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Rated: M (a bit of language)

She was cornered.


'What is it about me?' Kagome wondered, her keen blue eyes glaring out from underneath the brim of her hat at the five males who had her cornered in an abandoned alley, 'Do I really seem like that much of an easy target?'

This was just too cliché, even for her.

"Don't be scared, kid," The obvious leader of the small gang grinned vulgarly, eyeing her small form with perverse eyes, "We just wanna have some... fun with you."

Kagome let out a quiet disbelieving breath, rather irritated with the situation she, once again, found herself in, 'They seriously cannot mean that... even appearing as the way I do now?'

Why did she attract all the damn perverts?!

"He's so fuckin' pretty – like a girl!" Another man stated and the the gang broke out into dark laughter, "Bet he's a fag! He'll like it up the ass!"

Kagome didn't say a word and simply found herself grateful she didn't understand American slang, 'So much for laying low.' She thought with a mental sigh and her hand wandered to the area where a hidden knife was strapped to.

She was confident she could take them all out on her own, though she might end up with a few cuts and bruises, 'Here goes nothing!' She would have rushed them without any warning, but was surprised into stillness when two of the men were slammed up against the wall and knocked out like that.

'What...?' Kagome thought, watching with stunned blue eyes as a tall blond man easily took the remaining gang out without a word or injury.

And he made it look so damn easy.

"I dislike bullies," The blond said coldly to the knocked out gang, before turning surprisingly concerned eyes up towards her, "Are you all right, son?"

And that was simply the start of everything...