AoKise -Aomine Daiki x Kise Ryouta-

Just some light Shounen-Ai and cheesy Fluff. Missing moments, Teikou setting.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basket and its characters belong to Tadatoshi Fujimaki. I don't own anything but the story.


[ Nice contrast]

The ball bounced loudly on the parquet after entering into the basket and rolled far from them.

Predictably, Aomine won over him with the perfect score of three winning in a row. Kise let himself fall on the ground, out of breath; drips of sweat fell from his body and face, his legs hurt and his head was a mess, but he was happy. He had been destroyed, but couldn't help but smile.

"God, I'm beat" he exhaled. He reached for his flask and started sipping water thirstily.

"Well you know, you'd never win against me, not even in a thousand years."

Kise looked up at him and stuck out his tongue. "Just wait! I'm getting better day by day!"

"Yeah… I admit you're doing well… for a starter, that is" Aomine chuckled and ran his fingers through his blonde hair, just like he used to do to Kuroko.

"Good dog, Kise" Aomine joked. He patted his head some more then released him and reached for Kise's flask, in an attempt of pinch some water from him since he didn't have his own.

Kise stiffed. He knew Aomine touched him only a little, probably without putting too much though on it, but he still felt over-lighted. Aomine's touch was confident and strong, just as he always imagined it. It was the first time he touched him intentionally and it felt really good.

Aomine sat beside him and started drinking from his flask, but he couldn't care less; he couldn't help but staring at those tanned hands.

Almost unconsciously, he let his own hand slide on Aomine's, so that his palm was colliding with the back of Aomine's hand, and then quietly observed the result –Aomine's skin was much darker and rougher and his fingers were longer, and it was such a nice contrast. He kinda loved how big and tanned and strong Aomine's hands were, and often wondered if they were warm, too. They were. It looked easy to catch Kuroko's roaring passes with those great hands and he felt a bit jealous.

"…like them." He whispered. He loved those hands.

"Oi, Kise?"

Kise looked up and meeting Aomine's startled expression he suddenly realized what he was doing. He quickly removed his hand and hide it behind his back.

"Sorry" He blabbered blushing. Aomine blinked, not really getting what happened.

"What was that? What were you doing?" he asked and rose an eyebrow.

"Nothing really-God, I've got to work now, please don't mind if I leave early!" Kise shook his head and stood up; he grabbed his tracksuit before leaving, or better running out of the gym.

Aomine stayed still as he watched his companion rush out of the gym; when he was completely out of sight, he glanced at his own hand a blushed warmly.