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Chapter 2

Team 7 arrived at their training ground. Naruto and Sakura were still shocked about the information they just received. Sakura was more than fine with him holding the kyuubi and being the son of the fourth hokage, but she liked Sasuke. She wouldn't take it out on Naruto because he didn't ask for this, but it was still difficult for her. Naruto on the other hand was torn. He wanted to be with Sakura, but not if it meant forcing her into a marriage that she didn't want.

Before Kakashi could speak to his team a figure appeared in the treeline. Kakashi recognized him as Danzo and made no move to stop his approach to his team.

"Hello Kakashi, team 7." Danzo said as he got closer.

"Team this is Danzo. The one who made everything that just occurred possible." Kakashi said. He didn't know how he felt about this situation. He just hoped above all else that it didn't hurt the team's ability to function as a team.

"Not that I'm not grateful, but why did you do all this?" Naruto asked with no amount of emotion showing on his face as his eyes were hidden by his eyes.

"I'm going to be very honest with you Naruto, I did it for Konoha. I hold no ill intent towards you. I do hold a lot of respect for you to have a life like yours and still want the best for the village. You remind me of Hiruzen. Seeing your parents' ability I wanted to make you into a strong shinobi for the village. I normally employ people and put them through training to remove all emotion, but I know that will only weaken you. By doing all I have done you have a small group of friends in your generation who you don't have to keep secrets from, a task that will only strengthen your bonds. As an orphan, I knew that you truly wanted a family. You are technically an adult in the eyes of the village, so being adopted wouldn't work. The only other option of giving you family, was to marry you off and hope you start a family after time of being with each other and gaining feelings for each other greater than any other bond you hold in Konoha. I also planned to give you the ability to achieve your hokage dream, if not be a strong Jounin rivaling the hokage." Danzo finished

Kakashi was shocked at his words. He always thought that Danzo, from a third person view since he didn't know the man personally, was cold and emotionless who only saw shinobi as tools for the kage to wield like a kunai.

"Thanks Danzo. I know you didn't do this for me, but you're one of the first to do something to me that had no negative intent (AN: Naruto knows nothing of Sarutobi's law of keeping the younger generation from knowing of Naruto's burden or preventing the adults who knew of Naruto from speaking of Naruto's burden under penalty of death. Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune has not seen Naruto since he was a baby. Kakashi has been in anbu for the most part while Naruto was a child and he tried becoming a Jounin sensei since Naruto joined the academy, but he has fortunately been unsuccessful until Naruto's team)" Naruto said

"Your welcome Naruto. Now to the other point in me coming. My employees have created a pill that will help Sasuke and Sakura in their quest to get stronger for the Chunin Exams." Danzo said

"Why them, why not Naruto as well?" Kakashi asked before team could voice the same words.

"The item in question will only make Naruto getting stronger a lot harder. The pill that was developed will increase their chakra reserves to Jounin level. Naruto already has very high chakra levels, that probably surpasses Jiraiya and Hiruzen, and increasing those reserves any more will make controlling it harder than it already is. Here you go." Danzo said as he handed Sasuke and Sakura a pill each and Kakashi a paper describing the pills.

These pills, which has as of yet been unnamed, increases person's reserves exponentially. The only negative effect is that the control of said person remains exactly where it was before consuming this pill. That unfortunate side effect will have to be remedied before use.

"Alright, you two can take the pills if you want. I can't force you or deny you this if this is what you want." Kakashi said as showing the two the paper.

"After taking the pills I'd advise teaching the two shadow clone jutsu. After that allow them to use shadow clones to work on chakra control. The original can work on physical conditioning in the meantime." Danzo offered

Before Kakashi could reply his thanks, Sasuke and Sakura popped the pills in their mouths. The second after they swallowed them a huge burst of chakra exuded from them. Kakashi noted that their reserves equaled his.

"How do you feel?" Kakashi asked

"Stronger." Sasuke simply said as Sakura nodded

"Thank you Danzo. May I ask that you excuse us so that we may get started training." Kakashi asked

"Of course." Danzo said as he walked away and waved his farewell to the team with his one good arm.

"Alright Naruto I need you to wait for a little while. Sasuke, Sakura form this handsign and push more chakra than you do with the standard clone jutsu." Kakashi said as the two nodded.

The two planned on making 5 clones, but got 2 shadow clone.

"I was pushing chakra for 5 clones." Sasuke said

"Me too. Why did we only get two sensei?" Sakura asked

"The shadow clone jutsu takes more chakra than the clone jutsu. I guess you should put in for 20 regular clones for now." Kakashi said

The two nodded and got the 10 shadow clones which was Kakashi's desired number of clones.

"That's just what I expected and wanted you to make. Alright Naruto, I want you to make 20 clones." Kakashi said as Naruto created the required number of clones.

"I guess that Danzo guy wasn't kidding about Naruto's reserves being so high. He doesn't look he felt the effects and he created twice what we made. I felt a strain on my chakra just creating 10." Sakura said as Sasuke nodded in agreement

"Alright the first thing I'm going to do is teach you how to climb trees with chakra, the first chakra control exercise. My clone will teach your clones, while I place some gravity seals on your bodies." Kakashi said

Two weeks later

Team 7 had a very vigorous training schedule for the past two weeks. After two days of 12 hours practicing with shadow clones, team 7 gained 10 days for Sakura and Sasuke, and 20 days worth of chakra control training. They also were working on physical conditioning for as long as they were able with Naruto lasting 6 hours and Sakura only lasting for two hours, Sasuke being inbetween their results. For the 5 remainding days of the week Kakashi had them create twice as many clones. The first half worked on chakra control while the other half worked on jutsu mastery. Sasuke worked on mastery of the fireball jutsu and the shadow clone jutsu. Naruto worked on mastery of the shadow clone and shadow clone explosion jutsu. Sakura worked on mastery of the shuriken shadow clone jutsu and the shadow clone jutsu. That added up to 25 days for Sasuke and Sakura, and 50 days for Naruto of chakra control training. They mastered the jutsu to the point where they could do one handed handseals for all except the shadow clone jutsu, with that justu they still needed the handseal. After another week of jutsu mastery they acheived seal less jutsu for all the jutsu they currently possesed. Sasuke knew the academy three, but had problems doing the standard clone because he needed better control, fireball jutsu, and shadow clone jutsu. Naruto knew the academy two, shadow clone jutsu, and shadow clone explosion. Sakura knew the academy three, and although she was struggling with the clone she was doing better than the other two, shuriken shadow clone jutsu, and the shadow clone jutsu. Their physical conditioning really helped. They all increased exponentially in speed and strength. Sakura was the strongest in raw strength with Naruto being weaker but still stronger than Sasuke, Sasuke was the fastest with Naruto just barely being slower, but above all Naruto still had the most stamina. Sasuke currently used the interceptor fighting style of the Uchiha. Naruto just used a brawler fighting style with the help of shadow clones. Sakura still used the academy taijutsu style, but her physical conditioning made her better at it. (AN Sasuke is as fast as Lee is with weights on, with Naruto and Sakura not that far behind him. In skill they are all low to mid chunin, but they are low to mid genin in experience since they haven't been on a mission yet. They all have high Chunin to low Jounin control.)

Sakura and Naruto formed a friendship, but she still held her crush on Sasuke. She was losing the crush because she knew that nothing that could stop the marriage would be appreciated by her. She didn't want to die, didn't want Naruto to die, and she didn't want either of them to leave the village. She was contempt with her fate, but wasn't dreading it like she probably would have if she heard the arranged marriage part only during her academy days. Sasuke opened up to his teammates more. Naruto and Sasuke came to realize that they both know the pain of loneliness, but not the same thing. Naruto never had bonds, and Sasuke lost his to the person he cared for the most. Sasuke dropped the path of an avenger, but made a solemn vow to his parents(A vow that he filled team Kakashi in on) that if he ever crossed paths with Itachi he would bring him to Konoha to deal with the punishment of his crimes, but not at the cost of his or his comrades lives. Sakura over time realized that the reasons why she and every girl in their academy class fell for Sasuke was all a lie. Everything about him before was used to keep people away, but not his true personality. She liked his true personality. She hoped that Ino at least could see his true personality, so that she could lose the crush and either move on or gain real feelings for Sasuke. Sakura also told Naruto of his complete lack of notice of Hinata's feelings for him. This caused Naruto to talk to the timid girl and make her realize that her feelings for Naruto were more adoration than romantic. He was a hero to her like the fourth was to Naruto. The only differnece was that Naruto being her age and the opposite sex allowed her to get confused in her emotion. Sakura decided for the both of them that the arranged marriage would stay between team 7, the hokage, and the council. She wanted to grow feelings for Naruto before the marriage to be public knowledge. She knew it would happen soon because her feelings for him already grew from annoyance to a close friendship. She was just waiting for the day that his feelings for her became requited.

Team 7 also changed their clothes slightly. Kakashi at least managed to convince them to wear darker versions of the colors they wore. Naruto wore black pants, black sandals, black forehead protector cloth, and a dark orange and black jacket with the Uzumaki spiral on the back. Sakura wore a dark red short sleeve shirt, a dark red skirt with black biker shorts that reached her knees, black boots, and a dark red forehead protector cloth. Sasuke wore black pants, a dark blue short sleeve shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back, black gloves like Kakashi's, black sandals, and a dark blue forehead protector cloth.

Team 7 was walking into the hokage's office for the first and only mission before the Chunin Exams. Said mission happened to be a C rank, something that most Genin fresh out the academy never got. The hokage explained their mission which was a C rank bodyguard mission. They had to escort Tazuna the bridgebuilder home and then protect him until he finished a bridge. Kakashi sent them home to pack and told them to meet him at the gate in 30 minutes.