" Tenten? Her voice was wavering, sound seeming to being distant, rapidly dimming. What was… what was happening? I felt something on my arm, the feel of cool hands holding me. Everything was slipping away into the darkness, disappearing without a trace. Faces blurred, lines bent out of proportion with messy crayon scribbles.

What was…What was going on? Where was this?

Why was the world tilted?

Everything was slipping away, faces, names, memories. I was vanishing bit by bit, being erased from the world slowly. I was losing myself.

"Sakura? Can you hear me? You have to tell me what's going on." What a lovely voice, characterized by the typical calmness of a nurse. I wondered if she was a nurse, judging by the practiced movements. I could feel fingers fluttering at my neck, searching my forehead for a temperature. The coldness was a sharp contrast against the blood rushing through my head in a roar.

"What… What's going on?" I asked, searching for answers from the kind voice. My balance was failing, legs collapsing underneath me. I crashed to my knees, bare skin digging into the dirt. I could barely feel the small rocks drawing blood along my legs. Sensation was disappearing, fingers twisting with numbness. My hand caught fabric; that much I could tell. Purple cloth slipped through my fingers as I let go, the strength leaving me arms.

"Sakura, can you understand me?" I blinked, dazed as my head reeled from… whatever that was. "Do you know what's going on?" I shook my head, denying knowledge. My hands flew to my arms, a new sensation ripping through me, previously absent.


Blinding pain ripping through me. And Kami, why wouldn't it stop?!

"Make it stop!" I screamed out, finger nails digging into my skin as I tried to distract myself from the stinging. Something was tearing at my arms, shredding through them. And there was noise, the horrible sound.

Someone was screaming.

Blond hair flashed before my eyes before the world finally plunged, the dust becoming prominent in my limited line of vision. My face hit the street, hands scrabbling at the ground in search of some way to find a cure for the pain. Purple cloth over a pair of knees were in front of me, shadow draped over my face as she leaned over me.

"Tsunade-shishou, I don't know what happened. My scans haven't turned up anything, but there's…" The sound faded away, deafness invading my mind.

"Tsunade-shishou…" I whispered, not even able to hear myself whisper the name. A smile crept onto my face, the faceless name providing some comfort. And then something slashed through my chest, agony working its way along my nervous system. My back arched as I rebelled against the pain. I could feel the tears coursing down my cheeks as another scream worked its way from my throat.

Darkness filled my vision, blackness cutting off the purple cloth-covered knees. I reached out with my hand, reaching for something, anything to anchor me to this world. Something gripped my hand, pulling me away.

And then everything was gone.

Broken images flashed across my shattered vision, filing themselves away into my head. So much information compiled in my head that hadn't been that way before, continuing to jam itself into the limited space. But it just kept coming and coming, burrowing into the recesses of my mind, making more space, just always moving in. Too much! It was too much! Turn it off! Turn it off! Kami, what was going on? I didn't understand, the pain fracturing through my skull as another image tore across my eyes. It was system overhaul, nervous system stuck on spasm, stuck on, stuck on, stuck on. How did I shut it off?! How did I shut off the theory for things I had never even known about, circles, names, faces, screams and screams and screams and. It just kept going and going and going! How did I turn off the insanity, turn of the endless visions of failed experiments, of the severed parts, of the numbers and the words and the symbols and the papers and the circles and… Too much! Too much! Turn it off! Nothing made sense, languages that I couldn't understand filling my mind in a rush of incoherent sound. I couldn't shut it off, black it out, turn off the pictures and the… the… EVERYTHING!

It turned off.

"You can open your eyes, Miss Ku-no-i-chi."

I opened my eyes, blinking at the sharp brightness of... wherever I was. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the brightness, eyes watering from the intense difference in color. Pure whiteness was the only surrounding, marred only by the large door in front of me. My eyes were drawn to it, the large door marked by intricate symbols, ones I could vaguely recognize from what I'd seen in the madness.

"Where am I?!" I exclaimed, looking around wildly. Hadn't I just been shopping with Ino when… the tugging. Had it pulled me here?

"This is the Gate." My eyes flashed to what had spoke… whatever it was. It wasn't really a thing, more of an absence, an absence of solidity. I could see its outline, where skin melded seamlessly with shadow, darkness seeming to somehow radiate from the figure despite the blinding surroundings.

"Who are you?" I took a step backwards nervously, looking around for some sort of escape. Shit, who knew where I was? Where this endless snowfield was? Where was the cold? Or the snow for that matter? What was going on?

"I am what you call 'The world.' Or perhaps 'The universe.' Or perhaps 'God.' Or perhaps 'Truth.' Or perhaps 'Everything.' Or perhaps 'One.' And I am 'You.'" Its voice… it seemed to echo from every corner of the expanse. It was everywhere, seeming to explode inside my mind with the answer. I reeled back from the pure frankness of the answer. This… thing seemed to think it was God. Wait…

"Kami?" I hazarded, the only being who this could possibly be. It nodded and I felt a nervous grin break out on my face. I was with Kami, with the most powerful being in the universe. It had summoned me here! I instantly fell to my knees, bowing my head to the ground. Oh Kami, why did it want me? "Forgive me for asking, Kami. But why am I here?"

"You are here to pay the toll for the Truth." I looked up in surprise, shock written on my face. "Get up off the floor, Miss Ku-no-i-chi." I nodded, doing as instructed. This was Kami? I couldn't help but stare at it in awe, watching the formless god. oh, how could I have not seen it before? Kami needed no form. No, it was better that Kami did not have a form, to show unity of the genders and the races within this one divine being. But it had spoken of a Truth. I had seen the Truth. The Truth to what? Peace? Immortality? Love?

"What Truth?" I asked, looking at it in confusion.

"What you just saw. That was the Truth of alchemy." I stared at it in disbelief. I hadn't wanted to see that, hadn't wanted the pure whirlwind of unbridled information shoved into my head. That was no Truth at all, just torture. Was the Truth... pain?

"What is the toll?" A smiled cracked on its face, its blank face. I don't know how it did it, how it was able to portray the image of smile when there was no real face for it to appear on. It was just floating between the shadows.

"You've already paid it." The smile turned to a smirk as it seemingly enjoyed its private joke.

"What?" There was a mess of black hands tugging at my skin, tugging at the very essence of me. "What's going on?!" One looped around my chest, moving to pull me backwards. Another looped around my stomach, my legs, every inch of me that there was.

"What do you want with me?!" One covered my mouth, pulling me backwards by the jaw, silencing any other remark I could make. I stared at the thing, eyes wide with fear. Was this truly Kami?

"Nothing yet, Miss Ku-no-i-chi."

Kami smiled.

~Ino's POV~

She'd been in agony, lying on the dirt of the street. The crowd was still gathered round, still staring. We were all staring, just staring at that spot. Where she had been lying, screaming. Where Sakura had been lying, screaming.

All that was left was a blood puddle, slowly spreading, seeping into the dirt where it would remain for days. People would step on that spot and trample through the blood, carrying it with them throughout their lives. Carrying her blood.

All that was left was a puddle of blood.

And two arms.

Someone started screaming.