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Chapter 8

Kyle walked down the hallway, in the middle of the night.

"What do you want?" I growled, still sitting down.

"I just came to tell you, you're assigned to the next raid. Now." I smiled, at both I finally got to leave and at the purple bruise on Kyle's face. Jeb walked up, and sat down with the shotgun on his lap. He nodded in my direction, and leaned against the wall. I walked down the hall, clenching and unclenching my fists. We all got in a group, packing supplies.

"Hey, where to this time?" Asked a man about my age. I handed him the list. He stood on top of a crate. "We will be going to Sugar land Texas, Part of south Dakota, Kamas Utah, New Mexico, and many more to be announced. This'll be a long trip boys." He announced to the small group of men.

The trip out to the moving cars went by in a blur. I was too busy worrying about what would happen while I was gone. Jeb would let it walk free. It could find the entrance. At that thought, I stopped in my tracks, and turned around. The man who had announced our destination grabbed my shirt.

"Where the heck do you think you're going?" He accused.

"I can't just leave that thing there. I need to be the one watching it." I growled. He chuckled lightly.

"Jared, you need a break. We all do. Come on." I beckoned after the group and I followed him.

" !" Roared someone. I sat up quickly. Kyle stood above some other sleeping boys and me. I stumbled out of my sleeping bag, throwing it over my shoulder. "We are here. We need to get moving." I rubbed my eyes, and glared at Kyle, not liking to be bossed around by him, but I still jumped out of the back of the truck. I was hit by stiflingly humid air. We were about three miles from a local store,if i remembered right. We all pulled out our sun glasses, and started up the loading truck.

Twenty minutes later, Kyle, the bossy man, and I walked into the local store.

"Good thing we don't have to pay for stuff." I muttered as we all grabbed shopping carts, and began piling food and supplies in. We split up, to stay inconspicuous. Cheetos, cereal, eggs, dry milk, water bottles, flour, salt, chips, graham crackers, and many more were part of the things I shoved into my basket. I stood in line for a short time, and when I was up, I piled things on the belt. The man stared at the amount of stuff I had, the sliver ring in his eyes widening. I had to use every ounce of my will power to not make a sound of disgust.

"Quite a lot of things you have here. Do you mind my asking why?" He said polietly. I almost yelled at him that I did mind, but I pushed down my anger.

"I've just moved into a new house around here." I said, hoping that was all he needed as an explanation. It wasn't

"Oh really? That's nice. What planet is this for you?" He asked, smiling. I froze. Shoot,shoot,shoot.

" It's my uh...fifteenth." I smiled nervously, and practically chewed my lip off.

"Wow. That's a lot. I've never heard of anyone who has been on that many planets. What was your last one?" He asked. I stared down, thinking.

"Um, the fire one, ya know?" I said nervously.

"Oh. The fire planet..." I WAS RIGHT! I yelled in my mind. But he seemed uncomfortable suddenly.

"Yeah." He finished scanning my items. I gripped my cart handle, and walked as normally as possible out. The truck seemed so far away, so when I dumped my things in it, and climbed shakily into the seat, the bossy man stared at me.

"You ok?" He asked. I nodded.

"That manager really is curios." I muttered. He chuckled.

"My name is James by the way." He smiled, and I looked away. Kyle climbed in, glaring at me. I looked at his face and chuckled.

"What's so funny, huh?" He asked turning towards me.

"Nothing." I smiled. He leaned towards me.

"Kyle" James said, grabbing his shoulder. Kyle turned away angrily. I laughed quietly behind his back.