Chapter 1: The First Day

The young girl sighed as she stood outside the school. She tightened her grip on her schoolbag that was currently slung over her shoulder. She took a deep breath and walked in, nervous since it was her first day at her new school. The halls were alive with the sounds of other kids chatting and lockers slamming. The girl, Maka was her name, finds her locker and it takes her a few tries to open it. When she does, she puts all her stuff away and grabs her books for her first class. The two minute bell rings, and she rushes to class.

Mostly everyone is already seated, so people notice Maka as she walks in. Nervous as she is, her gaze drops to the floor as she takes a seat in the back. Usually she sits in the front, but all those seats were taken. The last few kids stream into the class and a shadow falls over Maka's desk. She looks up and a guy is staring back. Since she's new, she doesn't know anyone; if she had to take a guess, this had to be one of the popular kids. Well built, and good looking. But perhaps his most striking features are his snow white hair and crimson eyes. He leans on the desk and looks at Maka intently.

"Never seen you around here before. You new?"

Maka nods, not saying a word. There was something that she didn't like about this guy.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. Name's Soul."

Maka shakes his hand.


A guy walks up behind Soul and punches him in the arm. Maka immediately disliked the new kid.

"Hey Soul, what's up?"

"Sup Black*Star"

The other boy grins and slips around Soul so that he's standing right in front of Maka.

"Who's the fresh meat?" he looks Maka up and down and sneers. "Nothing to look at. Probably a nerd too."

The boy laughs an obnoxious laugh, and several other kids laugh as well. Maka blushes, embarrassed. She looks down, trying to make herself seem smaller.

"Black*Star, lay off. It's her first day here. Damn dude."

The room immediately gets quite as everyone looks at Soul. Black*Star grins at him and punches him in the arm.

"Fine, I'll give her a week. She's all mine then."

He laughs again and slips into the desk diagonal from Maka. Soul sits next to her and 3 girls sit around them. All through class, they talk and laugh, and Maka does her best to ignore them. She promised herself that tomorrow she'll get to class earlier so she can sit in the front. When the bell rings, she gathers her books and quickly leaves. The rest of the day she's pretty much ignored, which is how she prefers it. At the end of the day, Maka puts her homework in her school bag, and quickly leaves. She didn't want to be caught by Soul or any of his friends. They were nothing but trouble.


The bell signaling the end of the day had just rung as Soul and Black*Star break out into the hallway. They race each other to their lockers, eager to get home. They had plans to have a party at Black*Star's tonight, and they had to get everything together. On the way out, Black*Star spots Maka hurrying away from the building. He nudges Soul and nods in Maka's direction.

"Why were you being so nice to her today man? She's not even cute. I'm surprised you didn't send her crying to the corner."

Soul shrugs and hefts his bag a little higher on his back.

"Just didn't feel right to me."

Black*Star laughs and shoves Soul.

"What's this? Soul's getting mushy for a nerdy flat chested girl?!"

"Fuck off dude, I am not."

They banter back and forth all the way to Black*Star's house, but the whole way Soul's mind isn't on how annoying Black*Star is, or about the sweet party they're about to have. It's on the new girl, Maka. When he found her sitting in his seat he was about to send her packing, but when she looked at him something about her stopped him. Now that he thought about it, he reckoned it was her eyes. An emerald green with an innocent look, but there was something else hiding in those eyes for a moment. And he was determined to find out what.