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I just had to get this story off my head!


Harry Potter, age 22 and currently residing in London. He had taken up the apprenticeship with Professor Evelyn O'Connell and never did he regret it. Despite having to hide the fact that he was a wizard and being around the O'Connells making Harry think about how his own family would have been like if they didn't die, he wouldn't trade the ties he had with them for anything. Harry lived with the O'Connells as well, being also the manager and the secretary of Evelyn O'Connell kept Harry on his toes. And when he had to watch Alex O'Connell grow up, it just added to the list of things Harry loved about them.

But what fascinated Harry the most was the tales Rick would share during meals (when they were in London) and other times Rick could talk to Harry for a long period of time without being interrupted by Evelyn.

Now, Harry was cataloging the relics that his boss and her husband had managed to dig out when they got to the temple by the Nile. Alex was no where to be seen yet Harry wasn't able to even focus on him since he was busy with his own work. When the boy in question came back, Harry saw his was fuming and knew well enough what had transpired in between. "Instead of improving that bloody mouse trap your father insist you do, why don't you help me instead? The sooner we finish cataloging these things, the sooner we can explore the temple on our own. How does that sound?" Harry proposed without even looking.

The boy simply smiled and nodded. It was one of those times that Harry had known things that he shouldn't. Really. How the bloody hell did the apprentice even know that his dad told him about building a better mouse trap? He didn't linger on the thought and began to help Harry so they could go exploring as the older one promised.

However, not ten minutes had passed, both stopped their work upon hearing voices coming closer to them. Harry grabbed Alex and both hid behind a pillar, at the very far end of the room so that none of the unwanted guests would think of looking for them there. Harry had already mastered wandless and wordless magic so even if his wand was inside his snap sack by the table that they had been using earlier, he wasn't scared. However, having to protect your boss' child is another story.

Both remained quiet as three men entered the atrium and began to taunt the unseen. Harry and Alex raised a brow, wondering what the intruders were thinking. But then knew they had to get out of there before they got hurt.

Harry discreetly tied the laces of the intruder's shoes together and heard them scream as the fell on the sandy floor. Both Alex and Harry had to cover their mouths to stifle their laughter. "How the bloody blazes did that happen?!" said the round tubby man. The dark skinned man looked around, a grave expression was plastered on his face. "Be careful. This place. Is cured." He said which made his companions raise a brow. "What is with you and curses? You say that all the time! This is curse! That over there is curse! You're curse! I'm cursed!" said the unhealthy looking man.

Then began to argue for a few moments which gave Harry and Alex enough time to slip out the atrium and into the dimly lit hallway. "So, what do we do Harry?" Alex asked him. despite being eight years old, Harry never treated Alex any different from the adults which made the boy very glad to be treated fairly. "It should be against my better judgment but we don't have much to choose from right now. I'll go and look for your parents while you try and keep them trapped in the atrium. Got it?" he said which earned him a nod from the boy.

They went their separate ways which made Harry worry again. Leaving an eight year old boy to stall three grown men alone in a small area was dangerous but also bring the kid with him to look for his parents counted as dangerous. He ran through the halls, hoping to find the couple sooner than later. "Professor O'Connell?! Rick?" he called out as he was sure he was far from the atrium. He lifted his right hand and his pointing finger was up, "Point Me, Evelyn O'Connell." He said as he cast a 'point me' charm.

The arrow looked wide which meant that they were close by. However, the arrow pointed down. Did it mean that the couple managed to get into the temple basement already? He shook his head and concentrated instead. He was a it hesitant since he didn't know the landscape of the room beneath him but Harry was sure he wasn't going to die. He apparated to the lower chambers, just in time to see Evelyn and Rick trying to walk across the floor full of vipers and scorpions (*). Harry didn't have time for explanations at the moment so he was just going to have to show a bit of himself to them.

He faced the snakes and hissed, You are not to hurt them! Let us pass and you all will remain unharmed. This made the couple turn to him then to the snakes and the scorpions below them. It was weird to watch the dangerous desert creatures give way and part like the Red Sea. "Professor, we must hurry. I fear that we are not alone in the pursuit of the Bracelet." He told them which made them wonder why he was nervous and worried.

They simply nodded and walked faster. It was strange for Harry to watch as his boss opened the door the way it was meant to be. No one had been into the room nor the hallway they were in for the last three thousand years or more. So how come Evelyn O'Connell nee Carnahan know how to open locked doors and know which way to go? Questions could wait until they all got home.

They saw the box and this time it was Rick would found the way to open the box that they came for. The Bracelet was in their hands already which made Harry glad. Suddenly, the whole place started to shake. "What the hell is happening now?" Rick asked as he tried to steady his wife at the same time trying to steady himself. Harry was no longer amused. His boss tried to place the Bracelet back into the box but the ground was still shaking. "A bit too late for that one, Professor." Harry said as water began to come from somewhere.

"Time to GO!" Rick said as he took his rucksack that contained the box his wife insisted they bring with them. "Well, we better get back now. I kind of left Alex at the atrium with three men who had signs plastered all over their face saying "Don't Trust Us." Well its directly on their fore—" he didn't finish since the couple snap their attention to hi. "You left Alex alone?!" Rick asked. "Well what was I bloody supposed to do? Bring him along with me?!" Harry argued which he soon regretted to do so.

It seemed like they missed a turn and the water was rising higher and higher. He still didn't want to apparate himself and the couple with him since he had never done side apparation before. "We can discuss this later. Let's just get out of this place!" Evy screamed as the water was now by her waist. Harry looked down as well, the water was rising so fast. "I do not intend to die here so please, ask questions later." He said which made the couple look at him again and raise brows. Harry muttered something under his breath which made them disappear and reappear in the atrium and watching in time the three guests running away.

Rick and Evelyn were still shook up but it was Alex who broke the silence. "Harry, how did you do that?" the boy asked. Harry sighed, "Like I told your parents, questions will be asked later. Let's just get home first." He said as he began packing up everything. He waved and everything on the table floated into the air and into Harry's bag. It fascinate Alex because the bag look so small. He then instructed the family to hold into him so they could get home.

Yes, home. Harry considered the O'Connells his family in some degree. When they arrived at the lobby of the O'Connell Manor, Rick and Evelyn dropped their things and turned to Harry. "Start explaining, Harry. Please." Evelyn asked politely as Harry sighed. This was going to be one long night.