Morning had come once again to Yokai Academy and like every one of them before, Tsukiko was sitting quietly in homeroom. Ms. Nekonome was at the front, making an announcement.

"Good morning, students. As you know, this academy's goal is to train monsters to adapt to human society," she grinned cheerily, "Therefore, starting today; you are all going to take up club activities."

'Club activities?'

'Now, you know this is gonna get messy later on.'

Part of her agreed with the gauntlet as Ms. Nekonome continued.

"To completely transform into humans perfectly, we must have an understanding of humans. We'll get a deeper understanding by experiencing human-made activities through clubs. That's why all of you will be joining a club, and you must have decided a club by the end of the week, or one will be decided for you." The students groaned at this, but Tsukiko was thinking of what type of club she would be joining.

'I hope the club has something I can do, maybe a cooking club.'

'Or a strip club!' Tsukiko gave the Witchblade a glare at that comment, as that was more for a red-light district then a school.

"Don't worry too much about it, just pick a club that feels right to you, and if you're unsure, then try a bunch of different clubs to see what works with you." Nekonome-sensei then dismissed the students to search out the club that would work for them, the club they would spend the rest of the year in. She stopped Tsukiko, however, before she could leave the room.

"Aono-san, before you go, the headmaster would like to speak with you for a moment."

"About what?" Tsukiko asked, fearing she may have been found out.

"He didn't say."

The Witchblade bearer stood outside the Headmaster's office, nervous as to what he wanted to talk to her about. Of course anyone would be if they were in her shoes. She knocked three times.

"Come in," a voice from the other side called.

Tsukiko opened the door to find a large open room with a single desk. Sitting behind it was man in white robes.

"Have a seat, Aono-san."

She did as asked.

"I wished to speak to you about the Witchblade."

Fear and anxiety spiked within the girl. She had been made.

"Relax, I've known that you've had it since you first arrived and I also know about your true nature."

Tsukiko did anything but relax.

"You really need not worry, though school policy is very firm about humans being here, you would be an exception to the rule."

"Why?" She asked, feeling a little relieved.

"Because of the Witchblade you possess and one of the heads of the noble houses can vouch for you."

The dark-haired girl pondered which one but then remembered her old friend Usagi's mother; she's the head of such a house.

"Also, I believe it would benefit the academy immensely of the finer points of blending in with human society; after all, who better to learn how to act human from than a human herself? Now, back to the reason I called you here, the Witchblade," the headmaster then stood up, "I would like to ask you to use its power sparingly from now on."


"Yes. As you're aware, this school is protected by a barrier that separates our world from yours. The Witchblade has an immeasurable amount of power; power, that if used recklessly, could destabilize and destroy the barrier. I don't think I need to tell what kind of panic that would cause for both our people."

Tsukiko looked down at the bracelet, understanding somewhat where the headmaster was coming from.

"Thus far, you've only scratched the surface of its power and I'd like to keep it that way as much as possible. If you must do so, use it only in life-threatening situations."

"So you want to use it only when absolutely necessary?" she asked holding her wrist.

"That is correct."

"Okay, I'll try but that's mostly up to the other students who want to pick a fight or not."

"I understand that it will be difficult, especially for this school. Even so, I'd like you to at least try. You may go now, Aono-san." The headmaster gestured to the door.

The dark-haired bearer stood up and walked out to go meet up with her friends.

Tsukiko and friends walked down the halls of Yokai Academy looking at the various clubs that were trying to get members.

"So what kind of club do you think would be good?" Moka asked.

"I don't care as long as I'm with Tsukiko darling," Kurumu exclaimed as she glomped Tsukiko.

Tsukiko just groaned at that, before finally getting Kurumu off.

"I don't know what kind of clubs are there, but I'm not joining the zombie or mummy clubs. How are they supposed to help blend in with humans?" Tsukiko said as they passed by said clubs. There were many different kinds of clubs and activities, some seemed normal like the occult club, kendo club, and martial arts club, but they didn't notice a group that was eyeing them, Tsukiko in particular.

"So that's her, the Queen of Yokai." One girl said to the others, and they looked at Tsukiko. "Hai and she does have that hidden beauty about her. She probably doesn't even realize how beautiful or popular she is." Another girl answered, and they were in a group.

"Then why don't we invite her to our club? After all we could get more with the right bait, figuratively speaking." Said a different girl, and any animosity for the fishing joke was forgotten. The leader seemed to think for a bit and then smiled.

"Yes, after all even the best of hunters should have the right angle, and she is pretty. Let's get her join us, and the boys will be coming in masses."

Tsukiko suddenly felt a shiver for a brief moment as the girls were curious about what happened to her.

"What's wrong, Tsukiko?" asked Moka.

"For some reason, I feel like a worm on a hook."

The group of girls was then approached by another group of girls; this new one was composed all of very attractive girls all clad in bikinis.

"I'm Tamao Ichinose, would you like to join the swim club, Aono-san?" the teal-haired leader asked as she approached.

"The swim club?" Tsukiko repeated, missing Moka's apprehension.

"Yes, it would be a great honor to have the Queen of Yokai and her royal court to join our club."

'Well, it does seem normal enough and I've always been a good swim- Oh wait minute! Didn't Moka-chan say that her and water don't mix?'

"Ano, sorry but I don't think Moka can handle water, and I don-"

"Perhaps we can be of assistance?" Came a voice and the group noticed that a group of eight students, all dark haired attractive girls, that looked very similar to each other.

"Um, who are you?" Kurumu asked, not liking the feel of the girls as they nodded.

"My sisters and I are offering to help, as the vampire cannot go into water, we can offer a solution that is odor-less and colorless with the same ability to negate the negative qualities of water on a vampire."

"And you would give this to us? Who are you?" Moka asked, unsure about what they were offering. If there was one thing she noted is that sometimes when things offered sounded too good to be true, then chances are they were.

"Oh, of course, how rude of us. We are the Daiyama sisters and I am Kushi, the eldest."

Kushi then presented a flask of blue liquid.

"This is powered dragon horn mixed with wolf's bane and kappa head water. It nullifies any purifying power of any object; be it a cross or water."

Moka regarded the vial with a skeptic eye; unbeknownst to her, so did her inner persona.

"Don't believe me? A demonstration then," Kushi stated and then asked for one of the swim club's water bottles.

She opened it then added one drop of mixture into the water. Everyone watched as it faded into the clear liquid. Kushi then asked for Moka's hand while dipping one finger into the water/ solution mixture. She pulled her finger out and held it above the vampire girl's hand and allowed a single drop to fall. Moka braced for pain and when the droplet hit, none came; only the coolness of the water. She watched in astonishment as a few more drops hit her skin but no purifying effect to take place.

"I trust you believe me now?"

"Yes, I guess it's real." She said, but was still cautious about the girls that just showed up.

"I still don't get why you want to help, but thank you." Tsukiko said, happy that her friend would be able to swim without stinking up the place.

"It's great desu! Why didn't I think of something like this before?" Yukari asked amazed by the concoction. That got the Daiyama sisters happy somewhat.

"I have no idea why, other than the possibility of this being an ancient recipe. I hope we see you at the pool, for we also are interested in the swimming club."

The effect was almost instantaneous as wave after wave of boys rushed forward to sign up with thoughts of not only the current club members but also those eight new girls and Yokai's Royal Court in smoking hot swimsuits.

Tamao eyed these Daiyama sisters with a hint of suspicion; wondering why they aided in their drive.

The Witchblade was of a similar mindset, 'Something isn't kosher here.'

Later, the new recruits found themselves at the pool along with what seemed to be half of the student body to watch and wait for the three beauties of the school to appear in sexy swimwear. Speaking of which….

"Wait, we're going swimming now?" asked Kurumu, "But we don't even have bathing suits."

Tamao only grinned at them; they could swear she knew and had actually planned this.

"That's okay, I think we have a few spares in your sizes. Ladies, if you please?"

The next thing Moka, Tsukiko, Kurumu and Yukari knew, they were blindsided by horde of senior club members; throwing off their clothes and slipping on swimsuits before they could even think of objecting. When the dust settled, everyone had locked their gaze on the four. Yukari was now in a traditional school swimsuit used in events and such (I don't know what the technical name for it is; it's the one she wore in the episode.) The other three, however, were very different. They were each clad in a string bikini, each a different color, with the pieces of fabric that covered the unmentionables made Tsukiko think that if they were any smaller; they had might as well be just strings.

(A/N: something like this but covers like 10% more: : ssjdubby dot deviantart dot com /art/masane-bikini-89180952)

Kurumu didn't look the least bit bothered by it; in fact, she seemed to like it. Tsukiko and Moka, however, were a much different story.

"Are these the only swimsuits you have?" Tsukiko asked, trying to cover herself to preserve her modesty if possible, and Moka was also trying to cover herself since she was also in the tiny bikini as well.

"Sorry but we didn't have any bigger, but you look good in that as the boys will like that as well." Tamao said as she then pushed the girls out and the boys of the school almost fainted from nosebleeds at the sight of three incredibly sexy girls in mini-bikinis.

'Why do I not believe you?' Tsukiko grumbled in her mind.

"Those certainly fit you all well," came the voice of Kushi. She and her sisters were all in the same kind of bikini as Tsukiko and Moka; as if they enjoyed the skimpy attire.

"Thank you for the compliment but this kind of swimsuit is not really my thing," Tsukiko countered.

"Nonsense, why would you hide your beauty?" The mystery new girl asked as she ran a finger across Tsukiko's chin; making very uncomfortable.

"Hey, she's my destined one! You don't touch her without her permission!" Kurumu said as she glomped Tsukiko and sent a glare to Kushi and led Tsukiko away from her, "Come on Tsukiko darling, let's go swimming!"

Tsukiko still didn't like the way Kurumu said that, but she rather hang with the girl that was her friend, even if she's a potential lesbian, then a random stranger. They started to swim peacefully and guys started to try and grope her from time to time, but it seemed that they were just as fine swimming.

'You there Witchblade? Normally you're making some kind of lewd comment by now about lesbians.' She tried to talk to the Witchblade.

Surprisingly, she received no answer. Tsukiko moved into the shallow end and gazed at the bracelet form of the sentient weapon; a little unnerved that it had been silent for so long. Moka, who had nearly been lost completely in glee of actually enjoying water without fear of pain or driving everyone away with using wolf's bane due to its color and pungent scent, caught sight of the dark-haired bearer looking at her ancient weapon with concern.

"Is something the matter?" she asked as she swam up to her friend.

"You remember when you told that this thing has a mind of its own and tends to make crude jokes?" To this, Moka nodded, "Well, he's been unusually quiet today. No lesbian jokes or even a crude remark about the swim club; it's a little unsettling."

"Hey, why don't you play a game with us Tsukiko-chan!?" Asked one of the guys that was wanting to get closer to the lovely Tsukiko. She seemed flustered at first, but decided something else.

"Um, not now. I think I'll go take a walk and get my head clear." Tsukiko said as Tamao swam quickly towards her.

"Aww, why don't you play with everyone?" Tamao asked as Moka got between them.

"Ano, please let Tsukiko have some her time. I think it's rude to impose her to play when she's not feeling well." Moka said and got out of the pool with Tsukiko as well.

Kurumu and Yukari, however, dove right into the games with eagerness. First was a canoe-type limbo; to which Kurumu failed at given her physique but Yukari made it through with little effort. Next came an obstacle course, to which Yukari won again due to her less developed body slipping through. Then a game of cavalry to which Kurumu was on the red team while Yukari was on white. The game erupted into chaos as many were pulling the tops off the other girls' swimsuits; Yukari had tried in vain to get Kurumu's ribbon but said succubus' bust proved to be a rather formidable defense, preventing her from reaching it but not the other way around.

Tsukiko watched in amusement as the two began another little fight between them.

"Perhaps you should enjoy your time here Tsukiko-san. If your friends have fun, then shouldn't you?" Kushi said out of nowhere and placed a hand on Tsukiko's thigh, after seemingly appearing out of nowhere and her face was right in front of Tsukiko's.

"You're little close for comfort," the dark-haired bearer said as she tried in vain to back away.

"It's only because I find you quite beautiful."

"But I'm no-," whatever Tsukiko was about to say next was silenced when Kushi gave her a very strong French kiss. It didn't stop there, however, as Kushi's free hand moved up and started to grope Tsukiko's breast under the bra while the other hand moved from her thigh to inside her panties. The Witchblade bearer gave a muffled yelp when she felt a finger enter.

It was a strange sensation to be sexually harassed in such a way, and she wanted Kushi off, even if she couldn't force the girl off.

"He-mph!" Moka started before one of Kushi's sisters also started some lesbian action as well. And they weren't the only ones as Kurumu was also getting some action as well, and it wasn't necessarily by choice. Yukari tried to intervene but she was held back by the other sisters.

"T-that's so hot." Said one of the guys as they started to watch what seemed to be the beginning of a lesbian orgy.

Nearly everyone had stopped and locked eyes on what the Daiyama sisters were doing to the members of Yokai's Royal Court. Ichinose was the first to snap out of her gawking as this situation would be the perfect time to spring their trap. She made a subtle hand gesture to signal her club members; allowing them to reveal their true natures: Mermaids.

'That's ENOUGH!' The Witchblade silently shouted in anger as it lashed out with a tendril from the bracelet.

Kushi saw it coming and jumped away. The other Daiyama sisters saw this and figured now would be a good time to retreat; releasing Kurumu and Moka in the process.

"Aww, and it was just starting to get fun," Kushi moaned childishly.

"What the hell was that all about!?" Tsukiko shouted, covering herself.

"Just a little gift from me and my sisters, but now we must leave. As I rather not have my life drained by lowly mermaids." She said, and fled with her sisters as well. That number got Moka and Tsukiko to look at the pool as there were boys being drained by mermaids.

"Those bitches will be dealt with, but I do thank you for this feast for me and my team Tsukiko-san." Tamao said as she was certainly not as pretty as she was and was draining the life force of one guy.

"You wanted us to join so you can lure boys in for you to snack on?" Tsukiko asked in low tone, her bangs covering her eyes. Moka, Kurumu and Yukari were doing the same.

"That's right. After all, you got to use the right bait if you want to catch your prey and you and pretty friends provided all that we needed," The mermaid gloated with smug grin, one that was shared by her fellows.

Said grins dropped when the jewel of the Witchblade began to shine brightly.

"You use us as bait, throw us into these humiliating bikinis and make everyone else your personal buffet while we get molested in front of them," The anger in the bearer's voice became more and more apparent as her hair began to grow out. She raised her eyes, the sclera now black and the irises gold; "Now, I'm beyond angry!"

Her hair turned red as the armor flashed on; a tendril of reached out and pulled the rosary from Moka's choker. Kurumu extended her wings and tail and unsheathed her claws while Yukari brought forth her wand; all four glared at the mermaids.

"Unforgivable, girls let's show them what we do to girls like them." Tsukiko said and was ready to rip them apart, even if she won't kill them.

"I agree that they need to be taught a lesson." Inner Moka said as she was also ready.

"No one manipulates my Tsukiko-chan! NO ONE!" Kurumu added, and Yukari was also mad.

"SAME HERE DESU!" Yukari added and was readying her magic still in her swimsuit. Tamao was now getting a little worried since she didn't quite expect this.

Yukari started off by making the water swirl up like a waterspout. Kurumu joined in by dive bombing the vortex, slashing with her claws. Yukari suddenly stopped the waterspout causing all of them to drop right towards Moka. Said vampire finished them off by doing her rendition of Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick.

Now, only Tamao remained.

Fear clutched at her heart at the sight of her fellow mermaids beaten so easily. That fear grew when she heard the sound of blade being scraped across the concrete.

"How about I gut you like a fish?"

Tamao gave a cowardly 'eep!' and ducked down beneath the water. This proved to be helpful to the swim club captain as she was exceptionally speedy, even managing to avoid Tsukiko spear-tipped hair tendrils as they continuously stabbed at the water, only to miss her.

'Calm down and give this a try.' Tsukiko heard the Witchblade's voice at last as energy began to gather into the jewel.

"Yukari, Moka, you might wanna get out of the way."

Kurumu swooped down and picked the two up out of the water just in time for Tsukiko to punch the air, firing a blast of red energy at the pool. There was an explosion of water and unconscious bodies; one in particular being Tamao Ichinose landing in net, a little burned and bruised.

"Well, now you know not to mess with us, and don't let me catch you killing more people or else." Inner Moka said, leaving the slightly charred mermaid, "Know your place."

The others changed back before they started to leave to get changed.

"Well, the swimming club's a bust, and I didn't like that skimpy swimsuit." Tsukiko said as she and the other girls were walking away from the club. Tsukiko didn't really want to join if she couldn't be with all her friends.

"I don't like how those girls acted, but the swimsuit wasn't that bad Tsukiko darling," said Kurumu.

"But what was the deal with those sisters?" added Yukari.

"I don't know but if I ever see them again, I'll tear them to shreds!" Kurumu raged, "No one does that to me and gets away with it!"

"I agree desu." Yukari added as they walked down the path, and that was when someone they didn't think they'd run into came into view.

"Oh, have you all found a club yet?" Came the voice of Nekonome Shizuka, their homeroom teacher as they shook their heads.

"Sorry, but we haven't really found any clubs that we liked. The last club kind of took most of our time, and wasn't that great." Tsukiko said as it was true. She was cautious about the swim club to begin with, and now they wouldn't even want to return.

"Then I have a suggestion," Nekonome got the attention of the girls as she then added, "Why not join the Newspaper club? There's still openings, and we could use the help. Oh, I'm the club Teacher advisor so we can make the applications easy."

Newspaper club, now that actually sounds safe and normal with minimal stress. Plus, it would mean not having to use the Witchblade as often as recently.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer," Tsukiko said with a smile.

"So will I," chirped Moka.

"Me too!" Kurumu bounced up.

"And me!" Yukari squealed as she hugged Tsukiko.

As their catwoman teacher purred in delight, Tsukiko heard the Witchblade clear its nonexistent throat, gaining her attention.

'Tsukiko, it would be in our best interests to avoid those Daiyama sisters as much as possible,' it said in total seriousness.

'While this would be one of the few times I don't argue with you about something, is there any particular reason why?'

'Because there's something about them I don't like; something familiar and not in a good way.'

Tsukiko was rather surprised by the ancient weapon's warning but figured it may be for the best to keep their distance from those girls. That aside, it was shaping up to be a good day tomorrow for the new Newspaper club as they all left for their dorms, never knowing the Daiyama sisters watching them leave.

"The seed has been placed, and our birthright shall be in our possession once more. All that's needed is a little time sisters." Kushi said as each of her sisters and herself smirked as they thought of what is to come. Watching Tsukiko and her friends walk away, Kushi then licked her finger.

"Afterwards, I think I'll keep the soon-to-be former Witchblade bearer as my personal plaything."

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