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'There's nothing more left for me to save of Raccoonia.'

Raccoonia Castle

Jake needed a saving grace.

Even when Doctor Rebecca Chambers and Doctor George Hamilton looking up at her - the best physician Raccoonian could offer - they could only look at the Prince with deep eyes and gave them a short shook of the head, indicating that there was nothing else that they could do to save her life. According to Hamilton, being an expert for chemicals and such, the poison had successfully tailored into her systems and even her pulse was still there, it wouldn't be for long.

It's hopeless. Everything was hopeless.

For the first time in his life, he finally felt how it was when the walls were closing in on him.

He cradled her thin frame into his damp chest of blood. Even when Rebecca offered that she would heal his wounds first, all he wanted was to stay by Sherry's side.

She looked terribly pale and cold. She need him.

He was already starting to miss her rosy cheek, her smile, when her sapphire eyes staring at his.

"I'm sorry." He whispered over and over, "I'm sorry I am too late."

If only there would be an antidote for her to make everything just... go away.

Gently, he kissed her white forehead. Her skin felt warm to his lips, which he relished for the moment. Both his arms wrapped closely around her and his face was buried in her hair as he inhaled that wonderfully fresh hair of hers; it still smell like it was this morning and he wished that he could turn back the time before his father caught her.

One by one, the people who were previously alongside Jake during the rescue scurried out the little dungeon-like room, leaving them alone.

He know she was still alive... she just need to wake up and everything would be okay.

"You're my Supergirl. I know you can do this..." He lamented, "Please... please wake up. For me. For us."

His thumb caressed her purple lips softly. He wondered if the poison resided on her lips.

If he kissed her... would he be able to join her?


The door nearly came unhinged as one man appeared with a wide, hopeful smile. Behind him were the very people that he trusted in taking down his tyrant father.

"I know how to save Sherry!"

Once again, in the same twist of fate, it was General Leon Scott Kennedy to be the one to save Sherry Birkin yet again.

Turned out that the last 'gift' that Ada Wong provided Leon before her departure was the very antidote to the poison inside Sherry's systems. Since the poison was invented by Ada Wong herself, the woman somewhat predicted that an antidote would be of use. Thus, whilst inventing the venom, she too created a remedy to neutralize the killing effect of her poison.

The last time when Leon inspected the gift given by Wong, it was a simple bottle of a colorless liquid, a note stick on the container with elegant writing and a lipstick mark.

Thank for the coffee

And Leon guessed the use of the liquid at the very last seconds.

Sherry still hadn't regain her consciousness even after three days she was fed with the life-saving elixir, in which the doctors assured Jake that there was nothing to be worried about.

In the meantime, Grand General Chris Redfield decided that it was time for him to decided the fate of Jake Muller Wesker since his father wasn't really a King by legal rights.

In the end, both Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy decided that the secrets of Albert Wesker to die with him and to be forgotten. Deciding that there was only one way to it, Chris had deliberately lied about what happened to the King to keep Jake safe: Hunk and Vector were assassins sent to kill the King, when the King committed suicide on his throne before they got to him. In turn, Jake, Leon and himself revenged the King by killing the assassins.

There was just one more problem then.

The vacated throne.

"I will not ascend the throne." Although the Generals insisted that there was only one person to fit the throne, Prince Jake Wesker refused it, "The kingdom was not rightfully mine. It was Birkin's. It was Sherry's."

"True. Lady Birkin will still become the Queen but... who do you think she will choose to be her King once she wake up?"

Three years later

It was one fine afternoon as one richly dressed man man strode through the hall alongside several others who whispered quietly among one others. One their hands was scrolls and sheets of document of particular importance but it would only to be used once they had reach their destination. The man leading the rest had his very own Samurai Edge sheathed his waist.

When the two doorkeeper saw the man adorning the sword came forth, they stood ready, head high in the sky.

"All hail the King of Raccoonia."

And the man in front of all smiled at the presence of another inside the once blood-bathed hall three years ago.

With her hands folded neatly on her lap as she waited for his arrival, the blue eyes of the Queen sparkled at the sight of his husband approaching his throne, once warmed by the blood of Wesker. But before he did that, he first came to his wife, and peck her on the lips.

She returned the favor.

Then he bade her to sit on where the previous Queen Gabrielle Muller once sat and returned to his own.

After he did that, there was no longer to empowering dark eyes hovering over every inch and corner of the hall looking out for suspicious people.

"At ease, people!" The King chirped.

"Hail, King Jake Muller."

Left cheek bearing a long scar, Jake gave a short nod to all presentee for them to begin the annual conference for the day. And thus, each Senator took turn to present their agenda. Beginning with the welfare of the country, then the economics, and things that the King wasn't very keen onto but had to do it for the sake of his wife.

Then came to the militia part where the Generals presented themselves.

However, the Grand General was longer the stocky, fatherly man that everyone known to be.

"General Leon Scott Kennedy, reporting for duty, mi'lord."

Only the previous year that Kennedy had the privilege to stand in the front before the King alongside to other newly promoted Generals after Chris Redfield had retired from his post and passed the position down to his brother-in-law. The former General felt that he was already too old for the post anymore and decided that he should allow the younger to take over, in which he had left his title for Leon and left the castle five months ago.

The man claimed that he would travel to Arklay Village first to find an 'old friend' who will temper his Samurai Edge one last time before leaving Raccoonia. The same 'old friend' who paid his visit to the Palace last year to pass the current King his very own Samurai Edge to replace King Albert Wesker's.

As Jake's very own blade.

"Samurai Edge is the best I could offer. It once belonged to a friend whom gave his life to pass me the creation," he said, when Jake questioned him about giving the same name to Jake's very own blade as Redfield's and his father, "I made three Samurai Edges twenty five years ago, which one I gave to Chris, another to Albert Wesker, and I kept the final one for myself."

"I promised myself that the three sword would only be the possession of the very best of men. Now that I see you worthy, your Majesty; I will be happy to pass this final one to you before I return to Arklay and wait for my death to come."

Jake and Sherry came to an agreement that Chris would not embark his journey alone, and so when Jake issued a volunteer to join the ex-General; one woman eagerly raised her hands and pack her things, knowing that she had to move on somehow (and she knew that Queen Gabrielle would be glad if she did so), Chris Redfield easily welcomed his childhood sweetheart Jill Valentine onto his journey home.

While Leon was promoted the Grand General, Piers Nivans too had been promoted to Leon's last position while the last vacated spot formerly belonged to General Jack Krauser was still in pending between two candidates, Kevin Ryman and David King.

And after much persuasion and coaxing from countless people - even from the Sherry herself - Jake had finally decided to change his name to Muller and ascended the throne.

With one condition.

That Sherry Birkin must be his Queen.

"Your Highness!"

Even now as a Queen of Raccoonia, Sherry still made time on her own to check up on her friends who remained in the castle although Sherry had offered that they were free to be released from the life of servitude and return home. Sheva and the Harper sisters remained, claiming that they had no home to return to but the Palace. While Alyssa said that she was still thinking about returning to her home village in Arklay mountain (which surprised Sherry when Alyssa admitted that she was actually one of the five youngsters who broke into Annette's cottage years ago), but finally chosen to remain when she said that 'there was not a good memory left there for her'.

Doctor Rebecca Chambers recently met a good guy for herself too, Billy Coen his name, was a rebel fighting against poverty in his hometown until joining the knighthood only months ago after Jake banished the verdict his father once made. While Doctor George Hamilton's lifetime sentence was lifted and he returned to his service as a physician, he considering taking Cindy Lennox into apprenticeship.

When Sheva and Deborah made moves to bow to Sherry, the Queen stopped them from the proceeding, "Jeez, you guys. Even though I'm the Queen but we're still best friends right?"

"Yup, and that's why we must do that, your Hiiighnesss. Who could have known if his Majesty suddenly pops out and have us killed? After all, you are his precious little gem." Sheva yodeled, earning herself a smack to the arm by Sherry.

"Sheva, as the Queen of Raccoonia, I order you to Stop. Teasing. Me." They burst into a fit of laughter. Even if she was a Queen now, Sherry thought that there were some things better left unchanged.

Their friendship. If her status would be a boundary in between her friendship with those two, she would rather become the prince's stewardess just like before.

"Haven't you heard," Deborah started gleefully, her grin wide as a child, "sis is getting a boyfriend!"

"Helena?" Sherry and Sheva eyeballed each other at the news, "Wow, who's the lucky man?"

The cheerful woman clapped her hands in unison, "It's General Nivans! He's been chasing her for some time now and sis finally said yes last night when the General asked her for dinner!"

"Wow, who could have expected? I mean, Helena is always so uptight and all, though I expect the General would work his ass off if he wanted to ever impress her."

They all agreed with Sheva.

"Speaking of which," Sheva suggested to Sherry, "how are you with his Majesty?"

Surely, she knew her friend would inquire such issue. After all, Jake Muller was now the King, to say that he had no obligations to the country was an understatement now, no longer did he had the time to be with Sherry as much as he wanted himself to be.

Now Sherry understood how Gabrielle felt without her husband around.

But Sherry's case was different though.

Unlike the previous Queen however, somehow - even with his time limited inside the Palace - he'll always find a way to make time for her.

And she was proven true when a strong pair of arms wrapped itself on her petite waist and lifted her off the ground in a crushing embrace, followed closely by Sheva and Deborah bowed to the man behind her.

Playfully, he'd peck her cheek and whisper in her ear.

"Now, now. What is my queen doing out here with our little un'?"

And he'd rub her belly with the noticeable bump on it.

Then Sherry would kiss him and said, "Waiting for her King, Jake Muller."

Raccoonia Castle

"I suppose it is right for me to leave Raccoonia then. There's nothing more left for me to save of Raccoonia."

She whispered to herself with a smile.

Feet dangling off the walls where it was once the King favorite spot for a lookout, she brushed the remnants of white snow off her red tunic as she witnessed everything that had enfolded in the castle ever since she had departed from the bloody hall that very day three years ago.

"I supposed I do deserve my share coffee... after all, I did save the royalty— all by myself. Looks like it's gonna be a while before I see this place again."

She brushed her hair back against the wind, her crossbow securely tucked behind her hips as she swayed to the other side of the wall.

Now facing the vast ocean, she took a glance behind her once again, perhaps one last time before she will leave the kingdom to live out her forever fugitive life.

Well, there's still one more thing left for Ada Wong.

"Might as well drop by to cute guy's place. Here's hoping his wife wasn't around tonight."


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