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Alec's P.O.V

I had always hated the Cullen's, they were a disgrace to vampire kind but they had hurt my mate and that is unforgivable. Poppy might not have known them but they made Bella happy so Poppy liked them. But they just left her here, not that I'm ever going to complain, and her cousin hasn't spoken to her since the whole her being my mate incident. She rarely seems happy now, not even when we are together.

Poppy's P.O.V

I'm not sure what hurts more, the way my parents used to treat me or the way Bella treated me. I was her best friend when they weren't there but the second they come back I'm forgotten unless I'm right in front of her. Since I found out about the wedding its been like I'm on auto-pilot, get dressed, feed, shower, spend time with Alec, repeat. The only time it changes is when Felix and Demetri drag away for training, hoping that beating them will cheer me up. It says something when Felix is prepared to surrender his undefeated winning streak for my happiness, they are both the older brother I never had.

"Right, Poppy, this has got to stop." declared Jane as she entered my room, where I was sat holding a book but not reading, just staring at the page. "It's pitiful, your better than them. So we are going out shopping." Jane may scary most of the vampire world with her power but once you get to know her its her shopping capability that scares you.

"Do we really have to Jane?" I say in monotone, not at all interested in shopping or doing anything really.

"I told you she wouldn't want to Jane." said Alec as he walked into my room as but unlike Jane who had stopped a few feet away from me he walked right up to me, took the book out of my lap and set it down before picking me up and tossing me over his shoulder.

"Alec put me down!" I shouted despite the fact he would have heard even if Ihad whispered.

"Sorry, I can't you are coming shopping. You haven't left the castle since we had to leave to go to Seattle because of the new borns." I gave up realising it was hopeless to try and fight them. We recieved many stares from other vampires as we walked through the castle, due to me over Alec's shoulder. When we reached the garage I wanted to cry when I saw Heidi there, she was even worse than Jane when it comes to shopping.

"Alec, please let me go, they are going to KILL ME!" I said at vampire speed and quietly so they couldn't hear except for the last two words. I was ignored.

Hours of painful shopping later

I think that Jane and Heidi were testing the limits of a vampires sanity rather than shopping because I was sure that I was going insane. When we returned to the castle I ran straight to my room followed by Alec.

"If you can get them to promise never to do that to me again then I will love you for eternity." I pleaded. He just smirked.

"You will love me for eternity anyway so whats the point? I will make them stop if start functioning again, no more auto-pilot. I would like my beautiful, full of life mate back please." I couldn't help the laugh that escaped me, making him smile. "There she is." He said kissing the end of my mose.

"Your right I will love you for eternity and no more auto-pilot." His smile grew into a grin as he kissed me properly.

Alec's P.O.V

I had had my mate back for around two months when everything changed. We were both guarding the throne room with Jane when Irina from the Denali coven came in.

"I must report a crime." she declared, " The Cullen's have created an Immortal child." Aro grabbed the hand that she offered him, knowing that proof was needed for something so serious. The three of us were frozen in shock, I couldn't help but think back to all the covens that had been destroyed before the law against Immortal children was created. The laws were something that we had taught Poppy just before the news of the wedding came, so she understood how serious this was. Aro released Irina's hand but he seemed shocked, his usally gleeful face grave.

"Oh dear..." he breathed, it was true. I grabbed Poppy's hand needing to know she was close with something as dangerous as this in our future. Whole covens had been destroyed over immortal children and the Cullens were the largest besides us so if it comes to a fight, which it most likely will, then who knows which side will win. Already I knew who would be the hardest to beat the mind reader, the empth, the seerer and the largest. Although Aro wanted the mind reader and the seerer, the empth as well as the he is the seerers mate so they need each other. We were dismissed shortly after, keeping hold of Poppy's hand I ran to my room bringing her with me.

I sat down pulling her into my lap, keeping her as close as possible. After placing a kiss into her hair I rested my chin ontop of her head.

"Alec, whats going to happen now?" she asked, fear was evident in her voice. We had been sat this way for a while, just happy to have each other close with no worries about threats like the Cullens.

" I don't know Poppy, I really don't. But I won't let anything hurt you, ever." And I meant it, I had never felt this way about anyone not even Jane. A little more time passed before I heard my angels voice again.

"I love you Alec." It surprised me how those four little words explained everything. Never had I felt happier then hearing her say those words to me.

"I love you too." Those were the only words I could imagine saying at least once a day for the rest of my immortal life. But first we have to deal with the Cullen's and their Immortal child.

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