Hey guys, I had the best idea in the middle of French lesson and this is what came pouring out of my mind and into my notebook. I think my teacher is a little upset I was writing instead of speaking, but it was pretty worth it; I mean, look at that beautiful letter! I might just make another story and label its language 'French'. Oh, how ballsy! An Anglophone posting a French piece!


~Axis Powers: Hetalia! belongs to H.H.!~


Quand je te voyais en aux champs de batailles de guerre, je savais que je t'ai aimé. Ton cheveux blond, comme la lumière du soleil, a brulé au milieu de la violence ce qu'une auréole. Ton fusil a tiré les rayures de feu à mes beaux soldats français, et tué les hommes ordinaires comme un dieu fâche. La majesté - la finesse - mes mots ne touchent pas toi, ont-ils ?

Non, ils ne touchent jamais toi, mon gentilhomme anglais - mon ange - mon lapin - Arthur, pourquoi? Suis-je mauvais? Pourquoi moi haïsse-tu? Qu'est-ce que j'ai fait? Aime toi? Admire toi? Est-il ma voix? Mon visage? Mon corps? Pourquoi ne m'aimes-tu pas, mon coeur? Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Je ne sais pas, Arthur, mais je pense que tu ne sais pas que non plus.

Si tu comprends, c'est un miracle ; si tu ne comprends pas, remercie Dieu pour ce. Cette lettre est très gênante, mais l'idée que tu ne comprends pas mes émotions romantiques tue mon coeur. S'il vous plait, Dieu- Arthur, comprends. Je t'aime vraiment.

Ton ami et amour,


~Axis Powers: Hetalia! belongs to H.H.!~

Arthur stared in confusion at the mess of slender calligraphic writing that identified the writer more than anything else. He could make it out enough to know that it was French –very emotionally written- and snorted at the use of his personal name without permission. He couldn't understand a word of it, but he had the vague sense that Francis –the frog who had been chasing him around since they were young enough to know how to fight- was making jabs at his love life (or lack thereof). Why else would 'amour' -the French word for love- be in it so much?

"Bloody frog," He scoffed, sipping his tea once as his eyes scanned the letter out of manners more than pleasure. "His writing is so bloody flamboyant I can hardly read this gibberish. Who is this 'D' bloke he's talking about? I don't care who he's with now..."

Sighing through his nose, Arthur folded the letter back up neatly, placing it back in the envelope, and tossed it into the cozy fire before him. It burned easily, charring and erasing any trace of the correspondence from existence, and he unknowingly burned the best piece of mail he would ever get.

As the smoke wafted up the chimney and the letter became indistinguishable, Arthur felt a small chill and wondered absently whether or not he should have burned it, but shrugged. "Well, too late now."

~Axis Powers: Hetalia! belongs to H.H.!~

Was that really un-sad or was it just me? I was trying to be a little sad at the end, but Arthur was just too oblivious! Does anyone actually understand what Francis wrote, or did I completely butcher French? If I did, well- high schools are going downhill; if not, YAY!

Did you Google translate the letter to understand it? Did it make sense?

Tell me how well it went in the comments below!

Peace out, guys!