Mr. Chair was sitting calmly in front of a black laptop, at a desk chair, messing with something clearly. The background, of course; a nice little surprise for when his companion came to check his computer.

Hearing footsteps headed his way; he bolted up out of the chair, making sure to close out the things he'd opened up.

He ran from the room with a mischievous giggle that the incoming person just barely caught.

"Now what is he…?" Stephano, confused, glanced around. That sounded a lot like Mr. Chair's giggle, but he didn't see the small man anywhere in sight. Where could he have gone, now?

Oh, well. With a shrug and a huff, he turned and switched the TV onto the news channel just for some background noise before going and sitting at his laptop.

As he plopped into his chair, he was greeted by a particularly interesting sight: a shirtless Mr. Chair lying on his belly on a bed; hat half off his head, as his background

Is this what he'd been up to?! "Mr. Chaaaair!" The statue hollered out, causing said individual to peek into the room.

"Do you know anything about this, Mr. Chair?"

"Nope…not a clue, Stephano!" The dark-haired man insisted, nodding. "Definitely don't know a thing…why, what's wrong?" With this, Mr. Chair took a few steps forward and grinned a bit as he peeked over Stephano's shoulder.

"So that's what you meant, okay…yeah.~"

"I, uh…" Stephano shut the laptop, stood, and walked from the room with a flush on his face. "Damn it, Mr. Chair!"