On the battle field in the Trancy mansion, there were only a few paces between Trancy and Phantomhive. The wind was blowing lightly, and the two butlers who stood behind their masters wore a smirk intended to show that the other was inferior compared to themselves. They had a reputation to uphold in the eyes of their masters.

"HAHAHA~ well, Ciel~ wasn't that fun?!" Alois shouted, though Ciel was in speaking distance. "I guess it was…" Ciel said while fitting his glove on his right hand. Ciel sharply threw his arm out, so that the back of his hand softly patted his demonic butler's chest. "But don't get ahead of yourself. Sebastian will aways be the best" Alois was slightly annoyed, Ciel always seemed to rub him the wrong way. "What was that! Claude is so much better than him, A THOUSAND FOLDS!" Alois shouted across the short distance. It was most childlike.

Ciel turned his back away from Alois in attempt to discreetly say that he was leaving. As Ciel turned his back to Alois, Claude licked his lips making them glossy with saliva. Sebastian was disgusted and outraged. "Such a filthy beast" He thought. Ciel looked over his shoulder and smiled a fake, weak smile to Alois, but as he turned around Sebastian held on to his chin and pulled him closer into a kiss.

"UM..!?" Ciel moaned into the kiss, surprised. Ciel tried to push Sebastian away, but he was much too strong for his weak physic to push away. Ciel closed his eyes tightly as colour spread to his pale cheeks. Sebastian leaned in to deepen the kiss as he stuck his tongue into his master's mouth. "Mmm.." Ciel moaned again trying to push Sebastian away. Sebastian pulled back from the gasping Ciel. He stared into the crimson eyes of the man that had just devoured his first kiss. Sebastian received a stinging slap from him.

"I shall speak to you in private" he said in an angry tone; however Sebastian knew it was only to hide his embarrassment. Sebastian held on to his cheek as he stared into Ciel's eyes - His eyes were almost watery. "Humph" Sebastian gave a sigh, showing he had given up, as he had accomplished in showing that disgusting creature that he will never be able to lay a hand on his master. Sebastian returned to his position and gave a small sly smile. "Now Sebastian, Take me home" Ciel commanded. His face was still flushed from the whole ordeal. "Yes, my lord" Sebastian replied as he swooped Ciel off his feet and virtually flew through the air.

"They left without saying good bye! What type of guest are they? Huh? Claude?!" Alois was shaking his fist in the air, before turning to face Claude with the eyes of a puppy. "Do you need something your highness?" Claude couldn't help noticing that Alois was more frequently touching and licking his delicate pair of soft pink lips. Claude afraid of what he might do to his highness, stared for a long period of time, before going straight back into the mansion as he had to do the food and dining presentation for this evening's dinner. "What a cold stare…" Alois thought, as Claude walked toward the mansion. He began to remember the forceful kiss that Sebastian had just planted on Ciel's lips. "Why don't you ever show me your love like that? Isn't it more fun?" Alois thought as he stamped on the small weeds growing at the edge of the pavement. Alois didn't want to admit it, but he wanted to be shown that kind love. He wanted to be cherished as someone special to the other. He wanted to feel…He wanted Claude…

Alois was in the bathroom, soaking away his troubles but unable to rid himself of the scenario that had taken place between Sebastian and Ciel, he began to flush. Alois sunk into the bath; he loved the smell of blue bells. "Claude~" Alois tried to imagine Claude pushing his lips against his, and swirling his hot tongue in his mouth. He imagined the force to be intense! "Umm~" Alois stuck his fingers in his mouth, wrapping his tongue around it as he touched the tip of his member. It was already erect. Alois closed his eyes; he began to imagine Claude's hands working its way down his body. The hot water felt good, as he violently rubbed his member up and down. "Ahh~! Umm…" Alois cried as he came. The water was now unbefitting to be called a bath any longer. Alois felt weak but still had enough energy to escape his bath and have him dressed in his bathrobe by Hannah.

Alois looked at Hannah as she tied the silken fabric across his waist. "Hannah, I've dropped some powder into the bath as I tried to reach it on the top shelf, please bring the powder down to my room and clean the bathtub before I reach my room." Hannah had finished tying the bathrobe and replied "Yes your Highness" Hannah didn't even dare look at Alois, she lowered her gaze. "Hannah another thing, I want is that the demon triplets and you, as well as Claude to not interact with me for the night" Hannah raised her gaze slightly "THAT IS AN ORDER!" Alois replied in anger as he swung his hand across her face. Hannah hit her head on the wall and slid down clutching it in pain. "Yes, I shall inform the house" Hannah's voice was slightly unsteady; she stood up and gave a small curtsey before leaving. "Hannah~" She stopped and turned around to face her small master. "Be sure to make sure no one enters my room! That includes Claude." Hannah bowed her head and continued to make her way out.

Later that night, Alois had turned his wardrobe upside down looking for the perfect outfit. He had commanded specifically that none of his servants were to engage with him. For tonight he wanted to be alone. Alois looked at himself in the mirror…

"Humm… I'm not sure I like these blue shorts. Oh I'm sure I had a shorter, cuter pair of dark brown…Ah here they are!" Alois undid the buttons of his blue shorts; he wiggled them down and slid his fine pair of legs into a pair of dark brown mini shorts.

He held his hands on his hips as he admired himself in the mirror. Yes, he was a fine succubus. Alois Trancy wore brown shorts, over the knee high dark socks, and a frilly shirt under his brown waist coat. "Now for the finishing touches" Alois giggled to himself as he fitted a pair of dark brown wings and tail to his outfit. He clapped his hands in excitement before leaning in to the mirror to fix his hair. "He won't be able to resist this I'm sure, I'll defiantly have him…I'm sure of it" He mumbled to himself. Alois sneaked through the silent mansion. No one was around! Well that was what he had instructed in a sense…

Alois got into his carriage and rode off to the Phantomhive's mansion. That succubus outfit was not for Claude. Alois craved to be touched by hands other than his own. He wanted to be loved the way Sebastian loved Ciel. Alois could only think that if he could not get what he wanted by means through Claude he would try to get it through Sebastian.

As Alois neared the Phantomhive mansion it was already one in the morning. It had been a long journey and he started to regret it. "What am I even doing~?" Alois thought as he held his head in his hand. Sooner or later Alois had arrived close to the mansion. He gave the driver a pouch of money and had him scurry off somewhere. Alois made his way through the Phantomhive garden unnoticed, or so he thought… Sebastian had sensed that Alois was somewhere around the mansion trying to make his way in.

Sebastian bowed "Good night my Lord" He said as he took the candles from Ciel's bedside table and walked out the room, closing it silently behind him.

Sebastian took his time as he walked to the kitchen; he opened the window and sat on the table waiting. "Finally! An open window!" Alois thought as he wiggled his way into the kitchen through the window. "Ouch!" Alois cried as he fell from the window, landing on his bottom. Sebastian looked at him with his garnet eyes full of mockery. A devilish smile spread across his face.

"Sebastian~" Alois said in a soft tone, he smiled gently as he got up and wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck. "Now, what do you intend to do?" Sebastian said in a low voice that rattled Alois's body. Alois put one knee on the table between Sebastian's legs and whispered in his ear "Isn't it obvious, I'm here to take you…I'm a succubus after all" Alois giggled as his licked Sebastian's jaw line. Sebastian dragged his dark nails up Alois's neck and dug them at the root of his head. Automatically Alois tilted his head to face Sebastian. Sebastian pressed his lips against that of Alois as he wrapped his arm around Alois' waist, pushing it toward his own body. Sebastian warped his tongue around Alois' mouth, sucking the air out of him. Alois tried pushing Sebastian away indicating he couldn't take it anymore. As they broke the kiss Alois was gasping for air. The kiss was surely intense. Alois stared into Sebastian's eyes…

"Are you satisfied?" Sebastian's tone was dark. Alois looked away for a moment, but then returned to those same hungry eyes… Alois pushed himself away from Sebastian "Don't treat me like a child!"Alois wasn't satisfied with just a kiss that was for sure. Sebastian got up and pushed Alois against the table he held Alois face down on the table with one hand while unbuttoning Alois shirt and waist coat with the other.

"His hands are cold" Alois shivered as he bit down on his lip. Sebastian glided his hand down Alios'chest and unbuttoned his shorts. "Umm~" Alois moaned as Sebastian made his way smoothly into his Shorts to fiddle with his member.

Ciel awoke. He had wished Sebastian to not bring him his evening tea as he had enough to drink at the Trancy mansion, though it wasn't to his taste, he didn't feel like drinking more. Ciel gravely miscalculated. "Sebastian~" Ciel called still in a slight daze. "Sebastian?!" Ciel was unsure why Sebastian wasn't answering his call. "That damn butler, must I do everything myself!" Ciel threw his legs round and made his way down to the kitchen. Sebastian gave a devious smile, he had heard his master's call, and however it was strange that he didn't respond at once. What did this butler have in mind?

Ciel sleepily rubbed his eyes as he reached the kitchen. Suddenly he heard odd cries coming from the kitchen. Ciel peeked through the small crack, the door wasn't closed... Sebastian smiled knowing his master was watching him from behind that door. He blew a warm breeze into Alois' ear as he whispered seductively "Alois~" Alois was shaking his hips; he was trembling in Sebastian's hands. "Here? Does it feel good…your Highness?" Alois eyes widened as Sebastian pushed his gloved fingers into his entrance. "AH! Ahhh~ Umm…" Alois moaned. "Claude~ NO! This wasn't Claude it was Sebastian, the Phantomhive's demon butler" He reminded himself. "Sebastian I want you already!" Alois begged as he was gasping for air from under Sebastian's body.

Ciel could see everything and although he knew it wasn't right he couldn't help but watch them. He could help but watch intensively at the erotic display that was in front of him. The taboo between a demon butler and a master… Ciel was turned on at the indecent thought. He covered his crotch as his penis started to strain against his night shirt. Ciel saw that his tip was getting wet under the fabric. He teased his tip with his forefinger as he watched Sebastian lick Alois and slowly thrust the end of a wooden spoon into Alois small, tight, hole. "Hya, Ahh~ What?! What is this?" Alois groaned, but he could not admit that it didn't give him pleasure as it was hitting his sweet spot. "Your Highness I am not worthy~" Sebastian said in a sadistic tone although the comment itself was submissive.

Ciel leant forward as he rubbed his member to and fro under his night shirt and with the other hand he began to scissor his fingers in his hole. "Ahh~Sebas…tian~Umm…" Ciel moaned under his heavy breath. Ciel was almost at his climax and as he looked to Alois he seemed to be at climax too. "AHHHHH~~….." Luckily for Ciel Alois had come together with him. "Hopefully Sebastian didn't hear me" Ciel thought breathless. His cum was dripping from his night shirt, he stared at Alois for a moment. "Alois looked really sexy covered in his own cum" Ciel thought as Sebastian took off his gloves and disposed of them with the wooden spoon.

Sebastian carried the limp Alois Trancy to a guest room to rest for the night, but by the time Sebastian opened the door to escape the kitchen Ciel had vanished. Sebastian smirked "Guess I will have to replace some of the kitchen décor and equipment…Nothing new, Bardroy usually destroys the kitchen on a usual basis" Sebastian sighed and went to dispose of Alois in a guest room where he won't be a bother anyone. "Hopefully, Claude will come to fetch his master, otherwise I'm going to have to make secret travel arrangements" Sebastian thought as he looked at his pocket watch, it was already five in the morning. His earl is supposedly to be waking up in four hours, he had plenty of time to prepare.