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Chapter 3- Saving The World Against What?!

Back in the Wizarding world, Hermione was near her wits end. Blaise went on a coffee break with Theodore, Pansy, Millicent, Draco, and Parvati. She was so sure that she was about to discover the answers to how the muggle priest was able to come back to life and bring his dead girlfriend with him as well. The library doors opened and the others came back along with Ron. He gave her a cup of coffee and smiled. "Take a break. Harry just sent a thought-letter and he needs us." He turned to the rest, "All of us." He added. Everyone smiled at each other. "Whatever that scarhead is up against, it must be big to need all of us there." Draco said and everyone nodded.

As she was sipping her coffee, she saw a passage that had what she was looking for. When the rest were about to go to their rooms to pack, she stood up instantly. "Ha! I found it!" she yelled with made everyone jump in surprise. Pansy, Millicent, and Parvati glared at Hermione. "No need to yell, 'mione! You could have given is heart attacks!" Ron reprimanded before anyone could say anything. She smiled apologetically for a second then looked down at the book again. "Sorry. But I found it. Harry is facing a very old type of magic. The gods of Egypt were actually wizards and witches as well. However, the difference is that they made a bargain with the universe and magic itself." Everyone looked at each other and then back at Hermione.

"It says here that the so-called gods placed half of their magic within the pages of two sacred books. It was their way of leaving their legacy and so that the muggle Egyptians would think that the wizards and witches were indeed gods and goddesses." She explained. Pansy snorted, "Talk about power hungry." She said which earned a nod from Theodore and Parvati. "Well, when a wizard or witch is about to die, the last thing that usually runs through their minds is how they would be remembered. Take Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore for instance. They are perfect examples, wanting people to remember them even if they were long gone." Hermione said and shrugged.

Ron nodded and stood straight, "Well, we can continue this when we get to Harry's. He already gave me the location and how to get there. He said he had set up a floo connection that can only be used once then we can apparate when we need to get back again." Everyone understood and went to their rooms as fast as they could to pack. After four, nearly five years of peace and quiet, they were going off to an adventure because of Harry. Again.

Ten minutes passed and they came back down to the library, packing the books that they had been using and their notes. Thanks to the enchanted trunk Draco had bought two years ago, bringing all their books, notes, potions, rhunes, and weapons was easier.

When everything was packed and shrunk, they lined up in front of the fire place with floo powder in hand. Ron went first and called out, "O'Connell Manor. Egypt." Then green flames consumed the red head and he was gone. Ron had explained to the others that Egypt was the password Harry used to make sure no one else could just used the floo. They all arrived in the living room, Jonathan coming down the stairs just in time to see the strangers come through green flames. He screamed and ran back upstairs.

The eight wizards and witches were startled when the man screamed and ran. Ardeth, Rick, Harry, and Evy came down instantly. Harry and Evy were being protectively shielded by Ardeth and Rick. Evy couldn't help but smirk and Rick was torn between smiling at the Medjai's action and questioning who the intruders were. It was Harry who spoke first. "Hermione! Guys!" he called with a smiled and pushed through Ardeth and Rick's arms. He gave his friend a hug and proceeded to hug the other girls.

"You know who they are, Harry?" Evy asked, slowly pushing Rick's arm down. Harry turned back to his boss and nodded. "These are my friends from school. These are Hermione Granger, her boyfriend Ron Weasley." Both nodded and smiled. "That one on the right is Millicent Bullstrode and her girlfriend Parvati Patil." Both girls curtsied. "That's Pansy Parkinson and her fiancé, Theodore Nott." Both nodded. "And last but certainly not the least are, Draco Malfoy and his olive toned skinned boyfriend Blaise Zabini." Both boys nodded. "They are the ones who I have asked to search for answers that I cannot find here on my own." He explained which made the O'Connells and Ardeth relax a little.

Draco moved closer to Harry and whispered, "Harry, who is that dashingly good looking man dressed in black?" Blaise growled and the others snickered. "Behave Dray." Blaise said as he pulled back his boyfriend to his side. "I was just joking. I'd never replace you, Blaisey." Draco said as he held his jealous boyfriend's arm.

"Guys, this is my boss, Evelyn O'Connell nee Carnahan and her husband Rick O'Connell. That other dashingly good looking man dressed in black as you describe Draco is Ardeth Bay, one of the remaining few Medjais, personal bodyguards of King Seth the first. They were tasked to guard the tomb of the priest, Imhotep and keep him from coming back. However, a few years ago, Rick and Evy managed to accidentally bring back said priest." Harry said with a smile. Evy slapped Ardeth's arm lightly. "What have you told Harry?" she asked and Rick shook his head in amusement. "I told him the truth and nothing more." Ardeth said and smiled.

Jonathan came back down and peaked, "Is it safe now?" he asked which turned everyone's attention to him. Harry smiled and nodded, "And that is Jonathan Carnahan, her idiotic brother, according to Evy and two faced son of a bitch brother-in-law according to Rick." Harry said with a smile which made his friend laugh. "Hey! I resent that!" Jonathan protested and made Ardeth, Rick, and Evy laugh. "Well, what are they doing here?" Jonathan asked, stirring the attention back to the others. "Jonathan, these are my friends, Hermione, Ron, Blaise, Draco, Millicent, Parvati, Theodore, and Pansy. They are wizards and witches like me. And they are here to help us." The eight nodded.

They all went to sit in the dinning room and the other eight were going to share what they had found out. "Harry, the gods and goddesses in questions were simply wizards and witches who bargained with magic. They are now 'divine' beings, watching the muggle world as well as the wizarding world." Ron said. "But that doesn't explain how that son of a bitch came back to life and bring his bitch too." Rick stated which made Evy glare at him for using foul language. "Language please, Mr. O'Connell." Parvati said. She didn't like it when people around her cursed. "Sorry." Rick said sincerely.

"Rick has a point, 'mione. How can the priest come back to life?" Harry asked seriously. "Well, the dying wizards and witches placed half of their magic within two books: The Book of the Dead, which brings life and The Book of the Living, which takes life away." Blaise explained which made Harry's eyes pop. "Hermione found out that the witches and wizards of old wanted to leave some form of legacy behind when they die. So they made the books and placed their magic within its pages. So that, when the priests would do ceremonies, it would appear that gods and goddesses were watching over them and granting them power. But really it was just the books infused with powerful magic." Parvati added.

No one spoke for a long time. Total silence had engulfed them and it was nearly deafening. Well, until Ardeth broke it. "Now we know how Imhotep was brought back to life and how he will be bringing his dead loved one back, how do we stop them?" Everyone looked at each other then to Harry. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but stopping Imhotep to bring his girlfriend to life will be the least of our problems for now." Hermione cut in. "What do you mean Hermione?" Harry asked, praying that it wasn't as bad as he felt it was. "This is the year of the Scorpion. And from what I remember Harry, you asked me to look for information about the Scorpion Bracelet. Well I found something." She said as she reached into her pocket, pulled out the trunk that held all the books, placed it on the floor, and pulling out her wand to enlarge the trunk again.

Jonathan, Rick, Evy, and Ardeth were staring with their eyes nearly out of their sockets. It was still strange to see magic being done right in front of them. Hermione pulled out a few books and opened them to the pages that she had marked. "It says here, once every thousand years, the mortals were able to summon a champion from Hell. The Scorpion King." She began.

"Scorpion what?!" Rick asked instantly.

"The Scorpion King, a champion that was once human until he made a pack with Anubis, the god of the underworld. Who so ever slay the Scorpion King shall command the army of Anubis and wreck havoc upon the earth, leaving to rumble everything it passes. And in order to find the Scorpion King's tomb, the Scorpion Bracelet must be worn by a sacrifice." Hermione explained which made Harry, Ardeth, Rick, Evy, and Jonathan pale. "What do you mean by sacrifice exactly?" Jonathan asked.

"Well, from what we were able to gather, the wearer of the bracelet shall show the way to the Scorpion King's tomb. However, there is a catch." Draco said and looked hesitant. Harry shook his head, "I knew it. There is always a catch." Harry mumbled. "And the catch is?" Evy asked, fearing the answer yet wanting to know as well. The eight friends looked at each other first then back at Evy, "If the wearer isn't brought within the Scorpion tomb, the bracelet will suck out the life of the wearer and kill him or her." Theodore answered.

Evy clasp her mouth with her hands and turned to Rick. Jonathan, Ardeth, and Harry went paler which worried the other eight. "Harry, is someone wearing the bracelet already?" Pansy asked, mirroring the same question the others wanted to know. "Yeah. Uhm… The bracelet is already being worn by the sacrifice, as you put it." Harry said as he rubbed his arm nervously. Ardeth placed a comforting arm around Harry's shoulder and gave him a worried look that mirrored Harry's own. "Not to worry. As long as we can get the wearer into the temple, he or she will be fine. Who is the wearer? We have to leave as soon as we can." Millicent said which made Evy sob lightly.

"The wearer is my nephew, Evy and Rick's eight year old son. And as for where he is, he was kidnapped by the people who work for Imhotep last night after we saved Evy and escaped. We thought we were safe. It was too late when he saw Alex being taken into a car and they drove away." Jonathan explained with a gloomy expression. Ardeth pulled Harry closer, seeing as Harry felt bad that he wasn't able to do anything. "Harry! You could have apparated and gotten the boy back right?" Hermione asked with a tone that said 'Why weren't you able to save the boy?' kind. Ardeth threw death glares at her which made her back off.

"It was not Harry's fault. He was too exhausted since he had been using magic to transport four people and himself to the museum from here which is quiet a distance. Then he was shooting magic everywhere to keep the enemies away. Then he had to transport us away again. He had to cast some sort of magic on the bus we were riding and he against used magic to killing the mummy guards Imhotep had summoned. He managed to turn them into dust and they stayed that way. They with what was left of his strength, he used magic to take a bullet out of my arm and heal my wound. He was near fainting when O'Connell's son was taken and had fainted due to exhaustion when we saw the car drive away." Ardeth defended Harry.

Draco and the others smiled at the way Ardeth spoke and defended Harry's honor against Hermione who didn't seem to see the bigger picture just yet. "Oh Harry, I'm so sorry! I thought—" she began but Harry waved it away. "It's alright, Hermione. I understand. I would have reacted the same way you did If I was in your place." He said and turned to face Ardeth, "Thank you for explaining for me." Ardeth simply nodded and turned back to look at everyone else.

"So what's the plan to save the boy?" Millicent asked with a smirked. Everyone else of the Elite Eight smirked as well. Harry nodded, "First, we have to locate where Alex is. Which would be simple because we have things here that belong to him. When we find him, we slowly get rid of the hired men the cult has. We cannot take them all out at once. We have to let them lead us to where the tomb is. When were close, we finish them off before they could summoned the Scorpion King and kill him." Harry said as he stood up. His elite stood up and nodded together. "Accio Osiris's staff." Harry said and a golden short staff came through the doors and landed on Harry's hand.

"Hey, that's mine." Jonathan whined. "We'll need it. Since the book about the Scorpion King my friends brought says that with the staff alone can the Scorpion King be killed." He said as he twisted the book to show Rick, Evy, Ardeth, and Jonathan. "That's our Harry for you." Ron said and chuckled.

Within an hour, everyone was in the living room, bags and things needed ready to leave when Blaise and Theodore had the location of where Alex could be.

In one corner, Hermione, Ron, Draco, and Pansy had pulled Harry to them while Ardeth was talking to Rick and Evy. "So, Harry… What is going on between you and Mr. Ancient Bodyguard?" Pansy teased which made the other three laugh when Harry blushed. Harry shook his head, "Nothing is going on between me and Ardeth, Pansy. I just meant him yesterday." Harry said as he fidget in his spot with the looks his friends were giving him.

"Well, it seems that he has taken a liking to you scarhead. We all saw it. How he defended you and held you comfortingly." Draco said with a smirk. "Shove off, ferret. He was just being kind since I saved his life and all." Harry said, trying to contain his blush. Ron shook his head, "We knew you'd see it that way, Harry. But take it from us and you can even asked the O'Connells. We're a hundred percent sure they'd agree with us." Ron said which made the other three nodded. "There is no rush Harry. Like you said, you just meant him yesterday. But when we finish this and he actually confesses to you, you're treating us eight to dinner." Hermione said confidently.

Harry didn't know whether to be annoyed or amused. But before he could decide, Blaise and Theodore had spoken. "We found him." Blaise said as he scanned the faces of everyone in the room. "Where is my son, Blaise?" Evy asked worriedly. "His on his way to Karnack. And his moving really fast." Theodore told them. "The only way to get to Karnack is by railroad or camel. But since you say his moving fast, Imhotep must be using the railroad." Ardeth spoke and stood up from the chair he was occupying. Harry sighed, "Well, Karnack it is."