Writer's block. That's the only excuse I give. Even though there are a bajillion pairings/characters I could've written about, NOTHING came to mind. Nothing. Either way, I hope you like this, as rushed as it was. The stuff in parenthesis can either be thoughts, dialogue, or just general blurbs.

Deep underground, a little girl hugs her stuffed bear tightly to her bosom. It's dark, and damp, and she's alone, and scared.

Why did her parents not go down with her into this place? (Panic room; that is what I think they called it, but I could not hear them very well.)

She doesn't really know how long she's been down here. To her, it feels like days, but with nothing to do and no one to talk to but Mr. Cuddles (her bear), a half hour could have passed and she wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

(What do you think they're doing, Mr. Cuddles?) She whispers in a hushed tone. (We will be back, we will come and get you, so stay here until then, okay? We love you, they said.) "I love you, too," she buries her face in the bear and utters the words she had no time to say back before the hatch was closed and darkness enveloped the pair.

She wonders about what goes on in the world above, if the smell of smoke would ever go away, if her toys are safe from the inferno (she won't get her hopes up, though). She remembers catching a glimpse of the bright flames that engulfed the houses near hers, before her father turned her head and pressed her face against his chest. After that, her memories are dark and full of panic room. (Mommy, daddy, where are you? I am lonely here. Please come back for me.)

She stays in the position she sits in, hugging her knees to her chest with her stuffed animal sandwiched in between, until she finally decides to take a nap. Lying down on the slightly damp ground, the girl falls into a slumber. (They will come back for me, I know they will. I know it.)

Her eyes crack open almost intuitively when sunlight pours into the room once more. Sitting up groggily, it takes time for her eyes to adjust, but when they do she makes out a figure walking towards her, with their face hidden by the shadows. They're much too tall to be her mother. (Daddy, is that you?)

She runs towards the person with her arms outstretched, leaving her pillow on the floor (also known as Mr. Cuddles), but eventually slows to a stop. This man is certainly not her father, and her arms droop by her sides when she realizes this. (Who are you?)

His face seems somewhat familiar to her. (He looks like the man I met on the street with Daddy.)

The man doesn't say anything, but simply smiles at her and steps a bit closer. She takes a step back, and in return he steps closer, and they continue this little game until she's trapped in a corner and he towers over her. (Where are my parents?)

Her legs shake, and she can't find the courage to run away from him. The man lifts his hand and places it atop her head. (W-What are you doing?) Her head starts to spin underneath the man's grip, and darkness envelopes her once again.

(Sleep now.)

She groans and rubs her eyes when she regains consciousness, and sits up almost reluctantly, because whatever she slept on was pretty comfortable. Her eyes soon adjust to the light streaming in through the windows, and she thinks she's in some sort of carriage, because of the small room she sits in and the world moving past her at a steady pace when she looks out the window. A man sits across from her, though he is asleep as well.

A bell nearly rings in her head, but she can't place his name, or how she knows him. A few more minutes pass as she stares at him, attempting remember who he is, and the man eventually wakes up. (Ah, you're awake.)

He sits up straight and smiles. (Who are you?) Shivers run down the little girl's spine. (Your father, don't you remember?)

Her father? Oh.

(… Who am I?) She asks this once she realizes she doesn't even remember her own name.

(Aversa. Your name is Aversa.)

Aversa is one one of my favorite characters, really. I had originally wanted to marry her in my guy file, but then I saw the supports and I was like... meh. (The confession scene was funny, though). I think the same thing happened with Anna. And Emmeryn. (Until I finally settled on Olivia.) Hehe.

Anyways, I tried to write in a different style than usual, though I don't think it worked out too well... There are things I might change to capture the voice of a little girl more clearly, but overall I'm pretty satisfied. Until next time! (who knows when that'll be?)

- blacksunset1214