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Chapter 1

"Team 7 will be Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. Your jounin sensei is Kakashi Hatake." Iruka sensei said with dramatic pauses between each name resulting in cheering from Naruto and groaning from Sakura and then the opposite after Sasuke's name was called.

"Sensei why do I have to be on a team with someone I don't like?" Naruto asked. Sakura would have retorted to Naruto's outburst, but he didn't insult Sasuke and his outburst could result in her getting a better teammate.

"Because Naruto, the teams need to be evened out. We put the top two students with the worse, but that's only test wise. I have different thoughts on who the top two and the worst student is, but I'll keep that to myself." Iruka explained

Team 7 was shocked at what Iruka meant by that, but he wasn't going to say anything else about that.

Iruka continued on with the rest of the teams. Team 8 was Kiba, Shino, and Hinata under Kurenai. Team 10 was the second generation Ino-Shika-Cho trio under Asuma.

Hours later on the roof

Team 7 was still slightly pissed that their sensei was late to pick them up. Sasuke also had additional thoughts about Kakashi's entrance.

How could a Jounin fall for such a idiotic prank? Maybe he knew it was coming and decided to humor Naruto. That has to be the explanation, no one can reach Jounin rank and not be good, Sasuke thought as he stared at his sensei

"Now how about we introduce ourselves. I want your name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and dreams for the future." Kakashi said

"How bout you give us an example sensei?" Sakura asked

"My name is Kakashi Hatake. I have likes and dislikes. My hobbies are really none of your concern. I don't really have a dream for the future." Kakashi said

I like master Jiraiya's icha icha series, I dislike scum and those worse. My hobbies are reading. My dreams are to help you all acheive your dreams, Kakashi thought

We only learned his name, Team 7 thought

"My name is Sakura Haruno. I like... I mean the person I like(looks at Sasuke and giggles.) My dream is(looks at Sasuke and giggles)." Sakura said

"And you dislike?" Kakashi asked

"Ino-pig!" Sakura said. She would have thrown in Naruto, but he didn't irritate her not once today even if she acted like she was irritated by Naruto's prank on their sensei.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I dislike many things, but I don't see how that matters since I don't really like anything. My dream is more of an ambition because I plan to make it a reality. I plan to revive my clan and to kill a certain someone." Sasuke said

Sasuke's so cool, Sakura thought

I hope he doesn't mean me, Naruto thought

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen and I dislike vegetables. My hobbies are training and eating different flavors of Ramen. My dream is to be hokage, so people can stop disrespecting me and treat me like I'm someone, someone important." Naruto said

If you stop doing so many pranks people wouldn't disrespect you, Sakura and Sasuke thought

"Alright now that that's finish. Tomorrow is the real genin exam. The first one was to cut down the ones who had no chance of passing this test. Out of the 27 students that graduated only 9 will become genin. This test has a 66% failure rate. I need you to meet me at training ground 7 at 7 AM. I would advise against breakfast because you'll puke if you eat." Kakashi said quickly before the genin could complain. When the info sunk in Kakashi body flickered away.

Team 7 were all distraught, but Naruto was the only one verbal about it. Sasuke had thoughts about being deprived the chance at getting stronger by failing this test. Sakura had thoughts of being separated from her Sasuke-kun if she failed. Naruto was verbally mad that he went through so much effort to pass the first test to find out he had a new test with such a high failure rate.

When Naruto calmed down they all departed.

The next day

Team 7 met in the training grounds and something felt off to Sakura and Sasuke.

"Why don't you look tired and hungry like us Naruto?" Sakura asked

"I ate a bigger than normal dinner last night, went to sleep two hours earlier than I normally do, and had a snack halfway through the night. Besides sensei advised to not eat breakfast or we'd puke, he never ordered us not to." Naruto said

"I figured that too, but I don't eat much anyway. I had an apple before I left the house." Sakura said

"I'm not a morning person, so I woke up literally five minutes ago and didn't have time for breakfast." Sasuke said

Three hours later

"Hey. Ready for the test?" Kakashi asked as he approached

Sasuke figured Kakashi would be late again so the team weren't surprised at Kakashi's late arrival. They just nodded.

"The objective is for you to take these bells. If you don't get a bell you fail and return to the academy." Kakashi said

"Sensei, there are only two bells." Sakura said

"I know. That means one of you will fail regardless. Come at me with the intent to kill or you'll never get a bell." Kakashi said

As soon as he finished Naruto reached for a kunai. A second later Kakashi was behind Naruto holding his arm, kunai still firm in his grasp, behind his head.

"I didn't even say start, but I am starting to like you guys." Kakashi said

wow, Sakura thought

I was right to not underestimate him. This is the skill of a jounin. He was probably holding back too, Sasuke thought as he smirked at the things this jounin could teach him.

"Begin!" Kakashi said as he released Naruto and the team fled to find cover in the forest.

Council chambers

"What did you call this meeting for Danzo?" Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third hokage asked

"I want to discuss young Naruto." Danzo said as he glanced at the other members of the council. His eyes passed the empty Uchiha clan head seat which would belong to Sasuke when he was older, Tsume Inuzuka, Shibi Aburame, Hiashi Hyuga, Shikaku Nara, Inoichi Yamanaka, Chouza Akimichi, and the hokage himself.

"What about him?" Hiruzen asked

"After seeing the ability of both his parents, I believe that Naruto will be a better weapon, or shinobi as they are referred to in public, if he is given what he wants." Danzo said

"I thought Naruto was an orphan." Tsume said

"What do you mean what he wants?" Hiashi asked

"Naruto's parents are Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze." Danzo said as everyone looked shocked.

"How did you find out? That was a closely guarded secret." Hiruzen asked

"A poorly guarded secret to most. It may not have been public knowledge, but people were able to see that Kushina and Minato were dating ever since the academy. He takes after his mother in personality and his father in looks. Anyone paying attention could have realized who his parents were. Unfortunately too many people are blinded by their hate for Kyuubi that they don't try to see." Danzo said and his voice sounded slightly sad.

"Why was none of us informed, lord hokage, of Naruto's parentage?" Hiashi asked

"As we all know Minato is a hero here, but we should also see that he is hated in Iwa and seen as a threat in Kumo. That gives Naruto many enemies if they learn this. I kept it a secret from all who didn't know. Other than myself the only ones that know are Kakashi Hatake, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune. I only did it to protect Naruto." Hiruzen said

The rest of the council all nodded in agreement.

"You never answered my question though Danzo. What does he want?" Hiashi restated his question.

"What does any orphan want, especially in Naruto's position? Family. This particular orphan has the common desire of most orphans as well as another. He wishes to be hokage, for poor reasons admittedly, but what child would truly have good reasons. If he's anything like his parents, once he reaches maturity he'll keep that goal and prove why he should reach that goal. Under the tutelage of Jiraiya of the sannin, Minato was able to reach the rank of hokage at a very young age of 18. With help like that imagine what Naruto can do. I motion for at least team 7 if not Naruto's generation including Team Gai learn of Naruto's burden and parentage, also I motion for an arranged marriage between Naruto and Sakura. These factors will increase Naruto's loyalty to the village, hopefully give him friends who he doesn't have to hide things from, and an increased drive to be hokage." Danzo said

Before Hiruzen could make any retort Hiashi spoke. "All in favor of this motion say Aye." Hiashi said

"Aye!" Was heard by all, but Sarutobi.

"I guess I know when I'm beaten. I just hope this turns out for the best. Aye." Hiruzen said with a smile on his face.

With Team 7

"You pass." Kakashi said as he threw a kunai to Naruto's tied up position. He explained to them the true meaning of the test.

"In the ninja world those that disobey orders are scum, that's true, but those that abandon their comrades are worse than scum." Kakashi said as team 7 allowed the information to sink in.

A messenger hawk flew to Kakashi who removed the note and then burned it after reading it.

"You will meet me at the academy tomorrow, room 301." Kakashi said as he eye smiled and poofed away.

The next day room 301

Team 7 entered the room to see Teams 8 and 10 along with their sensei, Kakashi sensei, as well as another team and their sensei.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked

"Come sit Naruto." Hiruzen said

Team 7 sat and waited.

"Today I have some information to tell you all that will be shocking. Listen to everything I say before you speak, that means you Naruto." Hiruzen said as Naruto and the others nodded.

"During the battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju, Madara controlled the Kyuubi and used him to aid in his fight. That all changed when Hashirama's wife Mito Uzumaki helped and sealed the Kyuubi inside of her. Her assistance allowed Hashirama to take advantage of the battle and defeat Madara. Mito became what is known as a Jinchuriki. A Jinchuriki is a human that holds a tailed beast within their body. Kyuubi is the nine tailed beast and strongest of them all. Mito remained a Jinchuriki for the rest of her life. When she knew that she didn't have much more time left alive, she made a request that a member of her clan, the Uzumaki clan, would be sent to replace her as Jinchuriki. Her replacement was Kushina Uzumaki who came to Konoha and immediately joined the academy. She became a ninja of Konoha and soon after took over as the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. Kushina, who has been dating one man since the academy, secretly married that man who later became the fourth hokage. 12 years ago the Kyuubi attacked. A masked man, that we believe to be Uchiha because he controlled the Kyuubi, interrupted Kushina's pregnancy with Naruto. He removed the Kyuubi and faced Minato one on one. Minato believes he was holding back though. Minato returned to face down Kyuubi and made the only choice. Kushina was too weak to become a Jinchuriki again and the jutsu he planned to use wouldn't work if he used himself. He used the reaper death seal, a seal that takes his life as well, to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto and as a result it also orphaned Naruto because Kushina died as well. Any of the people who could have adopted Naruto were unable to because it would draw attention to Naruto. Jiraiya, Naruto's godfather had a spy system to run and it was for the best that Naruto didn't grow up on the road. Kakashi had joined anbu and being one of Minato's student would have only drawn attention to Naruto. I would have, but I had to retake my position as hokage and would have been too busy to give Naruto the attention he deserved." Hiruzen finished as everyone was looking at Naruto. People were often glancing at Naruto at the mention of an Uzumaki marrying the first hokage. Upon hearing of an Uzumaki marrying the fourth some of the more perceptive ones like Shikamaru, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, and the Jounin sensei minus Kakashi who already knew started to piece together that Naruto was the fourth's son.

Slowly they all walked to Naruto.

"I'm Neji Hyuga.I also understand the feeling of being branded with a seal that supposedly defines who you are." Neji said as he removed his forehead protector. "This marks me as a member of the side branch of the Hyuga clan. It's purpose is to destroy my bloodline if I die, but it also has the ability to inflict pain upon me from a single hand seal from a member of the main house of the Hyuga." Neji said

"I'm Tenten. I know a little about seals. I know that if you seal a kunai in a scroll it doesn't make the scroll a kunai. I can see the difference between you and Kyuubi." Tenten said

"I am Rock Lee. I have seen you before and now hearing about your burden, I'm proud to call you a comrade because you aren't letting it get you down. I also have a burden. I am unable to use ninjutsu or genjutsu. I make up for it by training very hard in taijutsu." Lee said

"You're still that idiot Naruto from class and we don't see you any differently." Shikamaru said in a joking way as Ino and Choji nodded.

"You're still the same loser you were in the academy, and one of my closest friends." Kiba said

"You're still Naruto-kun to me." Hinata said timidly

Shino just agreed with his teammates.

"So you've been alone all your life huh? That means we can understand each other better than most. I've been alone since my brother murdered my clan. We both know the feeling of being alone. I accept you Naruto, Kyuubi Jinchuriki and all." Sasuke said as he reached out his hand for Naruto

"Yeah!" Sakura said in agreement as Naruto shook Sasuke's hand

"I'm glad you all feel that way. Now I need all but team 7 to leave." Hiruzen said as the others left the room to continue their day.

"What's left to be said old man?" Naruto asked

"My former teammate Danzo, who is also my second in command called for a meeting yesterday. It was his idea for this to happen while me and the council agreed. There was one other thing that he asked for. He asked for an arranged marriage between Naruto and Sakura." Hiruzen said as team 7, including Kakashi looked shocked.

"But..." Sakura and Naruto started

"There is no stopping this marriage unless one of you dies. The marriage has been made official and will take place immediately after the upcoming Chunin exams which you have to participate." Hiruzen said

"Are you sure they're ready lord hokage?" Kakashi asked

"I'm not, but that's why it's your job to train them until they are ready." Hiruzen said

"I'm willing to call off all but one mission before the exams. You train them for awhile, they undertake a C rank mission, and then return to training until the exams." Hiruzen said

"It will be done. Let's head to training ground 7 team." Kakashi said as he led his team out. Although they weren't complaining Team 7 was thinking a lot about this arranged marriage.