Megan was starting to get frustrated. She and Sam have been moving boxes all week, barely stopping to eat and sleep. After all Sam's parents had a lot of supplies Megan looked up from the boxes she was carrying.

"What did I do wrong this time?"

Samantha Manson appeared from the staircase behind Megan

"Those boxes are supposed to go in the truck!" Sam said while pointing at a bunch of boxes in her garage

" Well couldn't you go get them?"

" No I have to get everything from my mom's room.

"I thought we did her room yesterday!"

"No yesterday we did my room and the kitchen."

" I think we need more movers"

"But that would require spending money and my parents won't allow the needless spending of money" Sam said sarcastically.

"Sam your parents aren't all that bad, besides you are filthy rich"

"I know, but I am not letting my parent's wealth get to me. I would rather earn the money myself.

Samantha "Sam" Manson was not your typical fifteen year old girl. For one she was born with rare amethyst colored eyes. That coupled with her environmentalism and gothic personality made her a very unique individual.

Sam and her family were currently gearing up for a move to Amity Park ranked the most haunted city in North America after it vanished from the map half a year ago. Sam of course believed it was just a publicity stunt. I mean ghosts aren't real... Right?

After loading some more boxes into the various moving trucks along their driveway, Sam was exhausted. Sam's mom Pamela Manson suddenly appeared from the back of one of the moving trucks.

"Oh Sammykins, the moving men are all ready, so go get the last of your things and say goodbye to your friend.

Megan was Sam's best friend since Kindergarten. They would usually get in trouble with the local teachers and bullies. Megan began the goodbyes.

"Promise me you won't forget me when you are meeting cute boys and call me every time you can."

Megan couldn't look Sam in the eyes. She didn't want Sam seeing her tear up.

"Don't worry Megan. No one can ever forget you."

Megan reached out and hugged Sam until Sam's impatient mother came out again.

"Sammykins we have to leave Now!"

Sam took a moment and looked at her hometown for the last time.

" Megan, I am going to miss everyone here, even our teachers."

She then obediently grabbed her things and walked over to their car with her mother and father. A couple seconds later the car was off and heading to their new home Amity Park. If Sam looked back she would have seen Megan crying while watching them go.