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Chapter 5 – Into The Wild

- Nine Months Before the Outbreak -

Daryl hated being romantic. In his opinion it took too much time and effort, not to mention lengthy talks about emotions, to be worth it. Sometimes he almost wished he were more like Merle when it came to women, able to just fuck whenever the mood struck and leave without giving a damn about her feelings. A good old fashioned fuck n' ditch. No names, no emotions and definitely no attachments.

Rebecca Kennedy changed that for him.

From a simple childhood friendship blossomed a romance that was nothing like the various fairytale books they grew up reading. In the books the villains always got what was coming to them, the princess always got the prince and of course they all lived happily ever after. In Daryl's mind it was all a load of horseshit.

In real life the villain never leaves and instead sticks around to make everyone's life a living hell. Sometimes the princess and the prince argued about a piece of trailer trash named Daisy and why the prince went to second base with her instead of spending the night with the princess even though the prince swore he never touched her. And of course the term "happy ending" was never in their vocabulary. Never had been. Between their shitty environment at the trailer park, no money, abusive parents and easy access to drugs and alcohol the term "happy ending" meant something completely different.

But looking into her clear blue eyes that seemed to light up just for him, Daryl knew all the trouble and all the hurt in the world was worth feeling when it came to her. She was his drug. The one thing that kept him grounded. Although Rebecca left a void in his heart when she left and as cheesy as it was to admit, nothing and no one had been able to fill it since. Alcohol and drugs only did so much before it stopped numbing the pain. Even his crazy, perverted and always foul mouthed older brother couldn't help. Merle's half assed attempt to get him to fuck one of the two skanky women he brought home from a bar last week hadn't worked either. Daryl's moping around was beginning to effect Merle who cornered his younger brother in the hallway, assaulting him with harsh words.

"Goddamn it! Either get yer dick wet or get the fuck outta the house with ya bitchin' and moanin'. Fuckin' pussy."

So he did and found himself wandering the streets in their small shitty Georgia town ignoring the looks people gave him for his disheveled appearance. He walked for miles with nothing but his thoughts and a flask half filled with bourbon. Till this day he blames the alcohol for what happened next. A small flower shop came into his vision when he rounded a corner and only after a split second of hesitation he went into the store buying a dozen yellow lilies and a sand colored teddy bear wearing a badass little leather jacket and a cancer stick dangling from his mouth. Daryl's slightly drunken logic had convinced him to drive out to Atlanta, surprise Becca out of the blue and convinced her to come back home. So he quickly bought up the items before he could come to his senses making sure the flowers were safely tucked away in a red and white box and the teddy bear double bagged in case someone he knew spotted him. He would have enough trouble explaining why he stepped into the store in the first place. But by the time he made it home, successfully finishing the flask, he had doubts about getting her back. What if she had moved on with some other man? What if she had already stopped loving him?

Those doubts quickly piled up manifesting into graphic visuals of Becca with other men, drowning him and in a desperate attempt to get the images out of his head he buried the teddy bear and the fresh yellow lilies in a shoe box in the back of his closet, forgotten and left to die.

He wouldn't touch that box again until almost a year later when the dead began to rise.

- North Georgia Countryside, Present Day -

Silence filled the tent as Daryl finished his lengthy story trailing off when Rebecca made eye contact. The air seemed to become suffocating under the tension and he swallowed nervously under his estranged wife's drug filled gaze waiting for her reaction.

"You should have left out the part about Merle wanting you to fuck some random." She muttered squeezing the soft teddy closer to her chest.

Daryl froze blinking owlishly at the audacity of her statement. That's all she had to say after he practically poured his damn heart out? He felt like a fool thinking she would care or that things would go back to the way they were. Anger flowed through him and he grabbed her upper arms ready to toss her out of his tent.

"If you ain't gonna take this conversation seriously then you can get out!"

Becca pushed him back gently, a silly grin crossing her face.

"I am being serious! I thought that was one of the sweetest things you've ever done for me... even though I never got the flowers."

Daryl turned a slight shade of red at her praises and quickly folded his arms to stop from fidgeting. Becca pulled him over to his sleeping bag where they both sat in a comfortable silence letting the sounds of nearby crickets chirping in the Georgia grass fill the quiet.

"Why did you save the teddy bear though?" Becca questioned. It seemed silly that Daryl kept a stuffed bear that had no emotional ties to her. He never gave it to her and it had no fond memories attached to it. But she loved it all the same. The fact that Daryl still thought enough about her and even risked his tough Dixon facade by walking into a flower shop (Becca mentally suppressed a laugh at that image) and actually buying her something was amazing. Daryl, like his brother, hardly ever showed emotions like love or happiness like normal people did. Normal people bought flowers and lit candles for a romantic date with their significant others. Dixon's had rough sex in the back of pick-up trucks and drank like fish without giving a damn what people thought of them.

It was something Becca had always loved about the brothers. While most people were concerned about their appearances and how popular they were the Dixon brothers were always dirty, the result of not having a responsible parent to wash their clothes and the fact that they ran through the forest working on their hunting skills. She admired that. The freedom to walk around as you are without consequence. Becca never had that freedom. Her father had controlled every aspect of her life from what she ate to the clothes she wore. It had been one of the reasons why she even hung out with the Dixons. That feeling of freedom was enough to break her out of her shell and turn her into the person she was today.

"I don't know..."Daryl trailed off. Why had he kept the bear? Maybe in hopes of giving it to her someday and see her holding it with such love and appreciation as she was now.

Becca grinned setting the bear aside and crawling towards him slowly. She placed a soft kiss against his rough lips and he didn't hesitate to deepen the kiss. Unlike their first kiss upon meeting up again, which had been harsh and almost violent in nature with the clashing of teeth and desperate groping hands saying everything they had been too afraid to say out loud, this kiss was different. Gentle in an almost timid manner, as if they were scared to stray from the new path their relationship was taking. When he deepened the kiss it was like a green light had signaled the okay for them to continue and his large hands came up to cradle her face. Becca felt a new confidence surge through her and she came up to straddle his lap letting her arms tightening around his broad shoulders.

He pulled away grinning to himself when she let out a soft moan of protest at the loss of contact. Daryl ran his hands from her face, down her shoulders and back up to her heart shaped face cupping it once again and running his thumbs across her cheeks over the freckles that scattered there, courtesy of the sun. He looked straight into her sea blue eyes letting him know he was now serious and she froze.

"I need to know yer in this for the long haul. Cuz if you leave again I'm not sure I'll accept ya back."

His words hurt her and for a minute all Becca could feel was guilt and sadness. She caressed his face with one hand giving him a long meaningful kiss. She didn't want to hurt him again. Even the first time she didn't want to hurt him but that's what she had ended up doing and they both suffered as a result of her poor choices.

"I promise Daryl. I won't fuck up again."

He held eye contact with her for a few seconds longer before becoming satisfied with her answer. With one hand still against her cheek his other slid down her back and underneath her shirt, caressing her back feeling the smooth tanned skin that rested there. He pressed his lips to hers and their kiss rose to a new level when her tongue darted out experimentally against his lower lip and his mouth opened automatically as he let his tongue tangle lovingly with hers. Somehow she found herself on her back against his sleeping bag with Daryl between her thighs, her legs crossed at the ankles against his back. His chapped lips left hers and traveled down her jaw to her neck nipping and sucking as he went making her chest heave in an attempt to get oxygen into her lungs. Nervousness welled up in her along with fear as she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on Daryl's actions. But as his hands began to wander she was reminded of the man in the forest who had chased her down and raped her.

Swallowing a scream she pushed against Daryl's chest and sat up unable to meet his gaze. His eyes raked over her shaking form and he cupped her cheek not missing the way she flinched.

"Look at me." He commanded forcing her to meet his concerned blue eyes. Of all people she was afraid of him!

The man who selflessly jumped in front of her when her father had fallen into a drunken rage and beat her with a belt.

The man who held her close as she cried in his arms for her mother who died after a long battle with cancer.

The man who lovingly rubbed her swollen belly as he whispered soft words to their unborn daughter, telling her stories of his past and promises of a bright future.

Daryl frowned and held her close ignoring her soft breath that drifted across his collar bone as she buried her face in his neck. Their private moment had quickly changed from sexual to comforting and he would do everything in his power to give her comfort. In an almost uncharacteristic manner he rubbed her back gently and kissed her temple.

"I'm not him."

Daryl's whispered words did little to comfort her as she trembled beneath his strong arms and she didn't bother correcting him that it wasn't her father that she feared. Becca had worked so hard to bury the memories of what her father had done to her so long ago. But when that man had assaulted her it brought all those feelings back and in the process ruined what she would have with her husband.

Vowing to never tell him what happened, she swallowed back her fear and reminded herself that it was Daryl touching her. Not a random man who had taken her on the forest floor and not her father who was locked away in jail. It was her husband Daryl Dixon and tonight she would act like it.

"I'm fine." Becca faked a smiled and kissed him softly as she stroked his shaggy brown hair.

"Are you sure?" He frowned looking her once over searching for any hint of doubt or hesitance but Becca nodded and kissed him again harder.

Daryl deepened the kiss and let his fingers traveled down her navy blue tank top to the hem as they resumed their love making. He lifted it off her letting his lips go eagerly back to her neck as his hands quickly found their place at the back of her bra unhooking it on the first try.

Becca couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips as the bra came off and her breasts were exposed to him for the first time in a year. She blushed as he stilled his movements to stare down at her bare chest.

"Daryl..."She murmured covering up her chest in embarrassment. Suddenly she was a fifteen year old girl again huddled in the back seat of a pick-up truck with Daryl experiencing their first time together all over again. She inhaled sharply as he took her wrist in his hands and pinned them to either side of her head loosely in fear he would scare her.

"Don't hide yourself from me again ya hear?" His voice was low and rough full of desire making heat pool between her thighs. She nodded quickly and he ducked his head to one of her breast taking her soft pink nipple in his mouth. The warm wet sensation of his tongue sucking and nibbling made her arch her back and she let out a moan louder than before. Daryl dragged his tongue from her pebbled nipple to the tattooed name of their daughter and ran his tongue over the cursive script lovingly before turning to her other nipple. His hard cock pressed against Becca's inner thigh and she could barely suppress the shiver that traveled up her spine in anticipation. She was almost too caught up in the sensation of his mouth to feel his fingers working at the buttons of her jeans. Not wanting to hinder the obvious sex they were about to have she quickly kicked off her shoes and pushed her jeans down herself taking her cotton panties with them. Daryl let her nipple fall from his mouth with a devilish grin.

"Eagar aren't ya?"

She returned his grin and played with the buttons of his top.

"I think you're wearing too much."

Daryl quickly shed his shoes and top, not even bothering to undo the buttons as his mouth lowered to her other breast giving that nipple the same rough treatment. Becca's back arched again pressing his mouth further against her breast and she ran her fingers through his dirty brown hair only stopping to tug the locks in a way she knew he loved. Daryl growled squeezing her soft inner thighs and trailing them yet never reaching the place she wanted them most. She wiggled underneath him in hopes that his hands would continue to wander.

"Please Daryl..."She whined softly as he kissed down her stomach and thighs letting his tongue and teeth do the talking. Being so deprived of sex for so long had Becca ready to burst and only served in her growing frustration.

"Please what?" Daryl asked in a cocky manner. He knew what she wanted and he was more than happy to oblige. But first he wanted to play with her and see just how bad she wanted it. Rebecca gave another sexy wiggle guiding his head to her sex eagerly.

"Please Daryl... I need your mouth... please." If she wasn't so turned on she would be embarrassed of the way she was whining. Daryl's rough hands came to her wrist again and he pinned them to her sides this time.

"No touching."

She growled in frustration almost ready to pull her hair out. Then without warning his mouth was on her, his tongue going wild over her sex. Becca's blue eyes rolled to the back of her head in ecstasy and she cried out loudly as his tongue trailed from the bottom of her slit to her protruding clit in a gentle lick. Daryl was only mildly surprised that she was bald down there even during the apocalypse when shaving tools were becoming rare and he loved it. He knew she wanted more and stepped it up spreading her lips with one hand for better access as he let his tongue enter her darting in and out roughly. She was so wet. So ready for him that he could feel his member growing harder at the idea of even being buried in her. Becca's hips began moving back against him as though willing his tongue to go deeper when he slipped a finger into her.

Daryl almost came all over his sleeping bag at the feeling of her tightness. It was obvious there hadn't been anyone else after she left him and his middle finger joined his index finger in its ruthless pumping. His tongue was now lapping at her clit and he wrapped his lips around the hardened bundle of nerves sucking in time to his pumping finger. Her arms swung wildly as her hands clenched onto anything to keep her grounded as she started rocking her hips in time with his fingers and whimpered again. With an audible 'fuck' and loud wail she came around his fingers her hips never slowing down. The cocaine she took earlier seemed to heighten her pleasure and she felt like she was floating as a large orgasm crashed through her along with two smaller ones not far behind.

As she came down from her orgasm Daryl had already risen up and shed his jeans and boxers, his cock springing free from its confinement. He was magnificent and although by no means did he have an obscenely large porn star cock he was bigger than the average man. Becca got up on her knees talking him into her waiting hands without being asked, eager to give him the same pleasure he gave her. He was as hard as a steel pipe as she worked him over in her hand, dragging her nails softly underneath his length.

"Jesus woman don't play with me." He growled jerking his hips at the feeling.

"You're the one that fucked with me." Becca giggled, as she rarely did, pumping him slowly making his cock-head flare.

"I'm gonna fuck you. "He mumbled guiding her lips to his head. Becca grinned removing his hands from her head to his sides.

"No touching. Remember?"

Daryl growled in frustration again. Why the hell had he played with her before? It was coming back to bite him in his ass now.

She stuck out her tongue and gave his head a soft lick tasting the salty pre-cum that rested there, enjoying the soft hiss he made at the contact. He jerked as if he had been electrocuted as he felt a tongue on his swollen member for the first time in a while. She continued teasing him taking pleasure in his sexual frustration letting her tongue leave his head and dance along his shaft to his balls then back up again. Without the use of his hands to grip her head for balance he had them clenched at his sides. Not feeling in control he felt useless and his knees trembled lightly. Just as he was considering taking over and shoving himself into her mouth she closed her lips around him sucking as she jerked his length.

Daryl had never been much of a moaner (he left that to Becca) but feeling her mouth around him circling his head and her hand wrapped around his length he let out a small moan. His hips seemed to move on their own accord thrusting his cock into her mouth. Becca moaned around him as well sending vibrations so far throughout him, he could feel it in his spine. The tent filled with Daryl's heavy breathing and her slurping noises created quite a combination. There was no doubt in either of their minds that if his tent had been a little closet to camp everyone would have heard.

Becca moved faster now relaxing her throat muscles of only a minute taking him even deeper into her mouth, feeling him hit the back of her throat. Reaching up to cup and caress his balls she could feel them tighten. A sure sign he would come soon. She released him with a soft plop ignoring the small growl he made in protest and laid back against his sleeping bag legs spread in a come hither look. Quickly he descended upon her kissing her roughly. Without warning he drove his entire length into her covering her scream with his mouth. Her walls instantly contracted against his invading member squeezing him like a snake. Like two pieces of a puzzle they fit together perfectly. Daryl had to pause at the feeling of her tight, wet heat pulsing around his cock to stop himself from coming. He missed this feeling. Being buried to the hilt into her tight warmth was better than the daily hand jobs he gave himself in her absence.

Breaking the kiss Daryl's forehead came to rest against hers as their eyes connected. She gave him a small smile feeling her lust growing at the thought of him inside her, stretching her and filling her all around.

"Ready babe?"

Before she could answer he began thrusting slowly letting one hand grip her thigh and the other pinning her arm down. She out a loud moan throwing her head back as he quickened the pace slightly thrusting into her wet heat over and over again. She ran her fingers across the varying scars across his back and her hips rose to meet his urging him to go faster and he did making the sound of their skin on skin contact join in with their heavy breathing and moaning. Daryl had been trying to pace himself not wanting it to be too much for her on their first time together in a year but the animal in him was wild demanding that he claim her hard and without mercy. Feeling her contracting again around his length he gave in.

Without missing a beat he threw one of her legs over his shoulder and quickened the pace. At this new angle he seemed to go even deeper and she cried out tugging at his brown locks with her free hand. His lips moved to her neck taking a hard bite on the soft skin. The combination of pleasure and pain was always something Becca enjoyed even more so now that she had been deprived of it for so long. She squealed feeling his pubic hair pressing her clit as he repeatedly drove himself into her. Becca suddenly realized how loud she was being and pressed her lips together trying to hold back her moans.

Daryl stopped taking her leg from his shoulder and flipping her over onto her stomach yanking her up by her blonde locks roughly until she was on all fours. Still deep inside her he leaned down and whispered in her ear low.

"I want everyone in this fuckin' camp to hear ya. To know yer mine."

Becca whimpered unable to nod her head as he resumed his relentless pounding into her. Now in full control with one hand tugging her honey blonde hair he guided the other down her back and onto her round ass slapping it hard. She screamed loud letting everyone hear as he met his thrust with her hips. He smacked her backside again admiring the red mark he left before leaning down, his chest to her back and his free hand slid down her stomach to rub her clit in rough circles.

His name fell from her lips as she came around his still thrusting cock seeing stars. Knowing he, and he alone, made her come made him find his own release and he went tumbling down after her pumping himself weakly throughout his orgasm.

They fell onto their sides in exhaustion panting heavily as though they had just run a marathon. He slipped out of her releasing the grip he still had in her hair and caressed her cheek gently looking over her flushed and sweaty face.

"I didn't hurt you did I?"

Becca grinned at his concern and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

"Hardly. I loved it. Maybe we can go for round two?"

This caused Daryl to let out a small laugh and he threw an arm around her spooning her from behind.

"Shit girl you wiped me out. I got fuckin' blue balls waitin' on ya for a damn year."

"Pussy." She mumbled feeling fatigue sweep through her from their earlier activities. Daryl saw the drowsiness in her eyes and pulled the edge of the sleeping bag over their naked bodies.

"Get some sleep babe," He mumbled kissing a small kiss to her temple, "I'll be here when you wake up."

Slowly Becca began to drift off a gentle smile on her face as she felt his strong arm tighten around her making her feel safe and loved. Being celibate for a year definitely had its payoff.

Unbeknownst to her Daryl was unable to sleep and he watched her face. His mind kept jumping back to the moment when she flinched away from him. The pain in fear in her eyes was fresh and he felt as though she was keeping something from him. Daryl quickly shoved that thought to the back of his mind and held her closer. For now he would enjoy holding her in his eyes. Whatever it was could wait.

The next time Becca had awoken it was nearing sundown and Daryl was gone leaving only a bouquet of wild flowers and a note in his spot near her head. Gently she fingered the soft petals letting a small smile gracing her face. He had finally gotten her flowers even though they weren't the fancy ones he had bought before these were better. Wild and untamed from the Georgia forest like Daryl. She lifted the note rubbing her blue eyes tiredly as she tried to decipher his chicken scratch handwriting.

Gone hunting. Won't be back till tomorrow. Be ready for round two when I get back.

- Daryl

Feeling over heated and sticky from being tangled up in his sleeping bag, not to mention the sex from earlier, she tossed it aside along with the note, dressed in her clothes and strapped her machete holder and said weapon to her thigh. Grabbing a fresh outfit from her bag along with bathing supplies she heading out of his tent and to a private section of the quarry that the survivors had designated as the bathing area.

"How ya feeling?" The voice of Amy next to her almost made her jump and she suppressed her scream, swatting at the girl with one hand like she would a fly. She had a soft spot for the younger girl, seeing her as the girl she could have been if she never suffered at the hands of her father.

"Fuckin' hell Amy I'm fine! Why somethin' happen?"

The younger girl grinned and smacked her friend on the back barely able to suppress her teasing.

"Well let's just say that every walker from here to New York could hear you screaming."

Becca blushed bright red as she glanced around the camp at the others. Noticing the knowing glances they passed between each other and the sly looks they were giving Becca from the corners of their eyes made her grab Amy's arm in a death grip yanking her close.

"How many people heard us?" She almost didn't want to know.

Amy smirked throwing an arm around her shoulders. "Well as soon as you started screaming Shane, Glenn and everybody ran over thinking some walkers got through but when you started moaning like a cow it was pretty obvious what you were doing."

Becca ducked her head in embarrassment quickening her pace to the bathing area. She had always been loud in bed but she had never been heard by so many people at one time before. The only person who had heard her so loud before had been Merle who had quickly taken to teasing the pair every chance he got.

Amy shot her another grin before playfully shoving her friend towards the quarry and turning back to the camp. "Go shower you smell like sex! Then come back and tell me how good it was!"

Rolling her blue eyes Becca flipped her off and jogged to the secluded section taking a quick bath before any prying eyes of the campers could find her. After living alone and never settling in one place for so long it felt great to be able to take a bath in a relatively safe place and she never hesitated to take full advantage of that fact. When she got back to the center of camp it was obvious most of the stronger members were gearing up for a run into town. Shane approached her rifle slung over his shoulder and a cleaning rag dangling in his other hand.

"I need ya to head into town and keep an eye on Merle since his brother ain't here." His voice was low and demanding leaving no room for debate. She frowned heading back to Daryl's tent to drop off her stuff. Shane rarely asked her for anything much less made eye contact with her and that was the way she liked it. He wasn't a horrible leader. He was just rough and demanding often times without wanting the input of others and putting his needs before the groups.

"Merle's a big boy I'm sure he can take care of himself." She scoffed freezing up when Shane's large hand came down gripping her forearm in a vice like grip.

"I need ya out there keeping an eye on him."

She retched her arm from his grip and shook it to get feeling back. The one thing Becca hated more than anything in the world, besides being forced to do things, was being manhandled. After being raped in the woods by that dirty rough man she started to shy away from males even more. Becca was more comfortable being close to Daryl, Merle and surprisingly Glenn. His nervous nature and shy humor was enough to relax her into comfort. Shane on the other hand was another story. He reminded Becca of her father in the way he carried himself. The way he squared his strong bold shoulders whenever he barked out orders to the people he deemed inferior and the way he felt it was okay to manhandle her made Becca's blood boil in anger. She tossed her stuff into Daryl's tent halfhearted and threw Shane a seething look.

"If you ever touch me again I'll jam my boot so far up your ass you'll be able to tie my laces with your tongue."

As Becca walked away towards the car she didn't see the way Shane flexed his hands into a fist or the way he wiped his mouth in anger trying desperately to refrain from hitting her. She jumped into the car and heard a small noise of disgust realizing with dread that it was Andrea she was sitting next to. The blonde shot her a dirty look before continuing to twist a metal bat in her hand. Becca rolled her eyes in irritation before gripping the handle of her machete in its holder. After the small confrontation with Shane she was in no mood to deal with Andrea's bullshit. Glenn jumped into the front seat starting the car and driving off leaving their makeshift camp behind.

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