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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of The End

- One Year Before the Outbreak -

Rebecca Kennedy Dixon was a coward. Here she was in the middle of the night sneaking around the bedroom packing her belongings in a bag like a burglar and trying to escape her marriage. She had no idea how everything seemed fine one minute, the feeling of her husband's large rough hands caressing her swollen pregnant stomach in love. The next she was broken and bruised. The baby long gone as she lay in a pool of her own rapidly spreading blood.

There was no forgetting what happened. No going back. The life they made in a night of passion in the back of his brother's pick up truck was one she would never forget. But memories and stolen kisses in the night just weren't enough to keep him emotionally close and away from the dark thoughts deep in the back of his mind that blamed him.

Rebecca quietly sighed before throwing her bag over her shoulder and casting a long look at her husband's sleeping form. She loved him so much it hurt both mentally and physically. Leaving him just might be the only thing that saved their messed up marriage. As the saying goes absence makes the heart grow fonder. What a load of horse shit.

She placed a thin envelope on the nightstand and slipped through the bedroom door quietly creeping past her brother-in-law's drunken form sprawled out on the couch. As she made her way to the front door car keys in hand a deep voice rumbled in the darkness making her jump in shock, a scream caught in her throat.

"Well now where the hell you goin sugar tits?" Merle shifted his weight casting her a long accusing look.

"Merle I...I'm leaving." She breathed finding her voice.

Merle let out a groan as he picked himself up off the couch and reached for a pack of smokes laying among the scattered beer bottles and trash on the coffee table. He fumbled for the lighter and lit the stick his eyes never leaving her's.

"If you think leavin' my brother because of what happened then you can forget 'bout ever comin' back. You hear me you stupid bitch?"

Rebecca let out a sigh of defeat as she stared at the older Dixon brother with saddness. She had never been particularly scared of Merle as most of the people in the trailer park and town were but at this moment she was.

"I love him Merle..." She replied weakly all the confidence she had felt earlier in the bedroom was gone.

Merle huffed blowing smoke in her direction before dropping his cancer stick in an ash tray and striding towards her cowering frame.

"I may not have lost a kid but even I'm not dumb enough to think that leavin' would be the best thing. I was so goddamn sure you were Dixon material blood or not. But I guess you proved ol'Merle wrong huh? You know what you are Rebecca? You're just a scared selfish brat and I oughta wring you're scrawny fucking neck."

He was in her face now the smell of hard liquor and cigarette smoke flooded her nostrils. Both his large arms against the door on either side of her head trapping her in a corner. The fear she felt disappeared at his accusation and she shoved him as hard as she could. Merle stumbled back slightly his eyes wide, shocked that she dared to lay a hand on him. Rebecca knew she was pushing her luck and that any second Merle could snap and choke the life out of her. She had seen him smack around a few of the skanky women he's slept with in the past. Regardless she felt slightly confident he wouldn't due to his little brother loving her but she had a feeling that small amount of protection would pass the minute she walked out the door.

"Fuck you jackass! I'm doing this because I love him not because I'm scared. I don't want to hurt him I'm trying to help him. Maybe if you weren't such a fucking drunk you would see that!"

Merle's hands twitched and he reached for her throat. "Why you little-"

"What the hell's going on with all the noise?!"

The livingroom light turned on revealing Daryl standing in the doorway wearing a wife beater and boxers, his hair sticking up in every direction. Daryl cast a sleepy yet angry look at his brother and wife before noticing her completely dressed with bag and keys in hand. Confusion filled his tired features as he looked between Rebecca's terrified wide eyes and Merle's smirk.

"Where you goin' Becca?"

Tension filled the small room as Daryl looked between his brother and wife his emotions going from confused to angry in a second.

Merle laughed and flopped back on the couch watching the two as though he was watching a television show.

"Oooh Darylina gonna get you're ass now!"

Under any other circumstances Daryl would have punched his brother in the mouth at the stupid nickname but his focus was on Rebecca who was trying her hardest to blend in to the door.

"She's tryna leave ya brother but I caught her ass before she skipped town!" Merle voiced from the couch trying to create more drama almost eager to see his brother explode in anger.

"Can we talk outside?" Rebecca asked desperate to get away from Merle's interfearance.

This was not how things were supposed to go. She was supposed to be halfway to her cousin's bar in Atlanta while Daryl would be just waking up to an empty bed and a note on the dresser.

Daryl gave her a hard look before nodding slightly and pulled her into the bedroom roughly by her forearm. The feeling of his fingers digging through her leather jacket was enough to make her think he could do some serious damage to her if he wanted too.

The bedroom door shutting behind them felt like prison doors slamming shut as Daryl turned and faced her anger burning in his eyes.

"You just gonna leave me?"

Rebecca hesitated dropping her bag and keys on the bed sadly as she felt tears welling up in her blue eyes. She dropped her head refusing to face him head on the guilt overwhelming her now..

"Daryl I didn't mean for things to get so screwed up. I just-"

He gripped her face roughly jerking her head until her blue eyes met his.

"I want you to look me in the damn eyes before you even think of lying to me!"

Silence filled the room.

"I'm leaving. I'm leaving because you don't care anymore about this relationship and trying to make it work."

His heart leaped into his throat as they continued to stare at each other. Daryl dropped his hand in an act of defeat and it fell limp to his side.

"You know I'm trying Becca."

Daryl frowned fighting an internal battle. He was never any good with words. Hell it took him years to admit he even liked Becca and even then she had been the one to initiate it even going so far as to place a chaste kiss on his cheek. But now there seemed to be no words to say. He tried despretly to think of something, anything but it was like the words were stuck in his throat refusing to come out.

His few words did nothing in helping convince her to stay and Rebecca shook her head in saddness before she grabbed her bag and keys. Picking the cream white envelope up off the dresser and placing it into his upturned hand, she cupped his rough cheek feeling the rugged stubble that grew there. She pressed her soft lips to his in a loving and heartfelt kiss pouring every emotion she had ever felt for him since they first met at the tender age of eight. Their lips lingered together and quickly grew from an innocent last kiss to a full blown makeout session.

When his tounge began to dance with hers and his hands roamed, caressing the curvy outline of her body. Rebecca pulled back trying to stop the road they were turning down knowing if he touched her any further she would never leave.

Rebecca pressed her forehead to his in an attempt to catch her breath and ingrave the memory of his muscular body pressed against hers.

"I'll always love you," She whispered

The word but seemed to linger in the air.

"Read the note. It explains everything."

She reluctantly pulled away and headed for the door. Daryl felt as though his legs were nailed to the floor and his voice caught in his throat. Unable to prevent her from leaving. He made an attempt to grab her hand and pull her back to him but she slipped away from his grasp, out the door and his life. The front door slammed shut and somewhere in the distance a car started. Heavy footsteps headed towards the doorway and Merle's head poked into view.

"Damn baby brother you look like you just got your ass beat. What the hells wrong with you?"

Daryl frowned flipping his older brother off. He leaned back in the bed turning over the unopened envelope in his hands.

"Don't you have some pills to pop or somethin'?"

Merle laughed giving his brother a sly grin.

"I knew she wasn't Dixon material. Now it's just you and me baby brother. Just like it should be."

Daryl leaned over the bed tossing the nearest thing, which happened to be a large boot, and aimed it straight at Merle's head. He ducked and the boot bounced off the back of the door instead and landed somewhere on the floor. Merle poked his head back in still laughing.

"Stop bein' a pussy."

Daryl flipped his brother off one last time as Merle left down the hallway laughing all the way leaving his brother in the seclusion of his bedroom. As Daryl read the note and re-read it a second time a sharp pain filled his chest and his eyes began to water. He was crying. Something he hadn't done since his father beat him so hard he blacked out. Along a long dark stretch of highway in a small beat up Ford, Rebecca was crying as well.

- Twelve Weeks After the Outbreak -

The outbreak started slow only happening in places like California or New York. So far away from Georgia that many residents didn't believe it could ever happen to them. It was a scare just like H1-N1 flu virus or the Y2K. So warnings went ignored until it was to late and soldiers roamed the streets in humvees, setting up barriers around the city and building refugee centers all over the place. But all that effort proved to be too late.

Within three days the infection had spread to ten states and growing. News reporters stopped going out into the streets interviewing witnesses when one female reporter got to close and had her neck ripped out on live television by a dead man reanimated.

Within five days the sickness was no longer contained to the television but spilling out into the streets creating panic. Two days later televisions and phones no longer worked and people were left in the dark. That's where Rebecca Dixon found herself. Wandering the backwoods of Georgia with only a machete and a backpack full of her life's belongings.

She ran into a small group of Biters, as she called them, trolling the highway looking for anyting with a heartbeat to take a good bite out of. She made quick work of them scattering brain matter and intesines into the road with ease. Calling them zombies was to cliché to sound right and no longer fit into this new unpredictable world. Zombies were something you see in movies or read about in comic books. But this was reality where one wrong move could get you killed not only by Biters but by the living as well.

That's why Rebecca stuck to the deep thick heart of the forest making sure never to leave a trail or sign she was in the area. She put her hunting skills to use when the canned food ran out and bottles of water became scarce. Tracking deer was getting inevitably harder too and attracted the attention of Biters who instantly became attracted to the scent of fresh blood in the area. So she killed smaller game consisting largely of squirrles and the occasional bird or two. Still the weight continued to drop, the curves no longer obvious. Her brown hair lost its bounce and shine and turned dull and lifeless. If Rebecca was a material girl it would bother her. But the ever present threat of death was enough to destract from that.

She shifted the weight of her bag higher onto her shoulder and trudged on keeping her steps light with her machete held loosely in her hand. A loud gurgling growl rang out into the forest breaking the peacefull silence. A male Biter stumbled out from behing a large tree hissing and growling with his arm's flailing as bits of dead flesh flung off and onto the forest floor. Rebecca gripped her machete with newfound strength and swung the blade directly on top of his head. The Biter gave one last hiss before falling to the ground with a thud.

Rebecca paused leaned down wiping the Biter's blood from her bade and onto his torn black shirt before carrying on. She was four miles into her journey before the first wave of dizzyness hit. She gripped the side of a nearby tree in an attempt to stay awake and alert. This wasn't the first time she's gone days without food. It seemed as though every home she had come across had been thuroghly looted and the animals living in these backwoods had all but disappeared. Three days without any source of nourishment seemed to be pushing it and she had never gone this long without something, no matter how small, to fill her empty stomache.

As the dizziness passed she trudged on whispering silent prayers to a God she was pretty sure no longer cared and was wiping out his children. Like a Noah's Ark sort of deal.

On this dark and dreary journey however God seemeed to hear her prayers and just in the distance she saw a little boy. He looked clean and relatively healthy which meant that he was not alone. There was strong chance that whoever he was with had food. In her old life she would feel bad for stealing food from a child but her desparation for hunger trumped the feelings of a little boy. Rebecca moved in closet like a lion stalking it's prey.

The little boy was playing just at the edge of the forests end building something out of sticks and rocks. As she grew closer the snap of a twig under her boot caused her to pause and as she did the boy froze too looking in her direction with wide eyes. Seconds felt like minutes as time ticked by and the boy shrugged to himsellf before continuing to play. She moved closer calking the small noise she had made up to her lack of nutrition. She stopped a few feet away now so close to the boy she could make out his facial features. Short brown hair fell off the top of of his head neatly cut with care. Many light brown freckles dotted the bridge of his nose and slightly chubby cheeks. An obvious sign he was still a child and not yet a teenager. He donned a light blue shirt, brown cargo pants and sneakers. And he was totally unaware.

Like an animal she pounced grabbing the scruff of his neck with one hand and the other placed the machete underneath his chin to rest on the pale skin of his neck.

"Don't move or I'll kill you. If you scream or yell for help I'm gonna kill you. Do you understand?"

The young child nodded frantically as his small body shook with fear. Slowly Rebecca turned him around and was met with the palest blue eyes she had ever seen. The boy's eyes widened taking in her rugged form growing even more frightful.

"What's yer name?" She asked, the machete still pressed to his neck.

"C-Carl." He whispered.

"Well Carl. Yer gonna take me to yer camp. Got it?" She growled out trying to sound as threateningly as possible.

Carl nodded again as she turned him around roughly letting him take the lead.

Rebecca grinned as he began walking towards a clearing where she could spot an old RV. She could practically taste the food. Something, anything that wasn't deer jerky was good.

"Don't lie to me Carl."


From her hiding spot behind a tree she could spot maybe eight or nine people milling about carying weapons. No one even noticing the Carl's disappearance. She could spot the bags that Carl's had told her their food was in, on the walk to the campsite. The food was smack right in the middle of the camp making her job even harder. There was no way she was getting any where near that unless she was a invisible.

She couldn't send the kid because he might not come back or worst yet bring the armed campers. As she searched her mind for a solution a tall brunette stood from her camping chair glancing around the camp.

"Carl? Carl!"

She searched the camp for the boy that was currently being held captive. Carl began wiggling trying to escape her grasp so Rebecca covered his mouth and tilted his head back roughly causing the blade to dig even further into his throat. A thin trail of blood trickled down his throat as her blade nicked the smooth skin causing him to groan at the sudden burst of pain.

"Try that again and I'll kill you." She growled out.

As Rebecca moved them through the clearing many things happened at once. An older man pacing the roof of the RV spotted her first and all hell broke loose. It seemed as though every gun was trained on her. Another man approached her gun up ready to shoot. As he did so Rebecca took a moment to study him. Everything about this man was large. From the muscles that rippled against his arms to his facial features she had no doubt he was the one in charge. Just his mere walk screamed of authority and she hated it. It was a painful reminder of her father.

"Hey Carl! You ok buddy?" He questioned not taking his eyes from Rebecca's worn and dirty body.

Carl wimpered in responce against her hand as she held him tighter to prevent his escape.

"I don't want any trouble I just want a bit of food please."

She was trying to take the high road in this situation. Saying please was just a small way to prove she wasn't that much of a threat, although holding a child at knife point could certianly disprove that theory. The man stopped short in front of her, anger taking over his features.

"Well that's not gonna happen so you can just forget that idea and hand over the kid."

Rebecca scoffed. How stupid did this man really think she was?

"Like hell I'm giving up my only barganing chip!" She laughed sarcastically.

The tall brunette woman she spotted earlier ran over completly unarmed and begging for her son. But Rebecca never heard her desprate pleading because another wave of dizziness hit her and she fell to the ground letting the darkness take her.

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