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Chapter 8: Man or Superman part 1

Clark soared through the morning air; his powerful leap seconds before carried him clear across the front yard of the Kent household and over the two story homestead and to the backyard where his parents were patiently waiting for him.

Jonathan and Martha saw a shadow pass across the sun over them and then looked up just as Clark came down in front of them

THUD! Went the sound followed by a small tremor that only the two of them felt.

Jonathan and Martha both nervously looked around as Clark rose up and to face them all the while shoving his hands into his pockets.

"I'm here" said Clark nonchalantly.

"Clark you can't do that" Jonathan said quickly "You can't….use your gifts, your mother and I have told you…."

"No Dad, you and mom haven't told me anything about these…these gifts. I thought that's what you were going to do now" Clark retorted.

"We are but you have to understand you can't do things like that in public and…" Martha started before Clark interrupted her.

"Mom there's no one around for miles. I checked." Clark replied quickly.

"Clark it's rude to interrupt people when they're talking, especially your mother." Jonathan admonished "And even though you checked, you just…you just don't know, anyone could be watching." He finished with a sigh, "Look I know this is all confusing and so frustrating but we're going to try to clear up most of your questions, your mother and I just need to stop at the barn first and then we need to take a drive."

"Drive?" Clark questioned, "Drive where?"

"You'll see" Jonathan responded before he and Martha started for the Barn.

Elsewhere- Location Classified

Hidden deep underground in a very expensive government laboratory surrounded by soldiers who were armed to the teeth was a man. He was an older gentleman, roughly in his mid to late 60s. He had a bald head with gray hairs around the side, a wrinkly fair skin complexion, blue grey eyes and a clean shaven face. He was of an average lanky build and it could be seen through the plain button down white shirt, black pants, shoes and white lab coat. The man in question was a brilliant scientist and geneticist by the name of Dr. Gerard Shugel.

Dr. Shugel sat in his seat with the massive laboratory leaning forward and staring at the wondrous object before him, and that object was Jor-El's spaceship. For the past fifteen years he had been studying the space-ship and in that time he has made leaps and bounds in his attempt to understand and determine it's point of origin but everyday he was still learning new things about it and the race that created it that he hadn't known the day before and that fact amazed him to no end.

Dr. Shugel stood from his seat and he took the cane that was in his lap, placed it on the ground and he limped towards the badly damaged and burnt crystal spaceship. He tenderly put his hands on the cool smooth surface.

"What wonders you hold. I wonder what I'll find tomorrow." He whispered to himself.

"DR. SHUGEL!" came a shout.

The elder scientist slowly turned to see several of his assistants rushing towards him; he looked past the both of them to see two very beautiful women walking into the lab.

The first was a slim, 5'8 blonde haired woman, who had an even tone complexion and looked to be in her early 40's. She was wearing a navy blue elegant yet professional business suit and her name was Laura Queen, the wife to the billionaire Robert Queen.

Standing next to her was a younger woman; she was about twenty-two with medium length dark brown hair, brown eyes and an olive skin complexion. She had a curvy build and was also dressed in a very elegant business suit, only hers was a shade of light brown, her name was Tess Mercer and she was the illegitimate daughter of Lionel Luthor.

Dr. Shugel looked at both women and he put a smile on his weathered old face.

"Mrs. Queen, Ms. Luthor" Dr. Shugel announced loudly.

"Mercer" Tess quickly and sternly corrected

"Ah, forgive the slip. To what do I owe this visit?" he asked.

"Have you found out anything new with the ship?" Laura asked with a slight hint of anticipation in her voice.

Dr. Shugel smiled.

"Of course, I've found dozens of new discoveries that will spur scientists to achieve greater goals for the next fifty years; however I believe you are searching for something of a specific nature."

"Have you found anything useful that will lead Veritas to the Traveler?" she asked hurriedly.

Dr. Shugel's smile faded a little.


"Dammit" Laura exclaimed, she heaved several deep breaths before quickly composing herself, "That's….that's unfortunately news Doctor."

"May I ask why the rush?" Dr. Shugel asked.

Laura looked at him before briefly looking away.

"My husband and son are missing at sea" she stated.

"Oh….Oh I'm sorry for you loss Mrs. Queen"

"I said they were missing Shugel, I didn't say there were dead." She replied, "But if we had the traveler he'd be able to find Robert" she added in a whisper.

Dr. Shugel adjusted his stance a little and stepped closer to the two women.

"I'm honestly at a lost with you and the other members of Veritas."

"What do you mean?" Tess asked folding her arms across her chest.

"Do you truly believe that this…..Traveler….whoever or whatever it may be is supposed to be some type of savior?"

Laura looked at him.

"We never said savior…all we know is that whoever or whatever arrived in that ship, is an instrument that can be used to usher in a new age. And all instruments need to be shaped Doctor; which is why we need you to lead us to him or it….but so far you've been nothing but a failure."

"Failure!" he exclaimed "My dear I take high offense to that statement. Through me we've made countless discoveries in the name of science and you call that a failure."

"All of your discoveries pale in comparison to the Traveler…trust me."

"BAH! To you and your damn traveler." Dr. Shugel shouted before turning and limping away.

"Doctor, I and the other members of Veritas are concerned that you are not being properly motivated."

"Oh I'm motivated, but just not by the same goals of you and your pitiful bunch."

"Which is why we're bringing in someone new." Tess threw out.

"WHAT!" Dr. Shugel exclaimed, whipping around to look at them "You...You can't do that this is my project and…."

"Relax dad" came a new voice.

Dr. Shugel looked past Tess and Laura to see his only daughter Dr. Alexandra Shugel. Alexandra was a brilliant and stunning young woman in her early to mid-twenties. She stood at 5'11 with long strawberry blonde hair, ice cold blue eyes and a light skin complexion. She had an hourglass figure that was covered by a light blue button down shirt, black skirt, heels and a white lab coat.

Dr. Shugel looked at his daughter as she strolled up to him.

'Spitting image of her mother' he thought to himself as he shifted in his spot again.

"Aren't you supposed to be in College?" he asked

"I graduated my third College tour two years ago Dad and I've had my doctorate for a while now….not that you've noticed." She answered in a sharp tone.

"I've been busy" he replied in a neutral tone 'Her mother's looks but my brain'

"So I heard" She said "Is that the ship?"

"Yes" Tess answered "You and your father will be working together on finding a way to locate the traveler"

"I'm aware of my orders Mercer no need to repeat them to me" Alexandra retorted curtly.

Tess narrowed her eyes at the woman.

"We're against the clock Lionel is already making moves and we need to make moves of our own."

"Wait. What do you mean?" Tess asked, "Making moves…you say that like he's against Veritas."

"For the time being I believe that Lionel is working with us but I fear his arrogance may lead him astray so we must be ready. Does that bother you?" Laura asked with curious narrowed eyes.

Tess pondered the question for but a moment before pursing her lips together.

"Not at all." She responded.

"Good…let's go."

Laura swiftly turned and made her way out of the lab and Tess was right behind her, both of the women made their exit and left Alexandra and her father alone with each other.

Smallville- Open Field

Clark stood in an open field looking around in every direction for something, but all he saw was level open field. He turned around and he eyed his parents who were looking down at the ground with a far away look in their eyes, lost in a memory.

"Mom, Dad, why are we here? What am I supposed to be looking at?" He asked, jostling them from their memory.

"The ground son" Jonathan replied raising his head "Take a look at the ground beneath your feet."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because Clark, this field, the exact spot where we're standing and where you're standing is where…is where…we found you." She finished solemnly.

Clark looked at his mother for a long second before his eyes scrunched in confusion


"This is where we found you sweetheart" she repeated while going over to him.

"No I was born in Smallville hospital. If this is some kinda joke then I'm not laughing" he replied stepping away from her.

"No joke son." Jonathan said quickly "We found you or you found us right here in this field fifteen years ago. During the meteor shower a spaceship landed and you were inside."

"SPACESHIP!" Clark yelled in a dismissive tone "You guys are unbelievable" he said turning away from them.

"Clark" Martha stated in a serious tone, "Turn around and look at us….look into our eyes. They eyes always tell the truth."

Clark scoffed and put his hands on his hips before he slowly turned around to face his parents. He raised his head and his blue eyes locked onto theirs; he looked deep into their eyes. He could see the apprehension, the heartbreak and twinge of regret the longer he stared but besides all of that the one thing he did see….was the truth. They were not lying to him and upon that realization Clark's face fell and it felt like an invisible fist had punched him in the stomach.

Jonathan and Martha saw the look upon his face and they knew he had seen the truth.

"Oh Clark, we're soo sorry. I…we wanted to tell you for so long but we both agreed that you were too young to know the truth."

"You….You didn't give birth to me?" he questioned looking at her.

"No, I wish to God that I had, more than anything, but the truth is I didn't. I-I can't have children, which is why you're such a blessing to us. The answer to so many of our prays."

"So you both have been lying to me. LYING!" Clark yelled, "What's was all that stuff about telling the truth Dad….and how only real men tell the truth, they don't hide behind lies."

"This is different son" Jonathan said shaking his head.

"How is this different!?" he exclaimed.

"Because you're an alien Clark, that's how!" Jonathan shouted back but in a hushed voice. He looked around in fear that someone had heard him but there was no one around for miles, it was just the three of them. Jonathan heaved a sigh and he looked away from the shocked expression on his son's face.

"You are an alien and how the hell do you tell your only son something like that" Jonathan finished.

Clark pursed his lips together and he ran his hands through his hair, he was at a lost for words, however there was one word that reverberated throughout his mind and that word was alien. The more the word repeated the faster his heart beat and it was beating so fast that it felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest. Clark rubbed his eyes tiredly and then took a few steps away from his parents.

Jonathan and Martha looked at each other, they hated what they were doing but they knew that they couldn't put it off any longer.

"Oh Jonathan" she whispered.

"I know" he replied, "But it's time."

"My birth certificate?" Clark questioned without looking at them.

"Smallville is place where everyone knows everyone….my best friend from high school works at the records office." Martha answered "I told her we found you on our door step right after the meteor shower. You had no name or anything any identification on you and so I told her you must've been dropped by some people passing through town. She was going to put you in an orphanage in metropolis but….but I told her I had a better home for you."

"Where's the ship then?" came a slow response from Clark, "Where's my ship?"

"Probably in a government bunker somewhere son"


"About 2 days after you landed and we found you, I came back but the road had been blocked by hazmat vehicles. So I waited and I used one of the back-roads and came out across the field over there and I saw that the hazmat crews were loading your ship into the back of a truck. It had to have been the government because if anyone else would have found it, it would have been all over the news."

"But we didn't hear a peep." Martha finished.

"Great…so the only thing that could actually confirm any of this for me is gone." Clark challenged finally turning to face them.

Jonathan and Martha both glanced at each other before looking back at him.

"Well…not everything" Martha said.

Clark raised an eyebrow. Jonathan heaved a sigh and he reached into his left and right jacket pockets and he removed several items. Clark saw him raised into view two solid green crystals and what looked like a piece of ripped cloth. Jonathan gave the cloth to Clark and he looked at it intently. He turned the piece of cloth over and that's when he saw the stylized red S, the crest of his family, the House of El.

"S" he stated "What does that stand for?"

"We don't know" Martha replied "But I….I took a piece of that cloth down to the university and no one can tell me what that material its made of…it's not linen…cotton or…or anything from earth."

Clark lowered the crest and he looked at his mother.

"And if you still have any doubt about what we're saying Clark…then look at this and watch carefully."

Jonathan held up the solid green crystals and he brought them closer to himself and Martha. Jonathan could see the confusion still on his son's face and so he took the crystals and he slowly started to walk towards Clark and the closer he got to him the crystals started to glow a brilliant green color.

Clark stood there looking at the brilliant green glow. Jonathan moved the crystals away from him and they stopped glowing but then he moved the crystals back towards Clark and they glowed brightly again.

Elsewhere- Location Classified

"THIS IS MY PROJECT ALEXANDRA! MINE!" Dr. Shugel screamed at the top of his lungs.

"God you sound like a toddler, and to think you're my father" Alexandra replied in a restrained voice.

BRRNNNNN! BRNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Came a loud alarm like sound.


Dr. Shugel and his daughter turned towards the female assistant that was running towards them.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Sir, we are getting a strange reading." She answered quickly.

"Strange in what way?" Alexandra asked.

"It's an energy reading that bears the same signature from the ship"

Both of the genius Doctor's eyes widen and as quickly as they could they all made their way across the lab and to the central computer.

Central Computer

Dr. Shugel and Alexandra shoved the assistants out of the way and they both looked at the computer. Alexandra saw that on the screen there was a map of the world with several places around the globe with red dots but there was only one red dot blinking rapidly. She narrowed her eyes and saw that next to the dot were several energy readings.

Dr. Shugel saw the same readings and he lit up with joy for a second.

"Ah patience is truly a virtue." He said while his old and weathered hands went across the keyboard, "The reading is coming from….Smallville Kansas"

"Smallville" Alexandra repeated "I remember an in-depth article about a meteor shower in Smallville fifteen years ago."

"I'm triangulating the coordinates now and I'm taping into the satellites to bring up a live feed. In a few seconds we'll have a perfect image of what's causing that reading."

Smallville- The Talon- At the same time

Sitting at a table within the semi-crowded and popular café was a cute fifteen year old girl. She had short blonde hair, green eyes and a fair skin complexion. The girl had a laptop in front of her and on the screen was a map of the world but the map was zooming in towards Smallville Kansas.

"Uh oh satellites…no..no…no no….I need a few more seconds…c'mon..c'mon" she whispered to herself as her slender fingers danced across her keyboard.

Location Classified

Dr. Shugel, Alexandra and the other assistants in the lab anxiously waiting for the satellite feed to show them an image of where the energy reading was from and slowly the shifting pixels on the screen began to clear. The screen gave them a downward view of three people standing in an open field but what drew their attention was a brilliantly glowing object being held by one of the people in the field.

Dr. Shugel leaned forward a bit as the imaging system zoomed in a little further but suddenly the image went completely blank.

"Wha…Wha…NO! NO! WHAT'S GOING ON!" Dr. Shugel roared in anger.

On the screen a green pixilated eye appeared in the middle of the screen and under the eye were big bold words that read: Watchtower is Watching You

"Watchtower?" Alexandra questioned "Who or What is Watchtower?"

The Talon- Same Time


"That's me!" came the shout from the blonde headed girl with the laptop; she looked away from the screen and at the barista girl at the front counter who was holding a Styrofoam cup.

"Your Espresso is ready"

"Just in the nick of time." She replied with a smile.

Open field

Clark took the glowing crystals away from his father and he looked at them intently. He stared at the crystals for a long moment before he raised his head and looked at his parents. He tilted his hand and dropped the crystals on the ground and upon hitting the dirt they stopped glowing. Clark turned and he ran away at super-speed.

"CLARK!" Jonathan and Martha shouted but Clark was gone.

The Talon

Chloe Sullivan stared at the screen in front of her and she raised her eyebrows when she saw that in the blink of an eye one of the three people standing in the field suddenly disappeared.


Hours Later: Water Tower

Clark sat on top of the water tower and he looked into the sky and at the stars that littered the skies above him. Since running away from his parents earlier he had been just running around at super-speed with no particular destination, all he knew was that he needed to get away….away from the glowing crystals that held more truth than his parents eyes. He was an alien, an alien from some place out among the stars he stared at on a daily basis. Ever since he was nine, or maybe it was younger than that he always knew that he was different. He always felt different but it wasn't just because of his abilities, it was always something else; something that he could never explain but now he knew what that something was and in a strange way it made sense.

"Alien" he whispered looking at the stars.

"Hey stranger" came a voice from behind him.

Clark snapped out of his inner musings and he turned to see Lana Lang stepping off of the last step and slowing making her way over towards him. Upon seeing her the gloomy and sullen mood he was in lifted a little.

"Lana" Clark said shifting in his spot.

Lana made her way over to him and she sat down next to him, she smiled at him and studied him for a moment and just from the look on his face she could tell that something was wrong with him.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just admiring the stars."

"Usually people admire them with a smile not a frown."

Clark looked away from her and up to the sky again.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Clark you're a terrible liar, your face gives you away, so come on and spill."

He lowered his head a bit and he released a sigh.

"I….I just found out that I'm…I'm…..adopted" he said while turning to face her. Lana's eyes widen a little in a shocked manor but the shock only last for a brief second before she shrugged her shoulders.


"So?" Clark repeated.

"So what if you're adopted Clark, it doesn't change anything."

"It changes everything Lana"


"Because now I know why I'm different" he said, "From my parents" he added when he realized his slip.

"Okay, so you're different from your parents, isn't that what everyone strives to be?"

"Not me, I've…always wanted to be like them, to be like everyone, to be normal." He said in a wistful voice.

Lana looked at him and a confused looked appeared on her face.

"Clark you're confusing me and you're not making much sense."

"I know and I'm sorry, I'm having a really hard time grasping the fact that…I'm adopted, that Jonathan and Martha Kent aren't my real parents and...oh man."


"I just realized that Clark Kent isn't even my real name."

"Clark this is crazy" Lana stated while shaking her head.

"Is it?" he questioned

"Just because your parents didn't birth you doesn't mean that they aren't your parents…it doesn't mean that they don't Love you and it doesn't mean that you're not Clark Kent. It doesn't matter who…"

"But it does though Lana….it does matter because I don't know who I am anymore or who I was before the Kent's took me in." He replied standing up, 'I don't know what I am either, but I can't tell her that though.' he thought in his mind.

Lana stood up from her spot and she looked at him with a look of disappointment.

"Clark, I understand what you're saying but…you do realize that this must be hard for your parents too, right. I mean they must've known that this day would come and they've dreaded the outcome."

"Yeah, I'm sure lying to me must have hurt them a lot. Look I gotta go Lana" he said interrupting her and heading for the ladder that would take him down.

"Clark!" Lana called

Clark stopped and he slowly glanced over his shoulder.

"It doesn't matter who you were before the Kent's…all that matters is who you now because of them."

Clark pursed his lips together and he nodded his head before continuing on towards the ladder. He quickly climbed down and once he hit the ground he ran away at super-speed.

Lana looked over the top of the water tower and to her surprise he was gone.

Elsewhere in Smallville-

Chloe Sullivan eyed the house in front of her; she carefully looked around searching for signs of anyone before she slowly started towards the front door. She heaved a small sigh and raised her hand to the brown wooden door and she lightly knocked.


"Who is it?" Came a voice a few seconds later

"M-Mr. Cross it's me Chloe Sullivan"

There was a small silence that passed before the door slowly creaked open and the face of Matthew Cross appeared. He was an average looking man with an average build, sandy brown hair and brown eyes.

"Ms. Sullivan it's rather late." He said in a slow and deliberate voice.

"I know, I know it's late but I need to talk to Jordan"

"I don't think that would be wise, he's…"

THUMP! THUMP! Came the sound of feet on the stairs. Chloe and Matthew looked to see the fifteen year old Jordan Cross standing in the middle of the staircase. He looked like his father with his brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin tone and average build.

"Hi Jordan" said Chloe with a small smile.

"Hi Chloe. Why are you here, I thought you said you would never bother me again."

"I know and I did say that but something has coming up and I need your help."


"Please Jordan."

Jordan released a sigh and turned around started back up the steps.

"Let her in Dad. Its okay"

Chloe's smile grew a little and she looked at Matthew who heaved a heavy sigh and opened the door a little wider and let her inside.

Nevada- Exact Location Classified

"Heh. Checkmate again" came the kind voice of a man in a wheelchair. The man's name was Dr. Virgil Swann. He was a brilliant scientist that had dark hair and a kind face with thin rimed black glasses, he was wearing a light brown sweater and brown pants and along with that there a tube going from his throat and to an oxygen tank that was connected to the back of his wheelchair. However while there was a draw to the brilliant wheelchair bound scientist the true draw was the being across from him that had just beaten him in chess for the twelfth time.

The being was an alien, and he was secured to the wall, by thick metal bonds on his arms, and legs. In front of the alien was a thin electric shield that had been designed by Dr. Swann himself however he had long ago regretted doing such a thing after he had gotten to know the alien before him.

Dr. Swann used his right finger to move the joystick that controlled his wheelchair; he backed away from the chess board and table and moved towards the shield that held his alien friend.

"It's official. I think twelve times is my limit to being beaten in chess in one sitting." He joked.

The imprisoned Alien smiled.

"Don't be so hard on yourself Virgil, you were distracted."

"Reading my mind again J'onn?" Dr. Swann asked.

"I didn't have to, it's written all over you face, something has you stressed."

"…..you are correct J'onn, something has my attention." He said in a thoughtful voice.

"In addition to being a skilled chess player, I'm an excellent listener." J'onn replied.

Dr. Swann smirked and he looked up at the imprisoned J'onn and the smirk fell from his face.

"I received a call earlier today from an associate of mine, from a group that I'm part of called Veritas. She has informed me that there was an incident today."

"Incident?" J'onn questioned "Of what nature?"

"Alien nature J'onn" Dr. Swann replied.

"….It wasn't Martian I can assure you. I am the last of my kind."

"No it wasn't Martian, it was something else."


"Fifteen years ago the government recovered an alien spacecraft from a small city in Kansas."

"Yes, I remember, the meteor shower. My captors here questioned me thoroughly about the incident…they believed it was of my doing, it wasn't"

"The spacecraft is highly advanced J'onn, more advanced than the ship you arrived in, but it was practically destroyed though, however we managed to recover certain energy readings and radiation readings."

"And today?" J'onn asked.

"And today out of the blue, there was an energy spike, needless to say not only is Veritas excited but our partners in the government are excited as well."

"But you're not excited."

"Oh I am, J'onn I'm so excited that just the thought of meeting another being from another planet is enough to send me into cardiac arrest, but…what dwindles my excitement is the thought of what happens when my associates meet this new traveler."

Dr. Swann moved a bit closer to the shield in front of J'onn.

"You fear their fate will be similar to my own fate; forever entombed in a contraption such as this" J'onn surmised for him.

"I swear J'onn I've done all I can to get you free or at least get you better accommodations but talking with my associates is like screaming in an empty room, no one but myself is listening."

"I know Virgil and I thank you for all that you've done." He answered.

"You shouldn't thank me at all or any of us. You came here looking for sanctuary from a desolate and destroyed world and yet you've trade that for a life being poked, prodded and tortured for information. I hope you know that not all of us are like that J'onn, we are not all ignorant and fearful of people that are different."

J'onn heard his statement and it sent a bit of an easement felling through him. He liked Dr. Swann; he was a kindhearted man that was curious and full of questions. J'onn knew that not all humans were like the ones who kept him under lock and key and he in no way held that against Dr. Swann. J'onn lowered his head for a second before looking at his bonds.

'Imprisonment' he thought to himself as his mind roamed over the decades he's being locked in the basement of the facility he was inside, and the more his mind roamed over that the more the feeling of determination began to pass through him. A determination that stemmed from the fact that he would not wish his fate to someone of a similar alien nature like himself. He raised his head and he looked at Dr. Swann and he could sense the same feeling coming off of him in waves.


"…you wish to warn this new traveler don't you Dr. Swann" J'onn questioned in a slight whisper.

Dr. Swann heard the question and his eyes furrowed a little before returning to normal.

"Yes, I do."

"What if I told you I may be able to do just that?" J'onn asked.

"…I would say tell me more."

Smallville High- Next Day

A sullen Clark Kent slowly made his way through the crowded hall of Smallville High. Everyone was moving at a normal pace but to Clark everyone was moving in slow motion but it wasn't because he was using his super-speed but because he knew that he was vastly different from them. He looked at each of his peers moving about and he could swear that they were looking at him; out the corner of his eye as he passed he thought he saw them turn and whisper something. He focused his ears and he could hear each of them whispering

"Alien" "Alien" "He's an Alien" "Little green man." "He's not human" "Clark Kent isn't even his real name." "Alien"

Clark blocked it all out and he continued on his way to his locker.


Chloe stood off to the side with her 'friend' of sorts Jordan Cross standing next to her. Jordan had an uneasy expression on his face as the teens of Smallville high passed by him. Anytime one of them got close to him he would shy away so he wouldn't accidentally touch them. Chloe saw the motion out of the corner of her eyes.

"Hang in their Jordan…and thank you for doing this."

"…yeah, us meteor freaks have to stick together right." Jordan replied in a whisper.

Chloe pursed her lips together and looked away from him and continued to search the hallway.

"We're not freaks Jordan" Chloe stated seriously.

She looked down the hallway and that's when she spotted who she was looking for, her eyes lit up and she put a slight smile on her face.

"Okay Jordan you're up…there he is."

Jordan looked and he saw who she was point at and he swallowed a bit.

"That's him, and he's the only guy you want me to touch."

"Yeah, I know what this means but…I think he's one of us and if he's is then he's in danger of being discovered by one of the secret government agencies I told you about. I want to know which agency poses the immediate threat."

"And you want to find that out by seeing his death?"

"Morbid, I know" she responded.

"Instead of bothering this guy why don't you investigate those mysterious robberies in town."

"It's on my to do list. Here he comes." Chloe responded.

Jordan shook his head and he took a deep breath, he slowly pushed away from the wall and he began to walk towards the person Chloe picked out in the crowd.

Jordan saw him and he inconspicuously maneuvered himself in the teen's oncoming path. He gritted his teeth in anticipation of what was to come. They began to near each other, closer and closer they came until Jordan 'accidentally' bumped into Clark Kent. When they made contact Jordan's eyes glossed over and he gasped as images bombarded his mind. The images came in rapid succession until one image stood out about all of them.

Jordan's Mind- The Future- Many years from now

Jordan was being pulled along in the middle of an intense beam of white light. The beam weighed heavily on his body and threatened to crush him to pieces the further upwards he went but he continued onwards. He gritted his teeth against the intense pain, he thought he was going to die but despite that he managed to look to the right to see Clark next to him with a look of angry determination on his face. Jordan looked him over and his eyes widen to see that he was wearing a red and blue suit with an S on his chest and a red cape flowing behind him.


"KRYPTON WILL LIVE ON THROUGH KANDOR BRAINIAC! I'VE SEEN TO IT!" Clark yelled back as he continued upwards increasing his speed and pulling Jordan along with him, "THIS IS THE END FOR YOU!"


"MY NAME IS…..SUPERMAN!" Clark roared just as he neared what looked like a massive spider like alien ship and suddenly everything went white.


Jordan gasped and stepped away from Clark falling down on the ground and looking up at him. Clark stared down at him with a confused look upon his face.

"Sorry about that" said Clark hurriedly as he quickly bent down to help Jordan up but Jordan quickly scooted away from him, he looked at Clark with a look that was mixture of amazement, wonder and awe, but to Clark it looked like fear.

'Does….Does he know that I'm an alien' Clark thought frantically as people stopped what they were doing and looked at the scene unfolding.

Jordan quickly stood up and he looked at Clark for a long second before turning and running away. The teens in the hallway gave him a wide berth as he took off as fast as he could towards the exit.

Chloe watched Jordan run off and she was about to go after him but she saw Clark rush off as well. She bit her lip and looked between the two and after a long second she began to run after Jordan, but as she ran she passed by Clark and got a good look at him.

'From Jordan's reaction…I think I got my answer, but I wonder what he saw to make him run away. You must be something special Clark. And I think it's time you and I met.' She thought to herself.


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