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'All hail King Albert Wesker. The man of Raccoonia.'

Raccoonia Castle

It was late afternoon when a tall, dark looking man richly dressed from head to toe pacing down the hallway along with several other men hurriedly followed after him and yet dare not to cross him. These group of men were chatting away in a hushed serious tone with each other but not the one herding them, he seemed to be rushing off to somewhere.

When the two doorkeepers noticed the strong presence of the leading man walking to him, they stood ready, hands on their hips and heads upwards.

"All hail King Albert Wesker. The man of Raccoonia."

The King's hall was probably the most furnished place in the whole kingdom - purple and red carpets, gold and mahogany lining the wall and there were sayings that the cost for just the furniture may feed a small village.

The announcement had the other nobility inside the main hall to stand in ready too, as a form of welcoming the king. Albert Wesker ignored the looks that were thrown at him as he went for his throne, these people knew better than to offend him. His lady-in-waiting, Excella Giovanni, a young woman with a striking look to her face despite the poor material of her clothing held Wesker's cloak up for him as he ascended the short flight of stairs. Then she removed the cloak for her king.

King Wesker stood there towering the rest of his senator as they went to their knees and greeted, "Hail, Your Majesty." Carefully and observantly, Albert's golden eyes went back and forth among his men as if to detect if anyone was amiss - if there was an assassin planted among all these men.


The king finally sat down with a smirk and announced, "At ease."

When they finally stood on their feet, came forth the first man to present himself with the agenda for the day. Military-trained, hard and stern but with a pair of fatherly eyes, his frightfully buffed body was only covered by the cloths and metals all over his body.

With a Raccoon tattered on the mid section of his armor.

"General Chris Redfield presenting to you, sir." Chris bowed with his silver helmet on his right arm.

The smirk on Albert's face widen with satisfaction. General Redfield had always been the most chivalrous man among all, man who had been on his first ever battle at the mere age nineteen, man who had reaped countless numbers of victories when he marched home with his soldiers waving with the flags of their home. However, there was one downside of this general that made the king slightly hostile to him despite his merits to the country: Chris Redfield was loyal to Raccoon, not Albert Wesker.

He was the first man to ever say 'no' to King Albert Wesker in all his reign.

Resting his limbs comfortably on the arms of his throne, Albert said in the most mocking manner, "Good day, General Redfield. What have you bring for this lovely day?"

Everyone in the castle knew the intense rivalry between the two men but King Albert Wesker was always the dominant among the two. As much as they felt sorry for Chris, they had to feign chuckles just so to entertain with Albert's apparent mockery.

Chris' eyes were still as firm when he looked back at his king, "Yes, mi'lord."

The rest of the day passed as Chris elaborate the issues of the militia, where the soldiers morale was low, the knights had been oppressing the people outside the walls of the castle and several other minor problems. All which the king gave General Redfield the permission to handle them all as the king quoted, "You are the highest man, Redfield; second only to the queen. It will be your responsibilities to improve the kingdom's warfare. Make no mistake."

Then they proceeded to the agenda in which the king had the highest regard of: Economy. Taxes. And the citizens. And it was always General Redfield who had something to say to oppose and discourage the king's opinion.

When the meeting was soon dismissed, Albert watched as his senators scurried out from the hall, always allowing the General to head out before them. The clunky noises generated from Chris' heavy armor even sounded dangerous from most of the men.

When the hall was emptied from the senators, Excella finally made her comment, "General Redfield doesn't always see eye to eye with you, does he not, your Majesty?" She literally purred but Albert barely noticed her gesture.

"He was just like his father. The Redfields always get on my nerves, luckily that my queen had his sister in check." Albert grumbled, blinking his rare golden reddish eyes for a few seconds.

Leaning back against his seat, Albert gazed out the the panel of windows overlooking the pond in his castle. The greenish-blue pond always looks the best from here.

"Speaking of which... where is the Prince?"

Excella bowed slightly, "The Prince is in the courtyard. 'Sunbathing', he said. He was supposed to attend this meeting, does he not?"

Exhaling a breath of disgust, Albert's eyes burned on the mention of his Prince, his son.

"Pathetic child."

"That's the prince!"

"He is THE prince?! Oh my, I haven't noticed!"

"Be quiet, he'll hear you! I'd mistaken him as a peon in my first days in the castle until a knight told me."

"He doesn't look like a prince. That scar of his..."

Jake Muller Wesker grunted at the whispering women who had just walked past him with one of them forget to do the greeting until the other reminded so. He didn't really mind all the sideways look or the rumors lingering around the castle, it was something he had grew accustomed to. It was just annoying. 'Damn women, can they ever stop yabbering about the same thing over and over again?'

The Prince was a man who was a complete opposite of his king father. When the King was a careful, collected and a serious man who had absolute control over the politics, the Prince was careless, impulsive and a dangerous man who had no love for politic.

Or to anything at all.

When the knights looked up to their King and the maids feared him, the knight talked down on their prince and the maids despised him...

Even his father was disgusted of him.

The saying of 'like father, like son'? Not in the personality case. The only thing that Jake was alike to his father was his features - that was the only thing that Jake resembles his father.

Jake drank the rest of the bottle when he slumped down to the wall, his hips hitting the cold smooth ground and he was ready to sleep right there on the courtyard where there were dozens of people walked past each day, he had slept on every part of the castle, the basement, by the pond, the hallway. Drunken on broad daylight out the roofs of the castle, it was all Jake Wesker - Devil-may-care. Lonely.

"You can't sleep here, my prince. You will catch a cold."

The warm in the voice made Jake reluctantly peeled his dozing eyes open. He knew the voice very well, it was the only voice he'll ever listen to.

"Mom..." Jake spoke, his vision was blurry thanks to the alcohol on his systems.

Queen Gabrielle Wesker smiled down to the hopeless man beneath her. Extending a hand to him, the Queen offered her son to get on his feet, "You are rather unhappy today, aren't you? You don't usually be this drunk." Her words were true - The Prince wasn't really an alcoholic, he didn't like to drink as a matter of fact. Most of his days he will spend them around the castle, lying around, doing nothing.

He will only drink when he was feeling very depressed. Which today was the case.

Jake groaned at his throbbing temple, accepting his mother's offer and rise to his feet fluidly.

"What's troubling you?" Gabrielle asked his son gently.

At first, Jake decided to abandon the question. But then he turned to his mother with a frown, "That asshole wanted me to attend to his annual meeting shit again." The 'asshole' he meant was his very own king father. His language was never was of nobility but more like a mercenary, unlike Albert Wesker who spoke with a very rich noble accent, "Told me how pathetic I am. Whatever. He's just another knockoff." He soften at his last words, really, he didn't care.

"Language, Jake. Language." The woman warned, as if Jake was going to listen, "Do not talk about your king father like that. Your father only wanted to help you grow up; you are to rule this kingdom soon."

"I don't care shit about this kingdom..." His words began to slur, "The people can fend for themselves without this stupid kingdom system..."

His statement had the queen shook her head on him, "No, dear prince. The kingdom was what the people need. It was what that keep them-"

Jake snapped, walking a few quick steps away from his mother, "Shut up already, I don't care!"

That left the queen standing there and watched as her son walked away from her.

It was something that happened almost regularly. For the angry Jake Wesker to scold his own mother.

Unbeknownst to her, Jake was silently muttering an apology behind his back.

"Sorry, mom."

Then he went off somewhere else. Somewhere else where he could rot himself soon.

Jill Valentine brought the Queen a cup of warm tea when they had finally returned to her chamber after the unfortunate encounter. She wasn't with the Queen when she was searching for Jake per the Queen's own request. As the Queen's personal lady-in-waiting, she obeyed her wishes without question.

A tear fell down the fair face of Gabrielle Muller as she sat by her window overlooking the pond that she loved so much. It wasn't the first time that her son had treated her this way but she felt just as devastated, just like that day when the drunken Jake ignorantly walked away from her kind words. Valentine didn't even need to ask and she had already know who and what cause the Queen to cry. That was not the first incident and would not be the last.

"Do not worry, your highness," Gabrielle's personal stewardess soothed her, "I'm sure the prince will understand someday. He was a sweet child, he will understand." Jill had the rights to say that because she was once the defiant prince's nanny.

Gabrielle nodded gloomily but she was felt a little better by Jill's words, "If only... If only I can find someone to change him back to whom he was."

And her gaze turned faraway, farther than the sky when her memory floated back to where the young prince used to be a cheerful, lovable boy, hopping onto the Queen's lap with a cheery smile.

But now, a scowl had become permanent on his handsome face that was said to resemble his father.

What changed him?

Raccoonia City

It was midnight when the rain poured down, drenching anything beneath it.

A young woman kept running, through the quiet city where there was no one but her alone. Who would come out in the middle of the night raining heavily, on top of that? And yet she kept her feet moving, despite the cramps that she was starting to feel but she dared not to stop.

Her golden hair was soaked in water and dirt, from where she had fell to the ground multiple times. Her white dress was fudgy brown, just like how her face was riddled with the filth of earth. Once, she had stopped to catch her quick breath, only to burst into a run again.

It was dark, none of the torches was on due to the rain, it wasn't long before she lost her way around the town that she wasn't familiar with at all.

Her soaked clothing had finally taken its toll when the woman started to feel the prickling cold, but her throat was scorching hot as if it was burning in fire, the combustion draining the oxygen out of her and she finally fell to her knees in the middle of the road. She had spent the last of her strength more than her frail body could handle and now she had paid the price.

The dark scenery in her eyes turned spinny and she could barely hold onto her own consciousness.

Then she heard someone talking, a silhouette pointing at her direction. No. Two silhouettes.

"...Help..." Her voice was failing and she finally succumbed as she close her eyes and fell to the ground.

Last thing she remember was the voice of a male, talking to another person next to him.

"We need to get her to the doctors, Claire."

"You're right, it's closed everywhere, let's get her to the castle."

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