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Author's Note: Well, I know that I still have an ongoing Indonesian fic in my fandom, but I can't resist myself to write another crossover english fic… Yeah, after I read my previous crossover fic, 'Digital Ojamajo Doremi', more and more, I think it will be nice if I can make another crossover which (probably) can be better than my first crossover.

Okay, this chapter is just a prologue for this fic, but don't worry, because I'll upload this along with the first chapter. In this case, I write that the Ojamajos had the same age with Madoka, Homura, Sayaka and Kyoko, and Mami was a year older than them.

Here we go!

Unite the Two Angels



Regret is always coming late…

That was what I realized now, when I saw my younger twin sister died… because of my own hand!

'He already turned me into a monster! He influenced me and convinced me that my mother and my sister were the monsters, but in reality, I was that monster!'

Yes. It was him! He was the one who made me became like this! How could I trust his words?

Well, I knew that he was just a white innocent-like creature, but actually, he was also an evil. A wolf which had the sheep fur. He made me destroyed my own family.

Before he came into my life, I was just an ordinary human, though; my family wasn't an ordinary family too, because my mother was a witch. Not just a witch, but also, the Queen of the Witch World.

She was the first Queen who got married with a human, who also was my father. From their marriage they had me and my twin sister as their daughters.

Queen Angelia, my mother, lived in two worlds at the same time, because our house was connected with the castle of the Queen in the Witch World. She hoped that I and my sister, Angelica, would be interested with the Witch World and want to be witches like her, and of course, her hope was right. We really had interest with magic. She gave each of us a ring, which could be our apprentice tap if we requested to her to make us became witches.

But then, something happened and changed everything…

One day, that creature, Kyuubey, came to me and Angelica and said that words! He said that the witches, like our mother, actually wanted to attack human world, where I and my sister were born. I trusted him, while Angelica didn't, and that was the first time I had a different perception with her.

Later, Angelica asked mom to make her became a great witch, as mom was a Queen. Mom agreed with her and activated her ring, made her could be the witch apprentice and followed all of the apprentice tests. She had ever failed in her first test, but then she made it to the last test. She really became a great witch like mom, and it was different with something that happened in my life… I made a contract with Kyuubey and became a Puella Magi.

Firstly, I fought with some creatures in their barriers, which Kyuubey claimed as 'the next form of the witches'. At first, I believed with what he said, but then, I realized that something was wrong in his words. Actually, they weren't the witches. They were the Magi Monsters, which on the other words were some desperate Puella Magi!

And now, probably I was the one who would change to be a Magi Monster…

I was in despair after I killed my own sister and realized that I didn't get any Grief Seeds after that. I realized that Kyuubey lied to me. Even, I saw that my Soul Gem, where he put my soul in, were keeping change its color to become dark, probably due to my regret to kill my sister… As her older sister, I should be taking care of her, not killing her like this…

And that's why, before my Soul Gem totally changed to be a Grief Seeds, I decided to kill myself by stabbing my own Soul Gem with my arrow, and wished to my God to bring me and Angelica to life once again someday… because I wanted to pay my fault this time.

I, Angelina, promise to the God to protect her younger sister someday… when we meet again in our second life.

Although in that time we aren't a sibling…