"It's a duel!"

(Bam) Cecilia slammed her hands on the table, well I know you're mad, you don't have to emphasis it with slamming…sheesh.

Is this a battle for pride? I mean you know what they say…or at I think they say it, "Never get a woman's scorn"….yea I forgot, but something like that.

"Oh, great, bring it on. It's better than having a debate anyway." I crossed my arms, and stared.

"You talk big. Since you deliberately asked for defeat, I'll accept you as a servant…no, a slave!"

"Don't look down on me, I may be "weaker than you" but I also have my pride If I win, apologize to everyone in this class."

"Is that so? Perfect timing, this will be the one and only chance for me, Britain's candidate Cecilia Alcott to display her ability." Yea just keep talking, worst case scenario you'll lose your voice…

Still it became a duel, a boy shouldn't be fighting seriously with a girl, right? I mean that's what I was taught…although it still baffles me with Chifuyu's logic she said and I quote "Ichika no matter what happens, do not fight a girl." As for girls it's kinda like "If he bothers you, hit him where it count's" I mean what girl wouldn't, knowing that you can't hit back.

"How much of a handicap do you want?" better stop analyzing this to much.

"Oh my, asking for a favor so soon?"

"No, I'm asking how much of a handicap I should give you."

At this moment, the class erupted in laughter.

"O-Orimura, are you serious?"

"Wasn't it an old superstition that men are stronger than women?" a girl spoke up.

"Orimura maybe you can pilot an IS, but that's overdoing it." Another one said.

"Yea they say if men and women fought, it would be over in less than three days." Wow girl just rub that salt in…I can't take this anymore; guess it's time to bring my trump card out.


"Yes what is it?"

"Can I go to the nurse's office?"

"Your reason?"

"My ego has been shattered, because of false information." I stated with a deadpan look.

"Explain." Oh now the class is interested…Hehehe, time for the kill…wow when did I become so evil?

"She said and I quote "Wasn't it an old superstition that men are stronger than women?" if that's the case why is it that we weaker men have had to protect you for so long, are you saying that all that effort and labor we did was for nothing? And if women really are stronger why aren't there more women in the military? You would think if women are stronger, our military forces would only be women, but there not!"

I really got the classmates attention now…final smash time.

"In fact most of our military is still male, and the reason why is, to join the military you have to have two requirements' "To be physically and mentally able" and seeing that there are more men than women in the military."

"I think it's obvious who's more appropriate, take away the I.S, or better yet look back on history, who's always fought the war's, who's had to do manual labor most of the time…Men!"

"Which brings me to my next point, if men and women fought I doubt it would take just three days of fighting, I mean look at the last war we had, even with women it took years to finish." I then turned to the girl who said that phrase.

"If you're going to insult a man's pride get your information right, If men and women in I.S's fought then yes it would probably be just three days, but if we did fight I'm hoping that because of how long we've had to protect you, you would fight on equal ground…which mean's the old fashion way…no I.S's just your own body, and I'm not saying all women are weak, some are actually strong" I looked to my sister (Eee!) that stare!

"Well it's seems Orimura made his point…" Chifuyu stated.

Ha-ha yes! Two points for me!

"Ichika, stop congratulating yourself, I thought I taught you better."

Wow I guess its true people or at least my sister can read my mind, by the way, why didn't you teach me to hide my thoughts better? You really are the devil's incarnation; oh looks like Cecilia fainted, yea! I win this round, but fate loves to deal a unfair hand.