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"Ah geez Houki what am I doing wrong."

"What do you mean."

"Well you know, having such a big weight on your shoulders, me being the only male pilot."

"Oh that."

"You know it's interesting really, being in an all girl's school…you would think I would find a girl I like, or a girl liking me."

"Oh really?"

"Yes I am… oh! hey not that you do, but I was thinking that if I ever got a girlfriend, it would be you, but who am I kidding no girl likes me anyway, I'm going to be single for a long time, I can see it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yep, I mean what girl in her right mind would like me."

"I would."

"What was that?"


"Hmm it sounded like you said I would?"

"NO! I said who would."

"Oh…my bad."

Phew that was really close…but why can't I tell him I like him, it's not like he's against it he said it himself, fine I'm going to confess, here I go.

"Um Ichika."

"It's such a pain going to the bathroom; you would think they would do something about it already." Ichika was deep in thought.

"Hey Ichika?"

"Although, in a worse case scenario I would find someone in there."

What the hell are you saying, Houki then chuckled darkly "I see you've become a pervert since I've left."

"Huh? What? Ehh! Scary face Houki!"

"I should punish you!"

"Ah no you don't." Ichika turned around and dove for the kendo stick in Houki's bag, but what he wasn't expecting was…

"What is this?"

"Ah…give me that!"

"Hmm…it seems your of age now to wear a bra."


(Ugh! Thud)

"Don't touch my…m-my thing's! you! You pervert!"

"Ow…that really hurt are you trying to kill me!"

"It's your own fault, don't touch my things!"

"I was right!"


"If you had any feelings for me, you would treat me nicer, but seeing how you just treated me…well."

Oh no! what have I done! I just screwed up!

"Well I'm going to take stroll, maybe help cool of this burning face, see you later Houki." Ichika started for the door.

Feeling's aside "Don't call me that!"

"Sigh, fine I'll be back Ms. Shinonono." Ichika emphasized Ms.

"Why you! I'll punish you!"

"Ack! Escape mode!" Ichika ran to the door and shut it in Houki's face.

"And he's safe! Ichika 1 Houki 0!" Ichika stated smugly.

(Crack) ah!




"Geez Houki! If that hit me I could have been killed!" well the more important thing is how in the hell do you break a two inch thick wood door with a wooden kendo stick, I know what to call Houki a succubus! Alluring looks on the outside, but deadly on the inside.


"Ah crap!" time to run! Ichika's patented evading girl's mode activated!

"Get back here you perv!"

"Hey it's Orimura."

"Let's following him!"


I take it back living in an all girls school is not heaven, Dan it's the river Hades, because unlike a co-ed school I can't duck into a boy's only section…ah! It's Chifuyu she'll save me!

"Orimura what did you do?" She raised her attendance book.

Ack! Change course, plan B…to hopefully outrun all these girls…especially Houki.

"Get back here you beast." Yep she defiantly doesn't have feelings for me.

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