Inspired by The Script's Six Degrees of Separation. (youtube : /watch?v=-iOGAF1CZVs)


It's pretty much like being injected with an anaesthetic agent as though he is going through a surgery; it's numbing, a person won't feel a thing, even if someone were to cut and take his heart out. Pain would last for the first few seconds – then it's gone, with no single recollection.

Aomine convinced himself that it will all be over soon.



The aftermath of a surgery seeps in; pain-killer is wearing off, and pain starts to kick in. One would roll around in bed, crumpling the sheath beneath, knuckles turning white. The pain just won't go away. Dying might have been a better choice.

One hell of a messy house. Two pile of unwashed laundries. Three carton worth of empty beer cans all over the floor.

No amount of alcohol could fix Aomine's misery.



He waited for a call. He waited for somebody to come barging in, to scold him, to nag him, to drag him out. He waited for someone to sort his life back to where it was before.

Nothing happened.

It was as though the world stops spinning.



Aomine slapped himself. A man should stop being so pathetic. He shaved, dressed up in his best suit.

'Fuck that woman.'

He gave his best smile to the ladies all over town.



"Dai-chan! It's been a while since I last saw you anywhere! What are you up to lately? I missed you. Kagamin, hurry up and come here! Oh by the way, Dai-chan, since we're childhood friend, I'd want you to be the first one to know this news I'm about to break, because you're special. Be surprised, okay? Taa-dah! Look at this ring! It's pretty, isn't it? Kagamin and I are getting married soon!"

The sound around him slowly fading, nothing could reach him anymore. Every word cracks and shatters; scattered all over the ground.



'Go away Satsuki, stop getting in my way. I don't need you.'

That was what he said. That was what Aomine thought he could do. That was what he wanted, until he started seeing the existence of another man by her side. By the girl who had always been by his side.

He could never be more wrong in his life.