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Chapter 6: Hard Knock Life

Smallville- 6 years later- Kent Family Farm

Jonathan Kent glanced up at the bright sun that hung in the clear blue sky above him for a brief second before the view was block by a baseball. Jonathan caught the ball and he smiled as he tossed the baseball in his hand up and down a few more times until he looked towards his six year old, dark haired, son Clark Kent.

Clark was standing a few feet away from his dad with his feet squared and baseball mitt at the ready.

The father and son were standing in the middle of the front yard on a beautiful Saturday morning getting ready to play a game of catch.

"Are you ready son?" Jonathan asked.

"Ready" Clark replied

"Okay here comes the cheese"

Jonathan reared his arm back a little and he tossed the baseball to him; Clark saw the ball coming and he took a step back and he easily caught the airborne ball.


"GOOD JOB SON!" Jonathan shouted which earned a smile from Clark, "Okay toss it back…right here, as hard as you can" he said patting his own baseball mitt.

The Kent House- Living room

Martha Kent stood in her modest but nicely decorated living room staring through one of the windows and at her husband and son. She smiled a genuine happy smile as Clark caught the ball. She watched intently as Clark winded his arm and got ready to throw the ball back.

Front Yard

"Right here Clark" Jonathan coached.

"Okay…here comes the big cheddar" said Clark as he curled his lips and tossed the baseball as hard as he could. The baseball flew forward and struck Jonathan's mitt dead in the center. The force knocked Jonathan several steps back and to the ground.

"HA!" Clark shouted in joy until he saw his father's face while he was on the ground, "Dad?"

"ARGHHHHHHHHH!" Jonathan grunted in pain and writhed a little in discomfort.

"DAD!" he shouted running to him.

"JONATHAN!" Martha shouted while running down the steps of the house and towards him.

30 Minutes Later- Dr. Donner's Office

Dr. Richard 'Richie' Donner walked into the office where he saw his classmates from Smallville High Jonathan and Martha Kent with their son Clark sitting in wait.

"Johnny boy"

"Hey Richie"



"Hey there Clark how you doing?"

"I'm fine Dr. Donner, what's wrong with my Dad?" he asked innocently.

Dr. Donner smiled and then opened the manila folder in his hand and he held it up to the light for them to see.

"Nothing too serious just a very minor hairline fracture on your wrist Johnny, we can get it splint for you and you'll have to wear it for about two weeks. How did it happen?"

"We were playing catch and I threw…." Clark started before Jonathan put a hand on his shoulder which made him stop talking.

"Clark and I were playing catch when after he threw the ball I clumsily fell backwards and tried to catch myself."

Dr. Donner shook his head.

"Ha, same two left feet Johnny, tripping over those size twelve's, but yep that'll do it, I see this kinda thing all the time from stuff like that, next time Jonathan just fall, your shoulder muscles stand a better chance of shock absorption than your wrist bones. I'll be back in just a second with the equipment and a nurse to splint your hand."

"That would be great Richie thank you" said Martha.

Dr. Donnor walked out of the room leaving the family alone.

Clark watched the Doctor leave and then he looked at his parents who were looking at each other with strange looks.

"Dad...you, you lied to the Doctor" he said, catching their attention, "You fell because I threw you the ball and…"

Jonathon glanced at Martha and with his good hand he reached towards Clark and put a hand on his shoulder.

"And that's what I told the Doctor, I fell after you threw the ball, not because you threw the ball son."

"But I saw…" Clark started.

"I saw the whole thing Clark" Martha interrupted "You threw the ball and your father took a step back and he fell. Trust me Clark; I had a better angle of the whole thing, okay."

Clark looked between his parents and he thought back to the incident, he remembered what he saw but he knew his parents wouldn't lie to him and so he nodded his head.

"Okay mom." He responded.

Later- Kent Family Farm

Clark was in the living room watching his favorite TV show and rubbing on his Golden Retriever by the name of Buster. While he was doing that his parents were washing dishes in the kitchen and ever so often they would glance at him.


Martha looked away from Clark and back to the plate she was washing.

"Jonathan what are we going to do?' she asked.

"I'm hoping we could just ignore it and pray that it goes away." he responded with a smile. She stopped what she was doing and looked to him and he shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm serious Jonathan….Clark is starting first grade this week and…"

"I know Martha I know" he said releasing a sigh "But…." He started and then stopped because Clark and Buster came running through the kitchen. The two of them turned to see their son had a red towel wrapped around his neck. He ran through the kitchen and then back into the living jumping on the couch a few times before running back around the kitchen again.

"Hey…no running in the house Clark" said Martha.

"Listen to your mother son, if you and buster want to play go outside."

Clark ran around the kitchen table.

"OKAY!" Clark shouted still running around the table "Come on Buster let's…WHOAH!"

Clark tripped over his untied shoelaces and he went head first into the base cabinet that was by the pantry.

BAM! came the sound of his head bursting through the wood.

"CLARK!" Martha and Jonathan shouted in fear; they immediately ran over to him as he pulled his head from out of the destroyed cabinet. Jonathan and Martha frantically looked him over for any cuts or bruises or any other injury.


"I-I'm fine…I'm fine" Clark replied to his parents who were still looking over.

Jonathan looked at him and didn't see any injury on him, he turned to the base cabinet and he saw the head sized hole and the wooden splinters everywhere.


"Mom, I-I'm fine….I-I barely felt it" Clark replied looking at her.

Martha looked at him and then at Jonathan before looking at the hole in the cabinet.

"Son…why don't you go play outside." Said Jonathan

Clark looked between the two of them and he slowly stood to his feet, he turned and began to walk towards the door but half-way there he stopped and he looked at his parents who were still staring at the hole.

Three Years Later- Clark- 9 years old

Clark sat in his fourth grade class staring at his teacher who was writing on the board. He was completely bored and the expression on his face proved it. He looked to his right and he saw his friend Pete Ross with his head on his desk sleeping soundly. Clark smiled a little at him and then turned back to board and his teacher.

He released a sigh and he closed his eyes.

FLAP! FLAP! Came the excruciating loud sound of flapping wings. Clark jumped a little and slammed his hands over his ears but it did very little to stop the sound of flapping from continuing. He gritted his teeth and he turned towards the opened window and he saw a flock of pigeons flying around outside. He looked on as one started to fly away and the flapping in his ears intensified.

"ERGH!" he grunted.

"CLARK!" came the extremely loud voice.

Clark let out a groan and he looked at his teacher who had a concern look upon her face.


"Please….stop…..shouting" he groan back to her.

"I'M NOT SHOUTING!" came her response followed by a look of utter confusion.

Clark closed his eyes and that's when he heard the sound of thumping.


He turned to his friend Pete who was looking at him with a weird look, but was Clark paid no attention to the look he focused on Pete's chest and the thumping.

"CLARK YOU OKAY!" Pete asked but it sounded like he was yelling.

Clark gritted his teeth as his ears were suddenly filled with more thumping from the hearts of the students in the classroom. The thumping was soon over shadowed by an onslaught of other sounds coming from all around him.

The student a few rows over tapping his pencil on the desk, several girls in front of him chewing and smacking on bubblegum, he could hear the cars driving past the school and he could hear that some of them were on the phone and he could hear the people over the line as clear as day.

Clark shot up from his desk and he ran towards the open classroom door.

"CLARK!" his teacher shouted which only hurt his ears even more.

"SHUT UP!" he shouted before running out of the classroom.

Clark ran down the hall clutching his ears but even though he escaped the sounds of his classroom he opened himself up to more sounds from the rest of the school.

"SCHOOL BLOWS!" came a shout.





Clark continued down the hall looking for some place where he couldn't hear everything. He looked to the left and right and he saw the janitor's closet and he rushed to it and opened it and went inside and leaned against the door.

"Please stop…please" he whispered

20 Minutes Later

Jonathan and Martha rushed into the school and then immediately ran towards the principle's office where Clark's teacher was patiently waiting outside.

"Mrs. Clemens where is he?" Jonathan asked quickly.

"He's locked himself in the Janitor's closet….follow me"

Janitor's Closet

Clark laid on the floor with his eyes shut tightly and his face grimaced with pain with the sound of everything pounding on his eardrums.

"Make….it….stop" he groaned.

"CLARK!" came the shout of a voice he recognized.

"Mom" he whispered.




"Mom….Dad…..the Noise…."


"Everything…screaming at once…I can hear everything. Everyone is yelling….it hurts"

"SON! LISTEN TO MY VOICE!" said Jonathan.

"Dad stop yelling!" Clark exclaimed.


"Yes, you are."


"I don't know"



Clark slowly closed his eyes and he tried to picture the island, he tired and tried and finally he could see it, the island. He could see himself standing there but all of the noise was still around him pounding on his eardrums.

"FOCUS" Jonathan coached "FOCUS"


Clark continued to think of himself on that Island but he zeroed in on just the voices of his parents as they continued to coach from outside of the door. The longer he sat their just visualizing the island and his parents, the loud voices began to disappear. One by One all of the sounds vanished until only the voices of his parents were in his ears.

"CLARK! JUST FOcus. Just focus on the sound of my voice and the voice of your father"

"We're right here with you, have you lowered the voices? Can…."

"They're gone" said Clark opening his eyes.

The sounds that were all around him were gone and everything was back to normal. He took several deep breaths and he leaned his head against the door.

"Clark…Clark can you open the door sweetie?" Martha asked.

Clark pursed his lips together and he slowly rose to his feet. He reached for the door and he unlocked it and opened it where he was immediately greeted by the worried but smiling faces of his parents.

Later- Kent Family Farm

"Finally…he's asleep" said Martha as she walked in the bedroom that she shared with her husband.

"That's good."

"Jonathan, it's time for us to face facts….we….we can't just keep ignoring this or brushing it off like it's nothing."

Jonathan hung his head and he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I know Martha, I know. I've been thinking about this a lot lately and I don't know what to do. Do you?"

"….No, but I know that we can't keep lying to Clark."

"We're not lying Martha we're protecting him."

"Semantics Jonathan, Semantics." Martha replied with her hands on her hips.

"Fine…..so what do you want to do, go in there and tell our 9 year old son that….that he's not normal and he'll never be…."

Clark's Room


Clark's eyes opened as he heard his father's voice loud and clear in his ears. He sat up in his bed and he looked towards his door.

"I'm not Normal?"

Three Years Later- Kent Household

Clark slowly awoke to the bright sunshine on his face. He opened his eyes and looked through his curtains and at the sun, he released a sigh and swung his feet over the edge of his bed and he walked towards his bedroom door. He grabbed the knob but too his surprise the knob caved inwards. Clark took his hand off of the knob and he looked at the crushed metal with a confused look on his face. He grabbed the knob again but this time it was easily pulled off. Clark dropped the knob and he grabbed at the hole and tried to open his door, but just as he pulled the whole door was ripped off the hinges.

"MOM! DAD!" he shouted while dropping the door on the ground where it landed with a loud thud.

Two weeks Later

Clark grabbed a stack of hay and he tossed onto the back of his Dad's red pick up truck. Jonathan was standing next to him tossing stacks of hay onto the truck with him. Clark released a sigh and then looked up to his Dad.


"Yes son?"

"What's wrong with me?" he asked innocently.

Jonathan stopped what he was doing and he looked up at his son who was looking at him with hopeful eyes. Hopeful in the sense that he would forthcoming with him about the strange things happening around him but Jonathan couldn't and he wouldn't tell him…at least not yet.

"Nothing Clark, there is nothing wrong with you. You are a normal 12 year old boy"

Clark's hopeful eyes narrowed a bit and he dropped the haystack that was in his hands. He straightened up and went towards the red pick up truck and he grabbed the side of it with both hands and with a small amount of struggle he began to lift the back of the truck. Jonathan stared at him in amazement. Clark continued to lift until it got to be too much and he let it go.

THUD! Went the sound of the tires hitting the ground. Clark turned to him and gave him a hard stare.

"Normal huh? If that's normal I'd like to see you do it"


"That's what I thought Dad." Clark replied before whipping around and walking away.

Six months later

"WHY CAN'T I PLAY FOOTBALL!" Clark shouted.

"Clark, I understand where…."

"No…No you don't understand dad" Clark interrupted.

Jonathan let a sympathetic look cross his face and it was the same look that was on Martha's face. They glanced at each other for a second before Jonathan turned back to Clark and pursed his lips together and folded his arms across his chest.

"Clark, we said no and that's final"

"ARGH!" Clark shouted, "…..I HATE IT HERE!" he yelled while rushing towards the back door and just as he reached the back door he grabbed the knob and without using control he knocked it off the hinges. He placed the door back in the frame as best as he could and he then ran across the backyard and into the cornfield.

Jonathan and Martha watched him go with a sullen look upon their faces.

One Year Later- Clark- 13 years old- Casey's Field

Jonathan and Martha sat in the bleaches of the baseball field with the other parents cheering their kids on. The happy couple looked towards home plate where they had a good sight of Clark walking towards the plate with a bat in his hands.

"Bases are loaded and it's the last play and so far no incidents" Martha whispered to her husband.

"I hope it stays that way." Jonathan whispered back while still staring at Clark.

"I still can't believe that we both agreed to let him join the baseball team"

"Martha it's been…..hard on him these last couple of years. He needs an outlet and baseball is the best thing for him…..the only thing for him really. Football is out he's too strong he'll hurt or…or…I don't even want to think about it. Just no football….and soccer is out….yesterday I saw him doing his chores around the Barn and Martha he was literally a blur. He moved so fast that…that…"

"I know, I've seen him do it too…sometimes I don't even think he knows he's doing it."

"And that's our fault, for not telling him about what….who he really is."

CRACK! Came a loud sound.

Jonathan and Martha stood on their feet with the other parents as they all saw Clark hit the ball and sent it soaring high in the sky and out of Casey's field and completely out of eyesight. Everyone stood in silence for a split second marveling at how far the baseball went but the silence was soon broken.

"It's…..It's…..IT'S GONE…THAT'S A HOMERUN HIT!" someone from the bleachers shouted.

Baseball Field- Seconds before

Clark pursed his lips together in a thin line as he heard his Parents conversation while he walked towards home plate. He glanced towards them and even though they were far away he narrowed his eyes and suddenly the sight of them zoomed in so he had a clear view of them almost as if he was standing in front of them. He watched and heard them as they talked and a blank expression appeared on his face. This was not the first time he had heard them talking about him and over the years he had being prying both of them for information but they never told him to his face, but he always managed to eavesdrop on their conversations and from their conversations he had learned a lot but it still didn't take the place of them telling him up front.

He returned his vision back to normal and he turned towards the pitcher who was scowling at him. He watched the pitcher as he went through the signals with catcher but his attention was on his parents and how once again they always danced around the subject of him.

'The truth about who I am….what does that even mean. Why are they always keeping stuff from me..' he thought and the more he thought about them the angrier he started to feel; suddenly the pitcher through the ball. Clark saw it coming and he gritted his teeth and swung.


He looked up into the sky to see the baseball zooming up into the sky and clear across the field and keep going until it was complete out of view.


"A HOME RUN! SMALLVILLE WINS! SMALLVILLE WINS!" a parent screamed and his scream was followed by all of the parents and players cheering. The players rushed the field and swarmed the young teen.

"CLARK! CLARK! CLARK! CLARK!" Everyone chanted; everyone except Jonathan and Martha.

Jonathan and Martha thanked God that everyone was so wrapped up in the game that they simply brushed off Clark's inhuman hit.


Jonathan turned to the left to see his friend Bill Ross smiling and clapping.


Jonathan glanced at Martha with a worried look to see that she too had a look of worry on her face.

The Field

All of the players lifted Clark onto their shoulders and continued to chant his name. He had a large smile on his face as he soaked up the adulation. He looked at each of them and then raised his head so he was looking towards the bleachers. He could see and hear the cheers coming from the parents on the field but his smile faded when his vision zoomed and gave him a close up of his parents who were the only ones not cheering for him.

Kent Family Farm- 7:00pm

"QUIT BASEBALL!? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!?" Clark yelled at the top of his lungs. He had just gotten home from the victory celebration dinner his coach threw the team for their well earned win but the cheerful mood he was in was ruined by his parents dropping a completely unexpected bomb on him. He had to quit the baseball team.

Clark huffed and folded his arms across his chest.


"You're mother and I think it's for the best." Jonathan replied in an exasperated tone, he could see the hurt in his son's eyes and he couldn't blame him for feeling that way.

"Best for who dad….you, because it damn sure isn't for me."

"Watch your mouth Clark!" Jonathan exclaimed forcefully.

Clark glared at him before releasing and sigh and looking away.

"I'm, I'm sorry" he said in a low voice.

Martha saw the sad and hurt look upon his face and her heart went out to him, she knew that he was going through a tough time and she wanted nothing more than to tell him everything but something held her back. She looked at Jonathan and she could see that he was thinking the same thing and so she bit her tough and refused to tell him the truth.

Clarke heaved a heavy sigh and he looked at his parents once again.

"I want…need an explanation, as why I have to quit the only thing that has made me happy in what feels like forever."

"…..because…." Martha started and then stopped.

Clark looked between the two of them.

"Does it have anything to do with the fact that I'm not normal?"

Jonathan and Martha both let a look of shock cross their faces and Clark immediately picked up on it and he shook his head.

"That's what I thought" he said.

"Clark…." Martha started before being interrupted by Clark.

"Are the two of you going to finally tell me why…or how I'm stronger….way stronger than the average kid my age….how I can run faster, jump higher, or be able to hear a pin drop from a mile away, because none of that is normal…it's pretty north of normal. And If I'm not normal then what am I?" he asked in a demanding tone.

"….You're our son Clark, that's what you are and what you'll always be." Martha replied.

Clark glared at the both of them before slowly starting to back up and towards the backdoor.

"Clark" Jonathan said but his words fell on deaf ears as Clark turned and rushed towards the door, he was about to grab the knob when he stopped for a second took a breath and gently turned the knob and opened the door. Once the door was opened he continued on out of the house and Jonathan and Martha were right behind him.


Clark ran down the steps of the house and he began to run towards the corn field, buster, his faithful dog ran towards him but Clark easily pulled ahead of the dog. Buster increased his speed but he quickly stopped and just barked loudly as Clark zoomed forward and disappeared into the corn leaving nothing but a dust trail.

Jonathan and Martha exited the house in time to see the dust trail and rustling corn.

"CLARK!" they shouted.

Miles Away

The world around him slowed down as he ran forward, his legs pumped at an inhuman pace but he didn't feel tired he felt energized. He always felt that way when he ran at super-speed. He wasn't sure how it was happening but he could remember the first time it happen, he had been late for the bus one day and right as it passed his home he had to run to try to catch up to it but to his surprise as he ran he completely ran past it and down the road several miles ahead of it. From that day on he had made it a point to keep practicing and every time he ran at super-speed he would go a little farther and run just a little bit faster; besides baseball his only other solace was running.

When he ran and everything around him slowed down at it felt like all his troubles were falling behind him.

After several more moments of running Clark dug his cleats into the ground and came to a complete stop. He huffed a little and looked around to see that he was far enough away from home. He was in the corn field that belongs to the Stevens, one of the other farming families in Smallville; their farm was located on the far end of town.

Clark placed his hands on his head and he looked up into the clear and starry night sky.

"God if you're listening…please send me a sign that…."

Clark quickly stopped in mid-sentence as he heard rustling from the corn around him. He looked to the right just as an armed woman stepped out of the corn with her flashlight pointed directly in his face blinding him so he couldn't see her weapon.

"WHO ARE YOU!" came the voice of the woman as she took a step towards Clark. Clark swallowed a bit and he continued to shield his eyes away from the light.

"Who are you?" he responded.


"WALLER!" came a shout.

The Woman glanced and the moment she took her attention off of Clark is when he started to move at super-speed. He dashed forward and got a quick look at the woman who had the light on him.

He noticed that she was young and looked to be in her early twenties, with dark brown skin, brown eyes and short black hair. She had an athletic build and was wearing a black and silver outfit with two gun holsters on her side.

Clark got a good look at her before ran around her back and back through the cornfield and away.


The woman name Waller turned to the person who called her name for a split second before turning back to the spot where Clark was only to her surprise he was gone.

"Dammit" she growled.

"What is it?"

"Goddman it, we had a perimeter breach…did you see the kid?"

"No, I didn't see any kids"

"There was a kid here….you see this is exactly why need of electrified fences."

"Come on we have to get back, our commander has just arrived and he wants to know the status of the project"

Elsewhere- Peabody's Water Tower

Clark came to a stop and he leaned against the metal water tower and he let out a few tense breaths.

'That was close….who was that lady and what she doing out in the Steven's farm?' he thought to himself.

Clark looked in the direction he had just run from but his attention was drawn away by the slow and steady heartbeat that was coming from behind him. He turned around and he looked to see a girl his age walking towards the Water Tower with a pair of binoculars around her neck. She was about average height for a girl her age, long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin with freckles going along her nose. She was wearing a yellow dress with a yellow scarf going around her neck.

"Whoa…where did you come from?" the girl asked looking at him.

Clark hesitated a moment and stood there for a second staring at her before he shook his head and realized she had asked him a question.

"I…uh….uh…I was just walking and"

"Hey, you're Clark Kent right, Pete Ross's friend?" she asked

"Yeah, that's me" Clark replied sheepishly.

"I saw the game today, awesome hit."


"I'm Lana Lang by the way."

"Hi. So what are you doing all the way out here Lana?"

"Star gazing of all things." She replied "How about you?"

"I'm….just trying to get away."

Lana looked at him and then she glanced at her binoculars.

"Hey, would you like to…join me."


Water Tower

Clark glanced over the top of the water tower and at the ground below.

"Lana are you sure we're supposed to be up here?"

"Probably not but something's are worth the risk" she replied with a small smile while looking at the stars through her binoculars.

"The stars are worth the risk of getting in trouble?" he questioned

"Absolutely…..haven't you ever wondered what's up there? Who's up there, looking down at us?"

Clark looked at her and then up to the sky.

Several Space Quadrants away- Kryptonian Outpost

"ARGHHHHH!" yelled a Kryptonian in agony as a robotic metal tentacle thrusted itself through his chest. The tentacle retracted itself and back into a massive spherical looking robot. The robot looked around to see a dozen more robots like itself slaughtering the remaining Kryptonians on the outpost.

"Brainiac sub-unit 454 Prime Directive complete…Kryptonian outpost eradicated; scanning space sector with long range scanners. Scanning….Scanning…Scanning….Kryptonian located, Prime directive initiated…pursing Kryptonian."

The spherical robot activated its rockets and flew away.

Earth- Water Tower

"Sometimes I wonder…but I don't think there's anyone up there." He replied while releasing a sigh.

"My Parents are up there...somewhere, or at least that's what my Aunt says. They're up there looking down on me and sometimes I like to think that with my binoculars I can look up at them."

"Your….Your parents are dead?"

"They died the day of the meteor shower, thirteen years ago."

"I'm sorry"

"It's okay, happened a long time ago and it's not like I knew them."

Clark looked at Lana and a sad expression passed over his face, he had been angry at his parents but at least they were still alive unlike Lana's. He released another sigh and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Look a shooting star!" Lana exclaimed pointing up towards the sky.

Clark looked up and sure enough a streak passed over head.

"Make a wish Clark"

Clark closed his eyes and he made a wish.

Two Years Later- Water Tower- Sunday Morning-8:00 am- Clark- 15years old

Clark laid on top of the water tower staring at the clear blue sky; there wasn't a cloud in sight and the sun hung high shinning down upon him. He saw a few birds fly over head and with a slight squint of his eyes his vision zoomed in on the birds. He smiled a little to himself.

"Clark….Clark I know you can hear me." Came a the voice of his father Jonathan Kent.

Clark returned his vision to normal and he slowly sat up and he looked towards the right and in the direction of the Kent family farm.

"Clark…wherever you are I need you to come here….we have to discuss what happened on Friday."

Clark groaned to himself and he rubbed his eyes, he knew this was coming but just because he knew that it was coming didn't mean that he was looking forward to the conversation.

"Clark, your mother and I believe it's time. It's time for you to know the truth; the whole truth."

Clark's heart skipped a beat for a second as the words he's been waiting to hear had finally left his father's lips. He swallowed hard and he stood up, for a few seconds he took a moment to look and listen to the area around him and when he didn't hear or see anyone around he crouch low and then he jumped.

Clark soared high in the air for about a mile and a half before he hit the ground running, he started out running at about fifty miles per hour and once he had enough speed he jumped again sailing though the air.

The young teen looked down to see the road and fields under him quickly pass by; he let the smile on his face widen little as he came down to the ground once more. Clark looked up ahead while squinting his eyes a little he could see that in the distance was the Kent Family Farm.

Clark pursed his lips together and increased his speed a little before concentrating on his endpoint and the distance. He took a step and then with all of his might he pushed off of his right foot and he launched himself into the air heading directly for the farm.

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