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Chapter 4- Hansel's Bread Crumbs

"Karnack?" Rick repeated and the rest nodded. They all got ready to leave the mansion and retrieve not only Alex O'Connell but also the bracelet and books. The wizards knew things would not end well for the muggles if they left the books. With everything they needed shrunk and safely kept in their pockets, the wizards paired off with a muggle and apparated to Karnack. Parvati and Millicent took Jonathan with them. Ron and Hermione apparated with Evy while Rick had gone with Draco and Blaise. Before Harry could say anything, Theo and Pansy had left him with Ardeth. It was like everyone else was on a secret plot against Harry and the Medjai but the wizard kept the theory to himself for now.

He turned to the other man and reached out his hand with a small smile, "Ready?" he asked. Ardeth took Harry's hand without hesitation, "I am." He answered and instantly the man felt a pull from inside his stomach and then they were gone from the mansion.

The next moment, Ardeth saw that they were no longer in England but back in Egypt. When Harry and Ardeth arrived holding hands, everyone was standing around as if waiting to see how the pair would appear. Smiles appeared in everyone's faces before Harry or Ardeth could pull back their hands. They were setting camp to wait for the cult and Imhotep to arrive at the first landmark. Draco and Blaise were erecting notice-me-not shields and wards just in case of unforeseen trouble comes. Hermione and Pansy approached Harry who was looking out at the remains of the temple. "Harry, everyone has been getting this feeling that someone else is helping the cult and the priest." Hermione said as concern began to spread across her and Pansy's face.

Harry took a deep breath and nodded. "I know, 'mione. I had the same feeling when we were trying to rescue Professor O'Connell at the museum. It was like someone I know was there and watched the fight and our escape." He told them, trying to recall if there was any face he remembered that could give them an idea who was behind the whole funding and the whole attempt to control the world. The trio went back to where the others were and began to plan out how to get close to Alex to tell him that he was going to be kept safe by them.

Harry was holding Alex's sling shot and concentrated. There had to be a way to get close. Everyone was silent, none wanting to break the tension that was building up. A light gust of wind blew by which made Ardeth's clothes sway and Harry's eyes instantly widen. "I got it! My invisibility cloak!" he exclaimed which took everyone a few moments to react. Ron snapped out first and grinned. "Great thinking Harry!" he said and everyone else who knew about that piece of clothing nodded. "I can use the cloak and get close to Alex to tell him to just lead the priest faster to the oasis so that we can have time to get the bracelet off him before it sucks the life out of him." Harry said.

"Yes. We can obtain the books, the bracelet, and finish the priest there once and for all."Draco added which got more nods. "Let's just hope that ifwe ever do have unforeseen trouble, its something we can handle." Ron said with a tone that said 'I-hope-we-don't-have-trouble-at-all'. Everyone was hoping for the same thing as well.

On the look out edge, Ardeth was waiting for any sign of their enemy coming. Just as he was going to leave, he saw a figure from the distance, moving towards them with speed. "The train has arrived!" he called out to the others who snapped their necks to him and rushed to their positions. Ardeth ran to where Harry was readying himself to get as close as he could to Alex. "Harry, are you sure that you'll be doing this?" Ardeth asked in a whispered. The younger man looked up and gave him a confident smile, "I have been through worse situations that this. Perhaps, I shall tell you a few of them. When we are not on the run to save the world." He answered confidently.

Ardeth knew there was no convincing the young wizard to say no. "Very well. All I ask is that you be careful and return unharmed." He said and turned to leave before Harry could say anything. The others were smirking already even if they didn't hear what the other who were talking about.

Rick, Evy, and Jonathan watched with the others as Harry disappeared underneath the cloak and flew his way to the site with his broom. They turned and saw the train almost reaching the mark as well. Everyone was hoping that their plan would work out perfectly.

The train stopped in front of Karnack and everyone saw Alex trying to run away from the train. Good thing Hermione, Draco, and Blaise had bound Rick, Evy, and Jonathan to where they were so that they wouldn't ran off. The men on the train was trying to shot Alex but the Imhotep used his powers and threw the men who flew across the sand and crashed into the pillars. He didn't know Harry was waiting.

When Alex thought he was safe, the bracelet showed him the next location which was the island of Philae. And before the clue vanished back into his bracelet, Imhotep had raised his hand to make Alex float to his eye level. "You are brave just like your father, child. However, be wary. My patience is not that long." He said in Egyptian which he knew the boy understood. Lock-Nah came and chained the boy next to a broken down statue. When Harry knew the area was secured, he placed a silencing bubble around himself and a disillusion charm as well.

"Alex!" Harry said as he took off his cloak. The boy yelped and fell back down. "Harry? How did you- Scratch that! Help me get out of this!" he pleaded. Harry wanted to release him but he knew that he could. "Alex, listen to me. Your father, mother, and uncle are doing their best to save you. Eight of my closest friends are here to help as well. You have to lead us to the oasis as fast as you can. We will be following you close by and make sure you are not hurt. The priest knows he cannot hurt you. Trust me." Harry explained as fast as he could.

Alex knew that Harry was telling him the truth. "Alright. But tell me, who did you appear before me just now?" he asked. "I am a wizard. Rick, the Professor, Jonathan, and Ardeth knows. I'm sure you know this as well right?" the boy nodded. "Well, my eight friends are witches and wizards to. We are trying to retrieve the bracelet, the books, and the scepter before you actually reach the temple of the Scorpion King. Trust us that we will keep you safe. Your parents and uncle send you their love. They are watching from a safe distance. And is hidden from the priest's view. We will save you Alex." Harry said as he reassured the boy.

Harry heard footsteps and cancelled all the charms and hid back under his cloak and went behind the broken statue. It was Lock-Nah with a pitcher of water for the boy. Without another word, the black guard left. Harry then appeared again and took out a small pouch bag. He magically attached it to Alex's inner pocket. "Whenever no one is around, there is food inside your pocket. Think what you want and then reach in. Make sure no one sees you. Just in case that the priest can detect magic, he will not be able to find any trance of magic. I must go now and inform the others were we are to go next. We will be there to watch you." Harry said with a smile. "Thank you Harry. Tell mum and dad and uncle Jon that I love them." He said and Harry nodded before disappearing.

He flew back to where the others were and told them that the next location was the island of Philae. "Professor, Rick, Jonathan. Alex sends you his love as well and says that he trusts us to keep him safe." Evy hugged Harry and smiled a 'thank you'. They were getting ready to pack up and leave when Millicent and Parvati ran to where the group was gathering. "You guys wouldn't believe what we just saw!" Parvati said as she was about to faint.

Theo summoned a glass of water for Parvati and the girl took it with a mumbled thanks. "What did you guys see?" Asked Pansy who was just as anxious as the others. "We know who has been helping the evil priest." Millicent said as he made sure her girlfriend was alright. "Who did you see, Mill?" asked Draco impatiently. Millicent and Parvati looked at each other for a second then at their friends, "We saw Crabbe, Goyle, Lavender, my sister Padma and…" Parvati hesitated for a second. "Who else Parvati?" asked Hermione. She took a deep breath, "and Ginny." Parvati said which Ron fainted right after hearing his sister's name.

While Harry explained to the O'Connells, Jonathan, and Ardeth who Parvati had mentioned, Hermione revived Ron while Blaise was calming Draco down. "I can't believe this! I would have understood that Lavender girl, Ron's and Parvati's sisters. But Crabbe and Goyle? Those two were as stupid and as dense as rocks for Merlin's sake!" Draco ranted. Millicent was still consoling Parvati after seeing that her own sister was helping the evil priest into taking over the world.

"I cannot begin to imagine the psychological pain Ronald and Parvati are going through right now. I wonder how long it will last until they fully understand the gravity of the situation and the possible outcomes." Evy said with a saddened tone. "I know, Professor. I don't understand myself how Ginny could side with the priest knowing well how much I hate evil and what we all had gone through when we were at Hogwarts." Harry spoke with a depressed tone as well. He had known Ginny since her first year. He even dated her for a year until he decided to end it just for the battle began.

Ardeth saw the torn expression Harry had on his face. He placed a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder which made the younger smile at the older for the thought. It was painful for them that they were facing people they had known and had fought with side by side once ago. But they knew that they had to overcome their emotional ties. Lavender, Padma, and Ginny had made their choices and so have they. It was clear as the blue sky that it will all come down to the groups facing their friends and loved ones at the end of the bread crumb trail.