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Chapter 5- A Clue in the Middle of the Sea

They were getting ready to leave once again when the whole group noticed that Ron and Parvati had gone missing. The train and their enemy were still there so casting any form of spell whether wandless or nonverbal was a big no. They all had to look for them the normal way which annoyed Draco and Pansy a little bit. Before anyone could complain, Harry spoke up. "Be a bit more sympathetic for them. They just found out that their love ones are helping the very people we are trying to stop. It's not every day that you come face to face with such a decision. We all know that in the end, it will come down to facing the and both Ron and Parvati need time to decide for themselves if they still wish to keep on going with us on this journey." He said with a saddened voice that Ardeth seem to gravitate closer to him and place a comforting hand on the younger man's shoulder.

Draco and Pansy looked a little guilty and knew that what Harry said was right. Before any of them could say anything, the two missing people had appeared. Both smiled thankfully at Harry for what he had said and for defending them. Millicent ran to her girlfriend and gave her a hug. Hermione calmly approached Ron, gave him a chaste kiss the ginger's head, and held him closer to her. Ron and Parvati whispered their thanks to their partners and then went to give Harry a hug. "Thank you, Harry." Parvati said as she kissed her friend's cheek and smiled softly. Ron placed a hand on his best mate's shoulder, "Yeah. Thanks for not pushing us after finding out that Par's twin and Ginny are just two of the people we know who we have to face sooner or later." Harry just smiled and patted Ron's shoulder and gave Parvati a hug of his own.

"I know what it's like to be in your shoes: to choose to the better of the world or your family. Even if the world wouldn't know what we have done, we know that we have done what we can do to help it keep spinning peacefully." He told them. Everyone nodded and smiled at Harry. "We know. That's why Ron and I have decided to face Ginny and Padma when the time comes for us to do so." Parvati said with a determined look on her face. Ron nodded in agreement and everyone was glad that they were all still intact after the sudden blow from the enemy.

Ardeth stared at Harry for what seemed like forever. He wondered how Harry could be so calmed and be rational and sympathetic to everyone else despite his own dark history. Even if he didn't know much of the young wizard, Ardeth knew that Harry had gone through a terrible past. It was the aura surrounding Harry that made Ardeth smile to himself. The young man in front of him was amazing beyond words. The Medjai was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't see six pairs of eyes looking at him. Rick, Evy, Draco, Blaise, Theo, and Pansy knew that the older man was feeling more than friendship towards their Harry. And none of them would even hinder the blooming feeling. They'd even help if Ardeth would ask them.

They all got ready once again and after ten minutes, they apparated to Philae ahead of Imhotep and his minions.

The wind was cool, light, and welcoming. However, the island was deserted. None of the witches and wizards could blame the muggles for that fact. The island was surrounded by nothing but water. Though they could see land, it was far out across the sea. "We better set up now before they arrive. If they find out and I'm sure they will, that using muggle water transportation will take them longer, they will attempt to either apparate or use portkeys." Hermione stated which everyone agreed. Draco, Harry, Theo, and Millicent created a proximity ward all over the island. It would alert them that their opposition had arrived already and would tell them where they'd be.

For some reason, Ardeth was where Harry was and Harry never strayed too far from the Medjai. Evy, Hermione, Draco, Pansy, and Parvati kept smiling at each other whenever their eyes travelled to the area where Harry and Ardeth were working harmoniously. Though both weren't speaking, it seemed like they could read each other's mind and move when the other did. "We'll surely be camping for the night. I suggest we split up and stay at the points where you guys made your wards." Rick suggested which sounded good for the others. Instantly, Draco and Blaise apparated to point B which was closer to the temple. Millicent and Parvati apparated to point C which was 500 yards away from point B. Hermione and Ron apparated Evy and Rick to the edge of the temple where they had cast multiple notice me not charms. They did it wordlessly and wandlessly hoping that Ginny and Padma wouldn't be able to feel them. None of them were worried about the others. Ginny and Padma were another. They had experience which Crabbe, Goyle, and Lavender didn't have. "Theo and I shall take this spot, Harry. You take Mr. Bay to point A and set up?" Pansy said with a tone that meant 'this is our spot and we aren't moving'.

Harry took Ardeth's hand and apparated both himself and the other to point A which was facing the sea. The wind was cool and gentle. The stars were shining bright for them. Ardeth watched as Harry spread his arms open as if to welcome the wind into his arms. He smiled as he leaned back on a tree and just remained silent, letting the younger enjoy the calmness of the night. When Harry had his fill of the calmness, he remembered that he wasn't alone. He turned around to see Ardeth smiling at him. A blush came to his face and he fidgeted on the spot he was standing on. "S-sorry… I just got lost—" "No need to explain. It was fascinating to watch you embrace the cool night wind and seem to be contented despite the situation we are facing." He cut into Harry's apology.

This just made Harry blush harder. "I… I always get lost when everything is calm. It makes me imagine that whatever trouble we have is nothing more than a nightmare…" Harry said as he turned to look at the sea once again. He could hear Ardeth walk closer to him. Then, the impossible happened. Ardeth's long and strong arms wrapped around Harry's body. "I told you, you don't need to explain. I too want to bask in the calmness the night is giving us before we face the impossible tomorrow brings… Besides, now that I have you alone, I can finally thank you for saving my life." He said as he placed a kiss on Harry's head. The younger gasp, losing whatever vocabulary he ever had.

"Though I know nothing about you, I know that you have gone through so much at a very young age. The world had not been kind to you yet you remained this kind and loving. I had pondered why the world had been cruel to you in the first place but then I knew that it was its way of teaching you want you needed to know in order to be the young and wonderful man you are now." Ardeth tightened his hold on Harry which to the wizard's surprise, he held the Medjai's arms in his hands, enjoying the comfort the older gave him. None of them spoke for a long while. Then Harry broke the silence when he said, "Would you like to know? How I grew up and what I had gone through?" Ardeth could feel the discomfort radiating throughout Harry's whole body.

"If it only brings you discomfort then I do not mind not knowing." This made Harry smile and hold on to Ardeth tighter as well. "We should set up out tent then." Harry suggested which he felt Ardeth nod and release him. Setting up didn't last long since Harry did everything with magic. They entered the small tent which was a bit bigger that it looked. They got into their sleeping bags and Ardeth pulled Harry closer to him. Harry buried his face into the other's chest. He felt comforted and safe. Which made Harry decide that Ardeth ought to know a few things about himself. "My parents died when I was a year old. Voldemort came into our house with the intention of killing my parents and myself…" Harry began. Ardeth simply held the young wizard tighter.

Harry had told Ardeth about his cupboard bedroom which just made the older angry. he was glad that the man didn't pity him. Then he told Ardeth about Hogwarts and his adventures. He told him about how he and Draco used to be enemies and how he was nearly sorted into Slytherin as well. The night seemed to be kind and stretched out, allowing the two to get to know each other. When Harry had finished sharing his tale, Ardeth did what he thought was the only thing he could do to comfort Harry. He lifted Harry's chin and kissed him. Despite the shock, Harry relaxed and slowly, very slowly, kissed the Medjai back.

Ardeth's kiss was not dominating but rather comforting and loving. He conveyed his love, worry, and care which Harry felt and was amazed that he felt like he belonged in Ardeth's arms from the moment he saw him. Ardeth pulled away and stared into Harry's eyes, "I cannot promise to give you the world. I have no magic for that. But I can promise to give you my world. I promise to keep you safe and with all I am, I will care for you if you allow me to." He said. Ardeth wondered for a moment where they came from. But the next second, he knew where. Those were the words he had held in his heart for a very long while for someone he wanted to love and protect with his own life.

Harry was shocked. No one had ever said such things to him. And here was this Medjai who he had not met long ago, promising him safety and the world. Harry simply buried his face into Ardeth's chest as if to say that he was accepting Ardeth's proposal. The older man held the younger lovingly and feared of what tomorrow had in store for them. Now that he understood Harry better, there was no way he was going to let him go. They fell asleep in each other's arms as the cool night wind came into their tent and lulled them to peaceful slumber.

The night wore on and soon the sun was peeking through the horizon. Suddenly, their tent began to shake which warned them that the group they had been waiting for had finally arrived. Harry and Ardeth instantly sat up and carefully peeked out the tent. They seemed to be clear and Harry checked what time it was. "It's five thirty-seven in the morning. And according to the charms, our naughty dark priest and his company arrived by portkey near Draco and Blaize's area." Harry said and Ardeth nodded. They exited their tent and Harry stretched his arms before waving the tent back into his pouch. Without warning, Ardeth placed a chaste kiss on Harry's lips. "Good morning." He said. Harry blushed and smiled back, "Good morning to you too." He greeted back.

Three minutes later, Harry apparated them to Draco and Blaise who seemed like they were going to explain something to Ron, Hermione, Rick, and Evy. Without words, Evy and Hermione knew that something had happened to the pair and it wasn't sex. They're aura had evolved and now it seemed like they were pass awkward hello's. Blaise began to explain to the others the places where their enemies has been patrolling and Harry knew he had to find Alex once again. He took out his Invisibility Cloak and was about to go under it when Ardeth stopped him for a second. "Be careful." He said as he placed a soft yet tender kiss on Harry's lips. Harry smiled and nodded, "I will. I'll be right back. Wait for me." He said and vanished.

Everyone saw what had happened yet didn't say anything. No one needed to tell Ardeth that if he even thought of hurting Harry, he'd be very sorry. They knew that the Medjai would never do such a horrid thing. Hermione and Ron smiled at each other. Harry had finally found someone that would give him the world and his life if Harry asked.

Harry appeared near the entrance of the temple. He had been careful the whole way, making sure that he wasn't leaving any tracks that gave him away. He wordlessly cast a point me and followed the arrow that led him to the far side of the temple. It was a bit of a challenge to not hit anyone as he was making his way to where they were keeping Alex. Harry managed not to hit anyone as he saw Alex chained next to a pillar. Or what's left of the pillar. Just as Harry was about to approach the boy, the bracelet glowed and showed the Blue River that led to Abyssinia.

The wizard didn't take another step closer since Imhotep had appeared out of nowhere. "It's surprising that you haven't been putting much of a fight after your attempted escape at Karnack, young guide." Stated the now fully human priest. "Well, with the fact that if I attempt to get lost, that would forfeit my own life. I have a long life ahead of me and I don't plan to die at my age." Alex said as he didn't make any eye contact with the priest. The other however laughed in amusement. "Despite your position, you are still burning with bravery. If only you weren't my enemy's son, I would have taken you as my own. Raised you as my apprentice and my second in command. You have the potential. It is such a waste to have to kill you in the end if it does come down to it." The priest said and left.

Harry slowly made his way to Alex, "Alex? Are you alright? Don't worry. Everyone is watching over you. Your mum and dad and Jonathan are proud of you for being so brave in all this. I am proud of you as well. You remind me so much of myself when I was young." He whispered as he placed a comforting hand on Alex's head. The boy tried his best not to cry. He had grown to care for Harry like an older brother in a very short time. And he hoped that he'd get more time when everything was over.

"Thank you, Harry. Tell them I love them and can't wait to be with them again. Tell them that I promise to behave and be a good boy from now on." He said as he sobbed quietly. Harry took off his cloak and hugged Alex. The boy hugged him back and cried in Harry's chest. "Don't worry. I'll tell them. And I promise you that after all this is over, we'll go somewhere special. Just keep on hanging, Alex. I know you can do this." He encourage which made the boy smile at him and nod. Yes, Alex needed to be a little bit more braver. The end was probably so close.

Then they heard voices and Harry quickly hid himself under his cloak and moved farther from Alex. To his surprise, Ginny and Lavender came with food for him. "How is our little guide doing? Lord Imhotep had informed us that you've showed the next location." Lavender said as she placed down the tray of food in front of the boy. "Yes, we'll be leaving in a little while. After all this, I'll request the Lord to spare Harry. It's him that I have always wanted." Ginny said as she placed down the jug of water. Harry listened and was shocked that Ginny indeed had not gotten over their break up. "Ronald will be mine once again. I had him before and I shall have him again." Lavender said with a smirk. Ginny giggled, "Ooohhh… It'll be so nice to have you as a sister-in-law, Lave. The beaver was always so nosy and know-it-all." She said with a tone of utter hatred.

It was shocking that Ginny hated Hermione that much. He always thought that they were getting along so well. They did fight the same battle before. "Well, Miss Red Head, I doubt you know it but Harry doesn't swing your way. He swings the other way and I think I know why." Alex said with a smile on his face. Harry had to do his best to not laugh at the expression Ginny and Lavender showed on their faces. "YOUR LYING! HARRY LOVES ME AND ONLY ME!" Ginny spat with anger. "After spending so much time with me, I know he loves me. It was just because of the war that he had to break up with me. After that, it was just too hard for him so he said that he needed time. And I know he misses me so much. He does write to me. He said so himself." She said with a confident face.

Alex knew she was lying. Harry never wrote to anyone. He always used the telephone whenever he could. "Whatever floats your barge, Miss." He said as he sat down and pretended to eat his meal. Ginny sneered and pulled Lavender away with her. There was no point in talking to a boy. Harry heard her say something along the lines of "What does he know? He's just a boy." Harry chuckled to himself. Alex was a young man. Not a boy. Harry went closer once again to Alex and showed his face to Alex alone. "Just so you know, I'm in love with Ardeth and he feels the same way for me. I broke up with Ginny back then because I finally accepted the fact that I was gay. And I never wrote to her." He said with a smile.

"I know. You use the telephone as much as you can. I can remember you talking to a 'mione and a Draco once. So I knew she was lying. You better go before they worry." Alex said with a smile. He was not as shocked as Harry thought he'd be. But judging from how he talked too Ginny, Harry knew that Alex must have noticed. He nodded and disappeared once again and made his way back to where Ardeth and his team were waiting for him.

When he got there, Ardeth was pacing back and forth. Everyone was already there. "Wonder what's taking him long." Ron said with a worried tone. "I hope his alright." Evy said as Rick pulled her into his arms. "Oh Rick, if anything happens to Harry, I'd never forgive myself. I hate to lose him as well. His been like a son already." She continued and Rick nodded. "I know. And I know Harry. He'll be alright." Rick said. It made Harry tear up. He didn't know that the couple saw him as their son. He felt so love at the moment. Then he noticed Ardeth stopped pacing and smirked. Everyone noticed as well. The Medjai walked towards Harry and pulled his head out of the cloak and kissed him.

"Will you stop worrying everyone and show yourself?" he said as he pulled away. Harry smiled as he took off his cloak. Everyone ran to hug him. "I just got here you know." He told Ardeth as Hermione pulled him to a hug. Evy and Rick pulled Harry into a hug and Jonathan messed his hair up. "Alex is doing well and sends his love. And he told me that he promises to behave and be a good boy from now on." He relayed the message which made Evy and Rick laugh and cry at the same time. Then Harry turned serious. "I saw Ginny and Lavender. They spoke to Alex and carelessly told him why their doing what they are. Lavender wants Ron back and Ginny wants me. She thinks I love her beyond that of a sister and even told Alex that I have been writing to her which Alex knew was a lie." Everyone listened. Ardeth pulled Harry to him and just held him.

Everyone smiled and yet they were worried still. "So, where are we heading next?" Theo asked, breaking the silence. Everyone turned back to Harry. "The Blue Nile to Abyssinia." This made everyone look at him funny. "That Nile leads to a narrow way into the mountains. No one's ever dared to go there." Pansy said. Hermione and Evy shook their heads. "Napoleon had tried." Evy said. "He just never came back though." Hermione finished. "And there have been others that tried as well." Blaise added. "Let me guess, none of them returned?" Jonathan asked. The three nodded their heads which made everyone heave a sigh of frustration.

"Don't worry. Everything will be alright. If we believe that we can, then we can." Rick said with all he was worth. This encouraged everyone and they began to get ready to leave ahead. Harry looked back at the temple and Ardeth watched him. "What are you thinking?" the older asked. Harry turned to him and smiled. "I thinking how Alex reminds me so much about myself. He's being brave at a young age and that the fate of the world rests on his shoulders along with his own life at stake. So much like me but younger." Harry said. Ardeth held him close. "Then you have rubbed off on him. Which is a good thing because if anyone should be a good influence on him, it would be you." He said and led Harry to where everyone else were getting ready.


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