Love's Follies

Part Five: Moonlight Confessions

Arnold went outside the school and searched for Helga. He was feeling pretty bad, it wasn't like Helga didn't have feelings too. "Helga? Are you out here?"

She was leaning over a bike rack outside in the parking lot. "Yeah I'm here. What do you want, Arnoldo?"

Coming over to stand by her he started apologizing, "Look Helga, I'm sorry about ignoring you and everything. I guess I'm still kinda hung up on Lila."

Helga huffed, causing a few strands of her bangs to blow upwards. "Why don't you just go back in there and flirt with your precious Lila and leave me alone?"

For some reason, Arnold's heart sank at those harsh words. "Well, because she's with Arnie."

"Didn't stop you from fixing your eyes on her the whole time." Helga muttered, it was obvious that she was hurt. "I knew better than to come to this stupid dance with you. I could be at home right now organizing my Wrestlemania cards but noooo I had to come and dance with the Football Head!"

Arnold shuffled his feet along the pavement for a while. He felt it was best to just let Helga calm down. They were leaning there in silence for a few minutes when the door opened and Arnold's cousin stepped out.

"Hi Helga." he said in a monotone voice.

"Yeah what do you want?" she hissed.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay." Arnie replied, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Helga pushed herself off the bike rack and started off behind the gym, "I just need Hair Boy and all his relatives to leave me alone for one night!"

Arnie and Arnold exchanged puzzled looks, "What did she mean by that?" Arnie asked.

"She's just being Helga." Arnold shrugged.


It had been a good twenty minutes and Helga was now sitting outside on a stoop to the back entrance of the gym. She couldn't wait for the dance to end. Why oh why did I dare to tempt fate? To think for one blissful moment that Arnold would bother to ask ME to the dance? It was all just some plot of his to get closer to Lila. "That's it!" she said aloud, "He USED me!"

"Used you for what Helga?" an innocent voice inquired. Helga dreaded turning around, knowing the owner of that sugary voice would be---Lila.

"Not that it's any of your business Miss Goody Two Shoes," Helga griped, "but I finally figured out why Arnold wanted to invite me to this stupid dance in the first place."

"Oh I'm sure he did it because he has feelings for you Helga. Feelings that are ever so strong."

"Wrong Miss Spring Chicken," Helga fumed, "it's because he needed a dupe to go with him so that he could cut in between you and Arnie and steal you away from him."

"Helga that can't be true."

"Ha! Wake up and smell the sunflowers Dairy Queen. Arnold has liked liked you ever since you two broke up. He'll do anything to get back together with you."

Lila seemed to be thinking this over. Her sunny disposition darkened a bit, "Well if that IS what he's up to, I can assure you Helga that it won't work. And I think it's just awful of him to use you like this."

It was hard for Helga to stay mad at Lila when she was defending her like that, "Yeah well, don't get your braids in a bind over it. I'll be fine."

Lila took a seat beside Helga and placed an arm on her shoulder, "You know Helga. You're really just ever so sweet deep down. I'm sure if Arnold only knew you the way I do he'd appreciate you for being the ever so special person that you are."

Helga looked over at Lila, her freckled face and gentle eyes looked so sincere. "Thanks Lila. You're not such a bad egg yourself."


Arnold kicked a few pebbles around in the parking lot. Lila and Arnie had long since returned to the dance and he was certain that Helga was still sitting around back. She was probably madder than ever at him too.

"That's it." Arnold said to himself, "I've gotta go talk to her. This is just silly."

Marching around to the stoop he froze when he saw Helga. She was staring up at the sky. The stars reflected in her shimmering blue eyes. She had pulled out her bow and let her long blonde hair flow playfully in the wind. She looked so---pretty.

"Uh Helga?"

Her serene expression faded as her eyes fell on him, "What now? I thought I told you to leave me alone! Come back when the dance is OVER."

Arnold mustered up all the courage he could and stomped over to Helga's side. Plopping down next to her he stated firmly, "Actually, I came over to hang out with you until the dance ends."

Helga looked at him quizzically.

"You're my date and I should be spending this time with you." he said almost apologetically.

"Nice of you to finally notice that." she sighed and returned to gazing at the stars. He might be stubborn, but she could out last him any day when it came to being hotheaded.

After another ten minutes of not talking Arnold grew impatient. "So Helga, what were you saying to me inside?"

Helga's cheeks reddened, "Hmph, I guess you'll never know now will you?"

"Why not just tell me?"

"Hey you had your chance to get all chummy with me and you blew it!" she yelled, "And if you think sitting here and bugging me is gonna win you any nice guy merits you've got another thing comin'."

Groaning Arnold faced the fence, She's so cold. "Just trying to make conversation Helga."

NOW! NOW! her inner voice screamed, You'll never get a better chance to tell him!

Well, why not? She'd already been given the brush off and spent most of the dance out back. What did she have to lose?

"For your information Arnoldo, I was just trying to tell you that I was having an okay time."

Arnold spun around with a shocked expression that was really quite amusing to Helga. "Seriously?"

"Yeah," her eyes narrowed, "but then you went and blew it by chasing after someone else's girlfriend."

His head lowered and he stared at his black shoes, obviously he was starting to feel pretty guilty about the whole Lila thing. "I know Helga. I'm sorry."

Criminey! How does he DO THAT?! Can't he just let me stay mad? Why does he have to use that small voice and those big puppy dog eyes on me?! Why??

"It's okay Arnold. I forgive you." she murmured.

"Really?" Arnold's face brightened and he hugged her close, "Thanks Helga."

Ohhh!!! She was thoroughly enjoying the embrace but couldn't risk letting Arnold know just how much he meant to her…not just yet. First he'd have to get over Lila, and for good.

"Alright bucko!" she pushed him away, "No need to squeeze my lungs out."

Arnold gave her that coy little smile of his and stared at her with half closed eyes for a moment. He looked like he was daydreaming. "Earth to Arnold." she snapped her fingers in front of him. "Wake up Arnold!"

"Huh? Oh." he flashed her a sheepish smile and offered her a hand up. "We can go back to the dance if you want to. I promise I'll be a good date this time."

Helga shook her head and smiled up at him, "Fine. But this time we dance on the OPPOSITE side of the dance floor from wherever Lila and Arnie are dancing."

"What?" Arnold teased, "You don't like Lila?"

"No." Helga shivered, "I can't stand Arnie. Talk about giving someone the creeps!"

Arnold couldn't help but laugh as he and Helga turned and headed back into the gym. The dance might have been half over, but it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship…and maybe something more.

~The End~


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