Hey Guys! I've been getting good ideas (through my head and others) so decided to create a few More OC's to add to the story! You'll hear from one of hem in this chapter, his name is Steph(an) Reinel-Altava and he's Emmy's cousin, and Layton's Step-Brother! Oooooh!



Dinner that night was incredible, Luke probably ate more than he's ever done before in one go. Him and Mollie were chatting all night, until they were very rudely interrupted by Seamus,

"Hey Mollie! Who's your boyfriend?!" He mocked

Mollie didn't seemed to phased by this but gestured to the scruffy boy with black hair and glasses sitting next to him, "Seamus, I don't have have one, but why don't you introduce me to yours?" She smiled sweetly, making her older brother blush furiously. Luke whispered to her after; "Obviously true, then!" Making her choke on her pumpkin juice from laughter.

Later that night, Luke was getting ready for bed in the First Year Dormitory that night with the four other First year Gryffindors. He got talking with the boy in the bed next to him, he looked like he had permanent scruffy hair and kind of reminded Luke of a certain assistant of the Professor.

"Hey, I'm Luke." He introduced himself and the boy smiled back, his braces glinting in the moonlight.

"Triton? Cool! My cousin told me to look out for you this year! Well, I'm Stephan, but you can call me Steph." He smiled

"Your cousin?!" He inquired, "Who might that be?"

"Emmy Altava. You used to work with her.", his voice became harsher, "Before DAD, sent her to prison." He slammed the beside table draw angrily.

"Dad? Broneph? Reinel? Sorry, a gentleman never picks up on touchy subjects, I'm sorry."

"No, it's fine. Yeah, he's my dad. I'm Stephan Reinel, go on, I don't expect you to want to talk to me anymore."

"No, it's cool, really! Imagine that, being the Professor's brother, that would be incredible..." He thought aloud.

"Step-Brother. And I've never met him, but I can imagine what he's like, you'll have to tell me more about him som-"

"CAN YOU SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP? Please?" Another voice yelled through the darkness, everyone had gone to sleep! The two boys laughed and eventually fell asleep.

SORRY IT'S SO SHORT! I didn't realise this until right at the end!

Wasn't that nice?! Luke's got another friend, and no enemies, (yet...) I can bet he'll make some, not even Luke's perfect (well he is to me!)

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