So, first of all ill say that this is my first fanfic and that english isn't my first language so expect a few errors here and there xD.

Summary: Sharingan Naruto. This is a strong/godlike fanfic so expect a kick ass naruto. It will be mostly cannon until last manga chapter of course adapted to my story since minato's father is madara (its the reason for minato's speed i'll explain later)

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or its characters! Otherwise Sakura would have died in the wave arc (just saying! probably some sakura bashing).

The jutsu will be in english since i dont want to google every attack, excluding rasengan/kage bushin/few katon techniques/shinra tensei and others well known.

Reviews are welcomed.

Other pairings ill decide along with the story. Considering Sasuke i'm torn up between good Sasuke (like a brother to naruto. Sharingan brothers) or the usual power hungry/arrogant Sasuke ill have time to decide.


Naruto x Hinata (NO HAREM, I think multiple wives removes the love/passion of the story)

Kakashi x Anko (just awesome these two)

Usual Stuff:

"Normal speech"

"Normal thought"

"Demonic speech/extremely pissed off Tsunade"

"demonic thought"


There will be some techniques i saw in different fanfic, however since i cant remember who was the author or the story i apologize since i cannot give credits...

I'm from Portugal meaning metric system so deal with it...

Ill try and update everytime i can.

Now on with the story