It was a silent night; the servants of the house had gone out in order to search out information on the current case. The files from Scotland Yard was all well and good, however it couldn't compare to the gossips and tales flying about in the night air.

Ciel was in the bathroom; "Those eyes staring at me, I can't even think about kissing him, what if I do something wrong? What if he finds it disgusting? I mean…I am a boy after all…What am I doing? This whole thing is disgusting…but I can't help thinking about it" Ciel's face was red, he was over thinking the situation, he felt dizzy. The water was much too hot and thinking about …thinking about… Sebastian made Ciel feel hotter than before.

There was a knock at the door. "May I come in master?" Sebastian asked. "Master? You've been in the bathroom for quite sometime now are you alright?" Sebastian questioned. Sebastian decided not to intrude but he sensed that something was off and it annoyed him slightly. "Master, I am coming in…" Sebastian pushed the handle to the door down and opened the door. He peeked though the little crack before opening the door fully as he didn't want to intrude on his young master. What Sebastian found shook him to his core! His master had fainted in the bath! "Oh dear" Sebastian said as he swiftly rolled up his sleeves and picked up the lifeless, limp, pink corpse. Sebastian propped his master up, as he dried his body with a cool towel before taking him to his room.

"Sebastian~" Ciel said groggily, Sebastian was fanning him. "A fan? Why is Sebastian fanning me" he thought out loud. Sebastian sniggered under his breath, his master's pale body was a bright pink, in this case, he very much resembled a sweet potato. Ciel was getting mad "What are you laughing at you blithering idiot!" Sebastian smiled and patted Ciel on his head "It's good to see you're full of energy again" Ciel face was a crimson red, Sebastian never usually pats his head "S-stop that! I-I'm your master y-you know!"

Sebastian stopped patting Ciel's head. "Aww, well I thought you were my stray little cat" Sebastian said teasingly remembering the attire that Ciel had won the night before. Ciel just glanced away, he didn't want to admit it but he loved it when Sebastian stoked his raven hair. Ciel suddenly realised that he had nothing on. Ciel wrapped the bed sheets around his slim body! "Sebastian get me some clothes!" Ciel commanded as he pulled the bed sheets tighter around his waist. Although Ciel hadn't realised, it did make him look rather suggestive, wrapped in the bed sheets and on top of that, it clearly showed his feminine waist and his hard nipples were pressed against the sheets.

Very suggestive indeed…

Ciel sat on the edge of the bed, Sebastian was buttoning his night shirt as usual. Ciel felt strange being dressed up by Sebastian, although Sebastian had dressed him for quite some time now. Ciel looked away shyly and blushed. He then returned his gaze to the butler dressed in cad-black. "Sebastian~" Ciel thought. As Sebastian stood up, Ciel held on to the sides of Sebastian's face but then he let his arms drop to his sides before going to bed. "Maybe not today" Ciel thought of the training he had from Alois "That type of training, I can't believe myself" he mumbled under his breath. "Training?" Sebastian repeated. Ciel quickly faced away from Sebastian trying to hide his expressions. Ciel wasn't sure what expression he wore but it was sure to be one that was meant for his eyes only. "It's nothing" Ciel said in desperation. "Yes I'm sure it is nothing, just like those purple bruises on your chest" Sebastian said knowledgeably. Ciel felt like he had failed himself, he slowly turned to face Sebastian. His face was flushed and his eyes were watery. This was very unlike the Earl Phantomhive; yet again he was only 13.

Sebastian picked the candles from Ciel's bed side table and bowed "Good night, My Lord" he said as he headed for the door. "Wait!" Ciel grabbed the end of Sebastian's tailcoat "Stay with me for the night" Ciel said. Sebastian smiled slyly his master was still such a child inside, although he tried to project the image of an adult most of the time. Sebastian placed the candles back down on the bedside table.

"Sebastian watch me" Ciel began to unbutton his night shirt, he left three buttons still done up so that his shirt would hang over his shoulders. Sebastian froze; Ciel took advantage of this and walked to Sebastian, pressing his body against him, Ciel got up on his tiptoes. He made the oddest face. "Master? Might I ask what you are doing?" Sebastian said while holding back a laugh that he thought was bond to explode from him any moment; however Sebastian managed to retain his posture.

Ciel stared into those ruby eyes and walked back to the bed, he sat down heavily in anger. The training wasn't working. He threw his body back and said softly to Sebastian "Sebastian~ you never gave me an answer to my question, however you did say I was the original..." Sebastian was unsure of where the conversation was going "Yes that is correct" Ciel held his hand above his head, stretching out his small fingers "I want both of us to see something that we have never seen…I want to go heaven" Sebastian was unsure of what the young master was hinting at.

Ciel undid the last three buttons and arched his back like a cat. This was definitely not like Ciel, Sebastian of all people should know how Ciel behaves, and this definitely wasn't how Ciel usually acted. "Master, please, it's time you go off to bed now" Sebastian stepped forward and was going to do up the young master's buttons; however, he was interrupted by a forceful kiss. Sebastian kissed back viciously; he wasn't going to be topped by a child, his lips brushed hard against Ciel's.

Ciel opened his mouth for breath but a warm tongue pierced its way into his mouth. It reminded him of that day at the Trancy mansion when that same tongue explored his mouth. It felt the same as then, no, it felt better, and it was definitely hotter. As the kiss broke Sebastian looked into Ciel's half closed eyes, he could tell Ciel was already taken by the kiss. It was more of a surprise to him than it was to Sebastian.

"Humph" Sebastian said mockingly. Ciel's body was already trembling under his demonic touch. Sebastian cupped his master's cheek as tears began to roll down his flushed face. "I've always loved you" he whispered in Ciel's ear. "Then what about that night with Alois…you were…" Sebastian licked the tears that were staining his master's face "Oh my, did you get jealous? Then please disinfect me young master~" Sebastian said as he lay on the bed with Ciel sat on top of him.

"I want to see your face fall into the depths of hell in ecstasy"

Sebastian placed his glove to the corner of his mouth and slipped it off as Ciel was doing his best at unbuttoning Sebastian's Tail coat, however his hands were much too unsteady. Sebastian put his fingers into Ciel's mouth making them wet and slimy as Ciel's tongue wrapped around them. Sebastian pulled them out and licked his fingers; Ciel blushed a beetroot red as he covered his front in embarrassment. Ciel was already hard!

Sebastian felt ridiculous; the master leading was a terrible idea. Sebastian held the masters hands and pushed him down underneath his body. "Seba…" Ciel said in shock. Sebastian had Ciel's hands above his head held in the tight grip of one of his large hands as he loomed over Ciel's small frail body.

Sebastian trailed his black fingernails down Ciel's body and teased his tip with his forefinger, then he slowly pealed back Ciel's quivering foreskin. Ciel's tip was a rose pink, Sebastian gobbled Ciel's member, working his way down the length. "No stop seb-Seb…"Ciel moaned. Ciel's honey was pouring out from his tip, Sebastian used his fingers and lubbed them well with his saliva.

"His finger went in"

"Ahh~Nn…Ha~….Sebastian…Nn… you're... Overdoing it…" Sebastian smirked he held his master's body and slowly lowered him down on to his rod "Ahhh~ It's too big!" Ciel cried out "You were the one being inpatient, and right now, I'm awfully deep inside you" Sebastian was starting to feel hot he undid his first few buttons. Ciel looked back at him…He wanted to touch Sebastian's body too. Sebastian took Ciel's hand and held it to his chest. "It's alright, please have a feel" Ciel could tell that Sebastian's heart was beating extremely fast, Ciel started to feel dizzy. "So Cute" Seastian smiled as he kissed Ciel on the cheek.

Sebastian held Ciel close as Ciel wrapped his legs around his partner. Sebastian started to thrust his hips to and thro, but with every thrust Ciel would tighten his hold on Sebastian. "What a lovely expression"

Ciel was almost at his climax, he couldn't hold it much longer, and judging by the speed of Sebastian's hips thrusting with an enormous speed unlike that of any human, it was clear to say he was at his climax too.


The night did not end just like that; the two lovers found that the dark veil of night would be the veil of their love.

Each and every night after…

The lovers joined in a harmonious and passionate unison…in their own lusty heaven they formulated together.