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"So you're telling me you have been in a relationship behind my back for all these years?"

Takahiro was not pleased at all. In fact, he was mad and disappointed. Mad, because apparently, everyone except himself had known of the couple's not-so-well hidden secret. Disappointed, because he felt like he had been betrayed by two of the most important people in his life.

Everyone had gathered in the living room after the incident. Misaki was sitting on the couch, head bowed in shame as he could not look into his brother's cruel eyes any longer. Akihiko stood to his right like a guardian, one hand resting on his lover's trembling shoulder to comfort him. They were both equally hurt from Takahiro's actions, however, the man knew he had to be strong to protect Misaki from his brother's cold glare.

"I... I really wanted to tell you-" Misaki begun desperately, not knowing what to do with his hands, clenching and unclenching them nervously.

"And when exactly were you intending to tell me? At my funeral?" Takahiro spat, causing Manami to flinch visibly behind her husband.

"Darling, please, try to be a bit-"

"Be what? Calm? Reasonable? My little brother tells me that he's fucking gay, and you want me to be calm?" He barked out the last word with such force that the woman narrowed her eyes in pain, the words still resonating unbearably in her ears.

Misaki found it difficult to hold back the droplets of salty water hanging thickly on his lowered lashes, threatening to roll down his reddened cheeks. The way he said out that word... It sounded like some sort of disease. Did his brother really mean it that way? Was it so wrong to be happy with another man?

A storm was beginning to form outside. Raindrops knocked on the windows as the sound of thunder filled the saddening silence in the room.

Misaki felt the grip on his shoulder tighten as he failed to muffle a choked cry. Even though Akihiko was suffering as much as himself, he was unbelievably grateful that the novelist was beside him, comforting him. He knew that his lover still cared about Takahiro and that only made his burden even more unbearable. Yet, Misaki couldn't think about what would have happened to himself if Akihiko had not been there to support him.

Takahiro proceeded to vent his anger on Misaki, shouting words that felt like bullets shot through the boy's heart as tears welled up in swollen eyes over and over again.

"Just tell me, Misaki. What the hell were you thinking? Is this some sort of game to you? Do you think it's funny to give your brother the shock of his life by being... together with his best friend?"

The male obviously avoided using the word 'relationship' as he found the thought of his brother being physically and emotionally bound to another man absurd. A relationship should involve a nice woman his age he could get married with someday, buying a lovely house with a huge garden, raising a family and having children and all that. So what kind of a relationship could two men ever have?

"This is not a joke," Akihiko stated as he realised that Misaki could not find the courage to let out a single sound since the boy was occupied with wiping his eyes vigorously. His attempts to cease his tears, however, prove to be futile as relentless droplets formed in emerald orbs once again.

"I'm not talking to you, Akihiko!" the male snarled in response. "And what the hell were you thinking anyway? I don't care who you were fooling around with before, but Misaki is my brother and ten years younger than you! I tolerated your actions during college, but we're not teenagers anymore!"

"This time it's different," Akihiko responded flatly. "I am no longer the foolish boy you knew from the past. Since I have met Misaki, my life has changed for the better. And you of all people should be aware of that the best."

"Don't give me that kind of bullshit!" he hissed. "That still doesn't give you the right to pull my brother into your sick world!"

Takahiro knew he was crossing many lines at this point. Never before had he judged his friend by his sexual preferences, not even after discovering the novels he was writing aside from his main projects. On the contrary, he had found it amusing to some degree that the novelist would write those silly stories for some thirteen year old girls who would giggle all over everything immediately. He had never been the type to forejudge anybody, and he knew he was hurting Akihiko so very much at this moment, but this... This was too much, even for a tame person like himself.

"Just because this kind of topic is out of your comfort zone does not mean it is something bad," the silver-haired male answered.

"But it is wrong!" Takahiro replied vibrantly.

"How so?"

"A man simply can't have a proper relationship with another man! How the hell did you think it would work out anyway? Have a physical relationship for the rest of your life? What about family? What about diseases? Did it ever occur to you that you could catch STD's from each other, like Aids?"

Misaki jumped off his seat, furrowing his brows in annoyance. "Being gay doesn't prove that one has to carry diseases around. Besides, we got tested years ago and none of us have been diagnosed with anything communicable!"

"Besides, this is not only about superficial relationships," Akihiko remarked. "Misaki and I decided to get married."

"... What?"

Akihiko's statement came unexpected, leaving both his fiancé and his friend in shock.

"Misaki, is that true?"

The boy hesitated for a moment before giving his brother a brief nod. "Nii-san, I am officially engaged to Usagi-san, and... I was hoping for your blessing-"

Takahiro's mouth snapped open. "I- I can't believe this!" he bursted out. "Are you nuts? Marriage isn't something you dive head first into!"

"We have been together for seven years! What on earth is precipitous about our wedding?" Misaki exclaimed.

His brother replied quickly. "But you're both males! What will other people think of us after hearing you're in a relationship with a man?"

This time, it was Akihiko who cut into the conversation. "How can you be so obsequious to society? Does your brother's happiness mean nothing to you?"

Takahiro's eyes rounded outraged, Akihiko's words had hit him hard. "Of course it does! Otherwise I wouldn't make a spectacle of myself right now!"

"Your arguments are not helpful at all!" Akihiko pulled Misaki close to his body. "Misaki and I will get married, and nothing will change this!"

And with that, everything seemed to be spoken. Takahiro let his head sink in defeat, clenching his fists when Manami tried to comfort her husband.

"It's alright, Takahiro," she encouraged the male. "Why don't we just accept that your brother is happy and celebrate the great news? I am sure Akihiko will take good care of Misaki."

Takahiro lifted his head slowly, glancing around with a sad expression.

"How can you all do this to me?" Takahiro's voice came as a mere whisper as he looked at his little brother. "What would mother and father think of you when they were here?"


The statement had caught Misaki entirely off-guard, and Takahiro was aware of that. He knew it was unfair of him to mention his parents since Misaki still thought that he had been the reason they had died in that car accident in the first place. Yet, the male became more desperate with each second as he tried everyting in his might to convince his brother that what he was doing was wrong. Losing this dispute was an option he clearly refused to let happen with every fiber of his body.

But instead of reacting how Takahiro had hoped his brother to, the boy became angry.

"You're not mom and dad!"

"I am your brother!" Takahiro shouted. "I looked after you when nobody else did! I even quit university because of you! And that's the way you thank me for everything? By betraying me?"

"No!" Misaki collapsed to his knees, covering his teary eyes with two shaking hands. Takahiro did not move at first, but then he approached the weeping boy with long, resonating steps to grab his arm.

"I've had enough of this. You're coming with me!"

However, Akihiko was quicker than him, stretching his hand out to catch Takahiro before he could accomplish his actions.

The novelist gave the male a warning glance, eyes blazing with fury.

"If you do so much as touch a single hair of Misaki, I will..." he hissed through gritted teeth.

Takahiro returned the stare, regarding his friend with equal intensity and venom in his eyes.

"Do what, Akihiko? Hurt me? You already caused enough damage as it is!" He then glanced towards the boy kneeling on the floor. "Stand up. And quit whining like a girl!"

Hearing this, The silver-haired male yanked on the other's arm to catch his attention. "Don't you dare talk to Misaki in that tone!"

"Who gives you the right to tell me how to talk to my brother?" the male snarled, looking down on his brother as he tried to pull away his arm from Akihiko's hold. But the novelist only tightened his grip around the other until Takahiro let out a loud howl, squirming with pain under Akihiko's blistering grasp.

Misaki's head suddenly snapped upwards, obviously shaken out of his absent state by his brother's deafening whimpers.

"Stop it!" the boy shouted, grabbing his lover's arm with the little force that remained in his numbed limbs, causing Akihiko to awake from the madness clouding his mind. The moment he turned his head he was looking into frightened, pleading, emerald orbs and froze between his actions. For a moment he glanced swiftly at his hand that had paled from the forceful grasp. He had not been aware of how much he was hurting the male before him until he perceived Misaki's terrified expression, as if the novelist was a madman, a monster. He let go of Takahiro's arm immediately as if he had been burned from the touch, inching backwards in shock. What had just happened?

Takahiro held his arm with his other hand, trying to ease the pain rushing through his limb with each breath. He looked at Akihiko, then towards Misaki.

"I won't go. I can't," the boy stated desperately with grief in his eyes, clenching his fists to stop his tears from falling. Takahiro watched his brother for a long time before uttering a deep sigh, disappointment reflecting in his narrowed orbs.

"So be it."

He then turned on his heels, signaling Manami to follow him. She obeyed without any protest and together they marched towards the exit, not uttering a single word.

The door slammed shut. Silence. Unbearable, long-stretched emptiness conquered the air, their ears, their hearts. Only the heavy rain witnessed the incident as it proceeded to drum on the windows. And once again, the boy wept unstoppable amounts of tears. For himself, for his brother and, even if the male would never cry, for Akihiko.

Takahiro was gone and he would not retutn for a long time.


The rain continued to pour down as the couple left the building. Takahiro didn't mind the droplets of water falling upon him, there was nothing that could have ruined his day even more than what had happened minutes ago. Just what was his brother thinking? Sure, Akihiko was a reliable person and loyal friend, but how could Misaki be in a relationship with him, a man?

'Mother and father in heaven, please forgive my little brother's decision,' he thought, looking up into the sky hidden beneath thick clouds. A faint light caught his attention, the only one on top of rows of dark windows. He kept staring at it for a while, knowing whose apartment it belonged to.

"Darling, please, let's just go home," Manami pleaded at some point, a light hand resting on her husband's shoulder. Takahiro adverted his gaze from the apartment to look at his wife properly. Sorrow marred her beautiful face, her usually bright eyes full of sadness. The man knew he had hurt his love as much as the others by showing a side of himself nobody had ever seen before. And he hated it as much as they did, but it had been the result of his brother's revelations, and probably even his own stubbornness, to be honest. Maybe he had overreacted a little. Maybe he was the only one thinking his brother being happy with Akihiko was wrong...

He would need some time to think everything over, but for now, what he desired the most was his comfortable bed at home, forgetting all and everything while drifting into blessed sleep.

Sighing out loudly, he gave the building one last glance to witness the only source of light on the glass wall disappear.

"Yeah, let's go."


Akihiko could not bear watching his love cry on the floor any longer. He knelt down before his fiancé, pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Ssh, it's over. Everything is okay," he whispered into Misaki's ear, attempting to ease his pain.

The brunet suddenly pulled Akihiko away from him. "Nothing is okay! My brother won't talk to me for the rest of his life! But the worst of it all is that he won't talk to you as well! And everything is my fault! If only I had the courage to tell him earlier, then..." More tears welled up in his eyes. "How can you act like nothing has happened? I know you still care about my brother and- eh?"

Misaki fell silent when the silver-haired male coiled his strong arms around the boy once again, refusing to let him go.

"Really, still thinking of my feelings when you have been hurt the most." He planted a light kiss on the boy's forehead, a faint tug playing with the corner of his lips. "It is true that I still care about Takahiro. However, there is someone more precious and important to me now." Misaki lifted his head, looking deeply into a pair of sincere, lavender orbs. "Misaki, you are my everything. And regardless of how this will turn out, I'll always be beside you, no matter what."

Tears pooled on the wooden floor as the boy's eyes continued to leak. "I know," he whispered hardly audible, but it was loud enough for the male resting half a heartbeat away from him.

Akihiko took his fiancé's hand into his, guiding delicate digits to his lips before placing a sweet kiss on top of the brunet's engagament ring. Then again on his forhead, then his swollen eyes, brushing past his reddened cheeks to catch his soft lips. The kiss was deep, yet gentle, taking the boy's very breath away, making his limbs feel like jelly under his lover's delightful touch. Before the brunet knew what was happening, the novelist carried him towards the couch, laying him down into velveteen cushions. The next moment Akihiko was towering above the boy, leaning down to attack the other's mouth once again. However, this time his kiss became untamed, a dominating tongue battling against his lover's passionately. Much to the male's surprise Misaki was not attempting to struggle like he usually would, snaking two feeble arms around Akihiko's neck to pull his lover closer to him.

"Misaki... I'll never let anyone hurt you," the novelist whispered between their feverish kisses. Soon unnecessary clothes were removed and one heated chest pressed against another, curious hands exploring the other's familiar body automatically. Akihiko's digits landed on the boy's chest, brushing two erect nipples tenderly. Misaki panted shallow gasps when the novelist began to rock his hips back and forth, rubbing against the boy's hardening member while feeling his own dick throbbing with need.

Because he wanted to forget, because he needed to forget, the brunet repeated in his mind several times. Only then he managed to surpress his embarassment, moving himself in harmony with the other. He parted his legs slowly, encouraging his lover to touch him where he wanted it the most. He was breathing heavily as Akihiko broke away from their passionate kiss to lick his own fingers from base to tip, those dominating eyes never breaking eye-contact. Misaki shivered when a cold digit met his pink entrance, one slick index finger circling around the boy's tight hole.

"Ah..." When he suddenly felt something entering his bottom, rubbing against his inner walls as it went even deeper, a jolt of pleasure ran across his spine, making him tingle from head to toe. The number of fingers inside him increased after some time, his throbbing cock leaking as the male tasted the boy's hardened flesh. Misaki was lost, not able to form a proper thought anymore as his own hands tangled in silver hair, the male's strategy of taking the boy's mind off their current troubles seeming to work.

But suddenly something inside Misaki tensed and he stopped his actions, a choked sob escaping his throat, frightening Akihiko for a brief moment.


They sat up on the sofa, the novelist not being able to utter a single word as his lover began to cry again.

"I can't do this. I can't."

Akihiko rose his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"He mentioned my parents earlier, and that gave me the the feeling as if I was committing a serious crime. They wouldn't have agreed to all this, I know. That's the reason my brother is against our marriage, not only out of his own interest, but also because he knows better than me how mum and dad would have reacted. I don't want to disappoint him, he is the only family I have left and I don't want to lose him, too! And-" He snuffled for a moment before continuing. "What about you? Wouldn't it harm your career if someone discovered that you were married to a guy?"

Akihiko put his hands on the boy's trembling shoulders. "Misaki. Misaki. Relax."

But the brunet couldn't keep himself from weeping. "This is not fair. It's like everyone is trying to put obstacles in our way, trying to tear us apart."

It became painfully quiet inside the apartment, the only sound being Misaki's gut-wrenching sobs.

"I just don't want to cause you any trouble, Usagi-san..."

Now the male began to understand what was bothering the boy so much. He pulled his lover as close as possible to himself, inhaling the sweet scent surrounding his body, his hair. "You could never cause me trouble, you should know that. And who cares about what other people had to say about my private life if they discovered it? If you weren't so cautious about other people's thoughts I would have told the entire world about us long time ago." Misaki's sobs subsided to a faint sniffle as the male continued to speak into the other's ear.

"Misaki, I have spent my whole life in my own world without permitting anyone else entry. I've spent my youth chasing after someone who was not even aware of my feelings. But then I met you, and suddenly my whole world turned upside down. And it turned for the better. It still does because every other day I spend with you feels like a precious gift, and there are no words to tell you how much you make me happy."

He took a deep breath before proceeding. "My point is, Misaki, that I want to spend the rest of my life with you because I love you. And I don't care how many people will stand in our way, let them come. As long as I have you beside me, I am not afraid of anyone." His words came from the bottom of his heart, and Misaki knew that. And without him noticing those words managed to wash away the doubts that had tortured the boy for so long. The brunet slid his arms around the other's chest once more, holding him tightly.

"Thank you."

Akihiko withdrew himself mere inches to look at his fiancé properly, leaning his forehead against the other's while losing himself in those forest green eyes. Misaki's eyes fluttered shut, a small gasp escaping his open mouth. The novelist didn't hesitate to grant the boy's unspoken wish, breathing on his full lips before claiming them desperately. Without restraint Misaki leaned into the kiss, guiding his fingers through silver hair, pulling it lightly every now and then.

Akihiko left a warm trail where he touched Misaki. Resting his hands on his lover's slim hips, he guided the boy into his lap. Misaki coiled his legs around the male tightly, crossing his ankles behind the other's back. The male suddenly lifted the surprised brunet before, without a warning, he entered Misaki's tight hole, slowly lowering his fiancé into his lap until his own dick was buried deep inside the boy.

At first Misaki hissed painfully, but after Akihiko placed a few well-placed thrusts inside the young male, his facial features began to soften, his eyes closed in pure bliss. "Ah... Usagi-san!" The novelist tightened his grip around his lover's sides and buried his fingernails in the other's flesh lightly, pushing him up and down in his lap. Their blazing lips met one more time, grinding against each other until they were bruised, two velveteen tongues battling against each other fiercely. Akihiko dominated the boy completely, rasping sweet nothings into the other's ravaged mouth.

"Misaki, I will protect you, always."

The male hit something inside Misaki each time he plunged harder and deeper into the boy, making him shout in ecstasy as lust rose inside him exponentially. His instinctual drive for pleasure took over Misaki after some time and he started rocking his hips up and down, elicting a throaty grunt from the male he was riding.

"Ngh-" Akihiko sped up as he felt the boy's fleshy walls tighten around his throbbing cock, ready to explode any second. His lover's moans and gasps became fiercer along with his heartbeat until he came, a thick glob of ivory fluid splattering across his stomache as his body shook violently from his hard orgasm. The silver-haired male failed to control himself anymore, emptying what he had build up during that moment deep inside the boy, filling his insides completely as he called his lover's name countless times.

The rain lasted the whole night as Akihikko continued to become one with Misaki, gently holding him all night long until they fell asleep exhausted in each other's arms on the couch, the male gingerly cradling one tired Misaki who was not able to shed any more tears.


The next morning Takahiro woke up with a pounding headache. The sun was too bright, blending his eyes so he kept them shut tightly, groaning loudly into his pillow.

He just wanted to stay in his bed after what had happened the day before. Not only because he was suffering from a pretty bad hangover after emptying a whole bottle of wine by himself, but also because he found it difficult to recall the events of the previous night. His brother's decision still bothered him, causing his skull to ache even more every time he thought about it. And no matter how many times he asked himself all the 'hows' and 'whys' and 'buts' he couldn't find a satisfying answer, and that made him even more frustrated.

He turned on his back, resting his arm on his pounding forehead. Blinking rapidly, he attempted to get rid of the sleep in his eyes, breathing out a discontent sigh.

'What a mess,' he thought.

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

The bedroom door flew open and a little girl with chocolate curls stormed inside. She jumped atop her father's chest, knocking out the air in his lungs.

"Wakey up or I be late!" she shrieked, climbing off Takahiro only to start bouncing on the mattress excitedly. As if his daughter's assault wasn't enough, suddenly another child bursted into the room, mirroring his sibling's actions.

"We're late! We're late!" the boy repeated. Takahiro attempted to steady himself, spotting his wife standing in the doorframe with her arms crossed and a smile on her lips.

"Mother brought them back here a while ago," she answered Takahiro's unspoken question. "You promised to take them to kindergarten today, remember?"

The male scratched his nose with a sheepish expression. "Ahaha... almost forgot about that. But aren't you guys already too old for that place?" he asked jokingly, quickly taking his children in tow. They ended up in a tickling fight afterwards, bursting out with laughter while Manami watched the heartwarming scene with amusement.

"Would you be so kind and pick them up later as well? I have to go grocery shopping after work,"she added, folding her hands in a begging manner.

The male nodded his head reassuringly. "Sure. And after that we can all go eat some ice cream, right?" He addressed the kids resting by his side. Mahiro and Saya cheered in unison, their adorable eyes sparkling with excitement for the word 'ice cream'.

"And then we can all go to Unagi-san to pway!"

Takahiro's smile dropped a little. He knew that his wife was feeling the same way without looking in her direction.

"Sweetie," Takahiro started. "Your daddy and Usagi-san had a little argument so we won't be able to see each other for some time." Even though the disappointment in his children's face was unbearable, he just couldn't help it. The shock of their engagement still rested unforgettably in his chest, like a blunt knife stabbed through his heart.

"Why don't we let daddy get dressed while we prepare breakfast?" Manami stated, quickly changing the subject. The children hopped out of the bed, running past their mother into the kitchen with laughter. ("I'll be first!" "No! Me first!") She then stepped further into the room, placing herself on the edge of the bed next to her husband, her long, silky hair pooling atop the covers. Takahiro's hand tingled when he felt gentle, delicate digits brush past his own, tracing along nonexistent lines and circles.

"How are you feeling?" she asked quietly.

The male sighed aloud. "I don't know. My head hurts like hell and my chest feels as if something has been torn out of it."

Manami's slender digits laced through her husband's, the ring on her finger leaving a cool spot on Takahiro's skin. "You just need some time to think everything over. All of us do." She gave her husband a reassuring smile. "Everything came so unexpected, but your little brother must be suffering as much as you do. So why don't you try to talk to him and Akihiko-san again? I'm sure things will straighten out over time."

The man glanced at their connected hands. "Hm, it's easier said than done. You've seen yourself what kind of act I put on yesterday. I'm sure they don't want to talk to me for a while." A small pout formed on his quivering lips. "Maybe I'm the only one being against the marriage, after all..."

"You're worried about your little brother, that's all," she commented. "Besides, Misaki-kun should have told you earlier about his relationship, right?" She hesitated for a second, chuckling lighty. "Although it was pretty obvious if you ask me. I mean come on, living in the same apartment for so many years and not even thinking of looking for a girlfriend? That was kind of suspicious, don't you think?"

Takahiro furrowed his brows, his pout gaining more effect with each passing second. "So you're telling me I am the only person who didn't get it? That's so mean!"

Manami halfheartedly rolled her eyes. "Unfortunately yes, my dear. My poor, naïve, clueless husband."

"Hey! Now you're really being mean!" The male crossed his arms, earning a love tap from the brunette. They giggled softly for a while until Takahiro decided to change his clothes, pushing his protesting wife outside who suddenly seemed to be a lot nicer to her husband only to stay inside the bedroom. Apparently, she was persistent on receiving a glimpse of an unclothed version of Takahiro.

"Maybe I can let the children stay at my parents for one more night?" she purred before the male threw her out, letting out seducing sounds while carrying a tempting grin on his lips the whole time. When Takahiro finally shut the door, the woman shook her head with a faint snicker.

'That was a clear 'yes', I suppose.'


Akihiko's red sports car came to a halt before Marukawa Publishing with a loud squeak. Misaki was still emotionally exhausted from the night before, so the novelist had decided to drive him to work after the boy had refused to call the company and stay at home.

The male leaned to his side, planting a loving kiss on the other's forehead.

"Are you sure? I could talk to Isaka-san if you wish." He looked utterly worried, his brows furrowed slightly in concern. Misaki simply shook his head.

"I... I just don't know if that's a good idea anymore. Marriage, I mean."

The silver-haired male remained silent for a while, looking deeply into his fiancé's eyes, trying to find a deeper meaning in his statement before slowly letting out a deep sigh.

"How about we meet during your lunch break? Then we can talk everything over, if you want."

Misaki let his eyes wander outside, nodding absently.

Yes, they needed to talk.


"Daddy, don't leave me 'lone!"

The little girl started weeping, thick pearls of salty water rolling down her puffed cheeks as she clung desperately onto said male's trousers. Some children seemed untroubled, proceeding to play with toy cars or drawing doodles in smaller groups, laying flatly on the bright PVC floor. Others looked into her direction with empathising eyes, knowing how she was feeling since all of them had been left here by their parents.

Really, it was like this whenever Takahiro brought his children to kindergarten. Fortunately, Mahiro claimed himself to be too old to cry anymore, storming inside happily every time they entered the building, eager to meet up with his little friends. But his little sister had only just started visiting the daycare center and every time her father would attempt to leave she'd burst out crying aloud.

Takahiro crouched down next to his daughter, patting her soft hair gingerly. "Saya, I told you I'll be back in the afternoon, right? How many times do we have to get through this?" he wailed in a low tone. "Look, you go inside and play with your new friends for now and you'll be surprised how fast I'll be back. All right?"

The girl stamped her feet in protest. "I don't wannaaa!"

The male let out a frustrating sigh, slowly lifting himself up again. "I'm terribly sorry! Normally she listens to what I tell her," he apologized to the nursery worker who was carrying an empathising smile.

"It's normal for newcomers to be shy during the first month. But you know what?" She looked down at Saya who observed the woman with big, watery eyes and a small pout on her lips. "There's gonna be another girl coming in today and since you're both new, why don't you try to befriend her? Ah, look! There she comes."

The door slid open and a girl with big, deep blue eyes hopped inside. She was wearing a ruched dress that matched her adorable orbs, her curly, fair hair tied into a long ponytail, swinging from left to right as she bounced happily towards the party.

"You must be the new one! We've been waiting for you!" the woman chirped happily. "Where are your parents?"

The child gave her a wide grin, revealing a gap where she had lost her first baby tooth. "They're parking the car outside!" she announced with her head held high, as if she was the offspring of Her Majesty herself. Then,with the same grace she turned towards Saya who had been distracted from her constant weeping by the mysterious girl.

"Hi, I'm Emily," she squeaked, stretching out her tiny hand. Saya hesitated for a moment before shaking the outstretched digits with her own, carrying a small frown in her young face.


"Nooo, it's Emily! With an L!" She attempted to demonstrate the young girl how to pronounce said letter, sticking out her tongue in the process. "And what's your name?"

"... Saya," the other mumbled shyly, twisting her foot back and forth on the floor.

Emily placed her index finger on her lips, creating the impression of being in deep thoughts before she presented the latter her most adorable smile.

"That's a really nice name," she stated, to what Saya finally managed to bring out a small giggle. "You wanna go play?"

"Un!" The brunette gave her a brief nod and together they stormed into the doll corner hand in hand, proceeding to play bride and groom.

Takahiro watched the event with sheer amusement. Judging by her vocabulary, the girl had to be about one year older than his own daughter. Her name revealed that she was not of Japanese ancestry, but that mattered little to the male. It was a wonderful feeling to know that Saya was making herself new friends so quickly.

"I wanna pway Bawbie!" Saya exclaimed, guiding a fair-haired Barbara clad in white with both hands while the other was occupied squeezing one naked Ken into a suit.

"Daddy says that Barbie is boring! You can play that other Ken over there so he can get married with my Ken!" She pointed her small index finger towards a corner, where a lonely doll was laying on the ground.

The brunette wrinkled her nose in confusion, how were two male dolls supposed to get married? "But Bawbie has to mawwy Ken because Ken can't mawwy Ken!"

"Yes, they can! Daddy and Papa also got married, so Ken can marry another Ken too!"

Takahiro couldn't hear what the two girls were talking about, but Saya's amused expression was all he needed to see. Reajusting his glasses, he turned on his heels, ready to leave for work.

"Emily! My little princess~!" A small young male suddenly entered the playroom, sing-songing the girl's name in English. He had coal black hair and deep forest green eyes, clad in a tight muscle shirt that enhanced the colour of his irises, and torn blue jeans. He beamed a wide grin the moment he spotted Emily who immediately put her doll aside, pacing towards the man with quick steps.

"Papaaa!" she exclaimed, running straight into her father's arms who lifted her up, laughing along with his daughter thrown over his shoulder.

"Johnny! Wait for me!" another voice called. Another male dressed in a beige-colored suit walked past the door breathlessly, his long, bleached hair swaying from one direction to another as he approached the others, ice blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look! I found a new friend to play with!" The girl chirped, pointing a finger into the corner she had been playing seconds ago. Saya looked at them with mixed feelings, not understanding what they were talking about since she hadn't even learned how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in English.

Curiosity tingled inside Takahiro as he approached the two males. He adressed the shorter one who was still carrying the young girl in his arms.

"Are you, by any chance, Emily's father?"

The dark-haired man beamed at Takahiro, stretching out his hand happily. "My name is John, and this handsome male beside me is my partner Lawrence.

"Oh, so he is your co-worker?" Takahiro stated.

John began to chuckle lightly. "Ah, sorry if I said something wrong. My Japanese is not so well, you know. What I wanted to say is that he is my husband."

Oh, in that case...


"H-Husband?" Takahiro stammered. "O-Oh! T-That's... uh... wonderful!" Great, another pair of homos the male thought sarcastically. Really, why was he surrounded by those kind of people all of a sudden? They seemed to appear out of nowhere lately, and Takahiro had to think of his little brother for the second time this day. And the morning had begun to take a turn for the better for him, that was not fair at all!

The couple shared an intimate glimpse at each other before Lawrence continued. "We moved here several weeks ago. We used to live in America but I've been transferred to another company in Japan and now here we are!" he chirped happily. "Tokyo is such a beautiful city and has such a child-friendly environment! It's only been three weeks and Emily is already beside herself with joy after visiting the sights! Am I right, my little princess?" John added with delight to what the little girl nodded hysterically.

"And there are so many handsome men around here," Lawrence purred, eyeing Takahiro who felt slightly uncomfortable for unknown reasons. "Oh, forgive me my behaviour, I haven't given you the chance to tell us your name," he breathed into the confused male's ear, suddenly standing slightly too close to the latter.

"T-Takahashi Takahiro," the male answered, thinking that the other must have gotten something in his eye as he let his long eyelashes flutter into Takahiro's direction multiple times.

"That's a cute name for a very cute person," John stated after letting go of his daughter who had run off towards her new friend immediately. He was as close to Takahiro as his partner now, guiding one slender digit down the male's strong shoulder, past well-build arm muscles and all the way upwards again.

"Say honey, aren't you feeling hungry all of a sudden?" John asked his husband who gave him a tempting smile, knowing exactly what the male was hinting at.

"Yes, indeed! But what should we eat? Hmm... Oh, I know! How about one big, delicious sandwich?"

"What a wonderful idea, dear! A delicious sandwich with lots of meat on it... what do you think?" They directed their eyes towards Takahiro who was standing between both males, not having a clue why they were talking about food in such a secretive manner.

The brunet reajusted his glasses for probably the hundredth time this morning. "Well, there's a very good sandwich joint right around the corner," he suggested. "I could show you the way, if you want to."

"Thank you so much, but," Lawrence begun, slowly inching closer towards the male, making Takahiro feel even more uncomfortable with each second. "I'd prefer a delicious, self-made sandwich and rather devour it at home. Snack bars are just way too crowded, don't you think so?"

John simply hummed with approval, never averting his gaze from the cute male who was standing merely one breath away from him. "Say Takahiro-kun, why don't you accompany us to our modest little house? I'm sure we could have lots of fun... making sandwiches, of course."

"Uh... Thank you very much for the offer, but I've already had breakfast this morning. Besides, I have to leave for work soon." Takahiro stepped out of the middle with a sheepish expression, watching the couple look disappointed.

"What a shame," the dark-haired male mourned. "But maybe another time, yeah?" He gifted the male with a brief wink, his husband mirroring his actions.

"S-Sure." Takahiro shook both male's hands once again before waving his occupied daughter goodbye, leaving the building with mixed feelings. He suddenly felt like somebody was playing a joke on him, as if somebody had gathered all homosexuals around the world to appear around the male, making him feel even more uncomfortable than usual. 'But... these guys were kind of nice,' he thought. 'Maybe a little incomprehensible, considering their cryptic way of expressing themselves. Must be some American thing we don't understand in Japan.' Besides, somebody who had just invited him to his home even though they had only known each other for several minutes simply couldn't be a bad person, right?

Still, they were a gay couple, what reminded him of certain other people Takahiro stubbornly continued to be mad at. If they had told him from the beginning what was going on, like the kind two gentlemen from before, maybe he wouldn't have overreacted that night. He was, after all, a reasonable man.

With these thoughts in mind he seated himself inside his car before driving off to work, hoping that his little brother would realise his mistake very soon and come back to him before the situation escalated even further.


"A coffe, please. And a strawberry cake for him."

The waitress quickly scribbled the order on her notepad, keeping her longing eyes on the handsome novelist all the time. "Is there anything else you want?" Like her phone number or address, for example? But when the silver-haired male simply shook his head, ignoring the way the woman leaned forward to present what was hiding beneath her low-cut neckline while she let her long eyelashes flutter, her beautiful face became marred with frustration. Without saying another word, she disappeared into the kitchen before returning with a full dinner tray, silently leaving one cup and plate on the table before returning to her duties.

The couple simply sat there for a while, not bothering to make a single move. The café they had decided to meet at was overly crowded since everyone's lunch break had begun at the same time. The couple had been lucky to find an empty spot where they could talk without getting disturbed, however, they hadn't exchanged more than a single 'hello' until then. It was Akihiko who finally broke the silence, lifting the steaming cup with one hand before taking a brief sip, watching as Misaki merely picked at the delicious cake, absently rolling the strawberry on top of the cream-coated surface with his fork.

"Misaki, look" Akihiko started in a low tone, not knowing at all where to even begin, how to handle the whole situation. "If our marriage makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, we could simply delay the wedding, if that is your wish. My only concern is your well-being."

There it was again. Misaki couldn't understand how the male kept worrying himself sick about him when they were both equally affected from the current circumstances. Akihiko had suffered not less than the boy, and yet...

"Why are you doing this?"

"...What do you mean?" The novelst arched one eyebrow confused.

"Why do you keep being so kind to me when I don't even deserve it?" He ignored the way his voice was quavering at that very moment. "Don't you realize where this conversation is leading?"

"Then what are you intending to do?"

Misaki opened and closed his mouth several times, attempting to find a good answer. "I don't know!" he finally bursts out.

Massaging the bridge of his nose, the silver-haired male drew a long breath, cursing whoever had prohibited smoking in public buildings as he seriously needed a cigarette at this instant. Letting out a deep sigh he finally stated the truth that both denied.

"You know, I believe it would be for the better if we simply cancelled the wed-"


Another voice suddenly interrupted their conversation and Akihiko turned around to see whoever it was. His eyes uncontrollably narrowed into thin slits the moment he recognized the person standing behind him.

"S-Sumi senpai?" Misaki exclaimed, his expression suddenly changing from despair into a happy, albeit surprised smile. "How long has it been?"

"Far too long to remember," the male answered, seating himself next to the boy without even bothering to ask, glancing several times at Akihiko who was eyeing him suspiciously. They began to talk about what had happened in the past few years after their graduation, about their jobs and future plans while the novelist quietly sipped his coffee, watching the scene with little interest.

"So, I see you guys managed to stay together after so many years," Sumi commented at some point. "Isn't it getting rather bothersome to be in a relationship for so long?"

Misaki chuckled flatly at his college friend's joke. "There are always some difficulties that keep our relationship alive and healthy," he commented with thick sarcasm, dramatically rolling his eyes.

The male arched a curious eyebrow. "What happened?"

"Simply put, my brother discovered the truth and didn't seem to be very pleased about it." The boy's shoulders were hanging lowly, his head bowed gloomily.

"Really? But it is kind of understandable, don't you think? I mean, you've been keeping it a secret for all these years, I'm sure he was just shocked about the fact that you haven't told him earlier."

Misaki looked at the male with a sheepish expression. "Uh, well, actually he didn't freak out only because of that." When Sumi gave the brunet an encouraging nod to continue, Misaki absently traced the ring on his finger with delicate digits. "You see, Usagi-san and I decided to get married, and..."

And suddenly, all of his arguments with Akihiko seemed pointless because here he was, grinning like a silly girl at the mere thought of marrying his beloved, making his heart flutter with excitement. And he realized that it didn't matter who or what was standing in their way anymore, even if it was his big brother because Akihiko would also become part of his family soon, if it was even possible for the male to become a more important component of his life than he already was. Besides, Takahiro had never been the type of person to sulk over something for a long time and he had to talk to Misaki again eventually, he was his beloved little brother, after all. All that was left for Misaki to do for now was to enjoy his last moments of carrying the name Takahashi before it would change to Usami. And speaking of Usami, he knew he had to stop doubting everything because it was making Akihiko visibly sad.

"Is that so?" his senpai's voice brought him back to reality where a shocked Sumi and a stunned Akihiko were observing the boy intensively. "Well then, I suppose I should be congratulating you guys!" The male flashed Misaki a gentle smile, his eyes hidden beneath his mirroring spectacles. The boy returned the gesture, grinning happily into the male's direction.

"Oh, how time flies!" Sumi suddenly stated, briefly glancing at his watch. "My lunchtime is about to end so I should probably return to my office now. Maybe we could meet again some other time?"

"Uh, sure!" the boy nodded, pleased that his senpai was eager to keep in touch with him. "You still have our number?"

The male slowly rose from his seat. "I believe I should still have it stored somewhere. Well then, see you another time. Misaki, Akihiko-sensei," he glanced down at the novelist, not receiving an answer. There was a certain sound in his voice Misaki could not quite put a finger on, but he probably just imagined things. The male turned on his heels and left without another word.

Misaki retrieved his phone from his jeans pocket to keep the time in view. "Woah, I'm gonna be late for work!" he exclaimed, jumping from his chair in record time. However, before he could storm out of the building, Akihiko stood up and caught his right hand, squeezing it lightly.

"Misaki... What will we do about this situation?" he asked hesitantly, not knowing if he wanted to know the answer or not. He was surprised when the brunet simply shook his head, smiling.

"Don't worry about it, it'll work out somehow."

And then a grin crept up his face, his lips revealing two rows of pearly white teeth. "You mean-"

"I already said 'yes' to you once, there is no way to take that back anymore, right?" Misaki's eyes glowed as he said out those words, and for a moment Akihiko thought he was standing on top of the world again. Never in his life had it been so difficult for the male to restrain himself from embracing his beloved here and now. He kept in mind to properly express his gratitute to his fiancé later when they were at home, without people surrounding them to witness the rather intimate act that would follow afterwards.

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Takahiro: I am angsting about all and everything!

Manami: And I am just standing behind my husband and being all useless!

Akihiko: I'm acting all hero-like!

Misaki: I'm whining like a little bitch!

*Awkward silence*

Takahiro: I won't let you marry a guy because mum and dad wouldn't want that! Even if they can't do much about it because they are kind of dead.

Misaki: They told me everything! They told me you killed our parents!

Takahiro: No... I am your father! ... And mother, for some reason.

*dramatical gasps everywhere*

Akihiko: I'll break your limb if you dare to touch Misaki!

Takahiro: Hah! I still have one more arm even IF you do that!

Akihiko: I'm talking about your other limb.


*escaping sounds*

Akihiko: Well, now that they are gone... IT'S SMEXING TIME!

Misaki: Not if I can angst about everything...


John: Let's make a threesome! -Uh... I meant a sandwich, of course!

John: With lots of meat on it...

John: And mayonnaise... *drools*

Akihiko: Misaki doesn't want to eat his cake... THE WORLD IS ENDING!

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