Hey everyone here is my first wizards of Waverly place one shot.

(P.s I don't remember what it is called)

Mason: Hey Alex

Alex: Hey you want to sit on the couch and do nothing.

Mason: Sure.

Theresa: Alex I need you to help me hang up this banner.

Alex: I don't know why you are throwing Justin another surprise party. I won the family wizard completion and I haven't had one party.

Theresa: Just help me hang this banner.

(Alex does a spell and hags the banner)

Jerry: Alex you can't use magic for yourself.

(Someone flashes in)

Person: Mr. and Mrs. Russo Justin is busy in the wizard's world and cannot attend.

Jerry: Oh well we understand. What are we going to do with all that cake?

Theresa: I think you will find some way. (She pats him on the belly)

Person: Well aren't you Alex Russo.

Alex: Yes.

Person: You are even more beautiful in person.

Alex: Well thank you.

Mason: I am mason boyfriend and werewolf.

Person: Well thank you for your time. (He flashes out)

Mason: Yeah bye.

Alex: Come on let's go take a walk.

Mason: You hate walking.

Alex: No that kind of walk.

Jerry: Alex.

Alex: Don't worry dad I will be responsible.

Mason: I will take care of her.

The Park

Alex: I can't believe my dad thinks I am not responsible.

Mason: I think you are very responsible.

Alex: Well thank you. (She kisses him)

Mason: I love you.

Alex: I know. I love you too.

Mason: Good because I think I have some completion.

Alex: Are you jealous?

Mason: No, maybe.

Alex: I think it is really cute. (She kisses him)

(Little they know they will battle to save the world)

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