Hey everyone here is part two of this one-shot.

The Russo's

Alex: Maybe I should just change the parts that no one likes.

Harper: That is a bad idea.

Alex: I will just take all the bad out.

(She casts the spell)

Alex: Did it work?

Harper: I don't know, do you like this outfit I am wearing?

Alex: I hate it, hate that I don't have one.

Harper: It worked.

Alex: Wow I am nice.

Harper: Where did all your bad parts go?

Bad Alex: Hey let me out of here you old hags.

Harper: What are we going to do?

Alex: Maybe she is like bird if you cover her up she won't make a sound.

(Alex covers the mirror with a blanket)

Alex: Let's go make me one of those outfits.

(They go to Alex bedroom and make one of those outfits)

Alex: What was that? (Glass breaks)

(They rush down stairs and see the glass is broken.)

Alex: Oh well, how much harm could I do.

Harper: Let's go.

(They walk into the portal to Italy)

Jerry: This is Alex the new family wizard. (Everyone claps)

Alex: Mom and Dad I have something to tell you I changed. I am nice now.

Jerry: I am almost believed you for a minute.

Alex: Ugh. (She walked off)

Harper: Hey Alex wait where are you going?

Alex: To find mason.

(Meanwhile, jerry and Theresa are fighting and disappear)

Alex: Where did they go? (She sees Bad Alex)

Harper: I don't know.

Alex: I have an idea, why do I have to be so bad. (She points to bad Alex)

Harper: Let's follow her.

With Bad Alex and Dominic

Evil Alex: I have her little family trapped now we can take over the world.

Dominic: Ready for Part 2 of our plan.

(Mason sees Dominic wrap his arm around bad Alex's shoulder.)

Mason: Just as I thought.

(He leaves)

Alex: Harper she has my parents and max.

Harper: Let's follow her.

Alex: Mason, he is next.

Alex's secret Place

Alex: Mason. (She hugs him)

Mason: What are you doing here shouldn't you be with Dominic.

Alex: What we have to go she is after you.

Mason: Who.

Alex: I cast a spell and took all the bad out and now the bad me is trying to take over the world.

Bad Alex: No mason don't go with her she is the bad Alex.

Alex: Mason come on you know it's me.

Bad Alex: Do you really think I would dress like that.

(Mason walk to the bad Alex)

Alex: No Mason.

At The Bell Tower

Dominic: Hello Mason.

Mason: Dominic, oh no.

Bad Alex: Oh no wrong Alex.

(She puts Mason in the charm)

Max: Guys mason joined us.

(Alex falls down)

Alex: Oh no.

Dominic: Nice of you to join us.

(Bad Alex flashes out)

(Alex flashes out too)

Back to Alex Secret Place

Alex: You are not going to get away with this.

Bad Alex: Did you forget I am the bad one.

(They start fighting, Alex casts a spell and Bad Alex vanishes.)

Alex: I won I beat her, and I am talking to myself.

The Bell Tower

Alex: Now that she is gone I want my family back. (She holds up her wand, bad Alex comes up behind her)

Bad Alex: You think you can get rid of me that easily.

Dominic: Wait one of the charms are broken.

Bad Alex: Well who got out.

Mason: Me. (He wolfs up and knows Dominic over the railing and gets the bracelet.)

Alex: Now to get rid of you.

Bad Alex: Is not that easy.

Alex: I know what I have to do. (She casts a spell and takes away all her magic)

Back to the Wizards Council

Alex: That's what happened.

Person: For your act of not being selfish. You get credit but this whole thing starts because of you. So you don't get back your magic.

(Her family pops up there)

Theresa: Oh miha.

Alex: It ok I don't need magic I have my family and my best friend the only who believed me. Let's go home guys.

Person: Wait, you showed that family comes before anything else. So you can have your magic back. We grant you full wizardtriy.

(Her wands comes up)

Alex: I have my magic back. (She smiles)

Mason: I am sorry I didn't believe you. I knew you could do it though.

Alex: I love you. (She kisses him)

Mason: I love you too.

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