Summary: It's five after the incident on T2 and Riddick has decided to join the human race. The Human race has also accepted Riddick and pardoned him from all his crimes in the past. Riddick has settled down and has become the leader of Lanka 3, a neighboring planet to New Mecca. Jack is married and has a daughter and lives with Riddick in his castle-like mansion with her little family. Things would seem to going pretty good for Riddick huh?

Sweeter than Revenge

Chapter 1

Richard B. Riddick positioned himself alongside the hedge of the immense foyer, glooming over a shot of vodka. He lifted his head at a noise from the domed entry, his eyes prepared for any sign of danger, but it was only Jack and her infant daughter. 'Hellax wouldn't have the balls to come back here again.' Riddick thought. His enemy was dead. The man who abandoned him in Titan 4 and told the mercs where he was, causing him to meet up with Johns. The rest, as they say, is history. Jean, Jack's husband, on the other hand deprived him of his revenge in one fell swoop and killed Hellax before he could get to him. He tried other killing in the years since. He hired himself out as a hitman, but the deaths of strangers meant as little to him as the cash he got as compensation. Riddick already had wealth beyond his lifetime and his children's children. Built by the previous leader, Lanka 3 was a modern planet and the envy of neighboring planets. Yet it still wasn't enough for him, he was missing something. Jack changed a lot in the five years since the incident. "Riddick! I didn't see you. What's up?" She asked, with that half friendly, half guarded smile that he had grown accustomed to seeing. "Nothing," he answered, brushing her question off. He nodded to a bench in the enormous garden that they stood. She sat with the baby in her arms. "Look, Sara, it's uncle Riddick." She cooed.

Another sound from the entry drew his swift attention, and Riddick saw Jean stride into the garden. A fairly big man like Riddick, Jack's husband was able to scare others, but seldom did so. Instead, he seemed to take vast pleasure in his surroundings. Jack rose in excited pleasure, "Look Sara, it's daddy!" She said waving the baby's tiny fist toward her daddy. "Here, go to your uncle while I go see daddy." To Riddick's dismay, Jack trusted the baby into his arms. It was little, portly, and hairless. Shot glass in one hand, and baby in the crook of his arm, he glanced vulnerably at Jack, but she was already outside his reach. With a warm smile, Jack threw herself at her husband's tall form, while Riddick watched in amazement. He would never get used to that. The two of them kissed passionately, just as though they were in their own wing of the mansion, and not standing in the garden for passer Byers to see. Riddick found it sickening. "Here!" he said, standing abruptly and holding out the child to its mother. "Okay, okay, don't drop my baby Riddick." He scowled at her before releasing the fleshy blob to Jack., then he made his way to the massive house. Jack and Jean followed close to him. "Riddick!" Jean greeted him with the kindness that unrelenting tended to annoy him. 'Why don't you go play in a field of dirty hooks.' Riddick thought as he continued with his fast strides. "I came to find you brother. A messenger from the king of New Mecca has come to talk to you." Riddick glanced quickly behind Jean, to where a man sporting the king of New Mecca seal. 'How did I miss that? From crying brats and gross makeout sessions, that how!' He thought.

Hellax still had lands in New Mecca and it was still unresolved at to what was going to happen to it. Jean said that the King of New Mecca would decide in Riddick's favor and award the land to the Lanka 3 heirs in compensation, but Riddick had a distaste of Kings.

"You Richard B. Riddick, leader of Lanka 3?" the king's man asked. "Yeah" "I have a message for you from the ruler. I have come about the indulgence of the lands that belonged to James Hellax, now deceased." The man said. "As Hellax has been found to have a living female relation, a niece, it is our hope that you take this lady, Gillian Hellax, to be your spouse, joining the two properties and taking lordship over all." Although the man continued reading from his little pad of notes, Riddick's didn't hear a thing. 'Hellax has a niece.' Riddick thought. "A niece, Hellax has a niece?" Jack's voice was strangely nervous. "I didn't know that" "Apparently she is the daughter of his younger brother, been dead for awhile now," the messenger said. Riddick began to pace the hall, making the silence of waiting on him to speak deafening. Jack finally broke the silence. "Riddick..." she whispered. "Oh Riddick, please...I know what you're thinking, but don't!" she begged. "You know what I'm thinking huh?" Riddick echoed. "That girl can't help that her uncle was a bastard Riddick. He himself has probably already punished her for it. Think of how he locked his wife away for all those years." Getting desperate she whirls around to Jean, "I mean she must have been locked away somewhere for all this time, why haven't we heard of her? Where has she been?" "She lives in a convent, she's been there for years now." "A convent!" Jack gasps, "Riddick she's a nun for Christ's sakes!"

Jack bit her lip as she paced back and forth across the big bedroom that she shared with her Husband. "You saw him! You saw the look on his face! He's gonna crucify her!." She cried. "Jack, stop it, you know more than me that Riddick has changed, and all for the better." Jean said calmly. "What could that King be thinking?. He knows how Riddick was obsessed with Hellax, it almost drove him crazy when he found out you got to Hellax before he did." "Honey, I'm sure the King knows what he's doing. Riddick isn't gonna abuse her." "But she's a nun Jean, she doesn't know how to handle a man, especially someone like Riddick."

Riddick shipped out of Lanka 3 without a backward glance. Though he wasn't afraid of anything or anyone he traveled always with a gang of men, just to seem more intimidating. Even though his name alone stuck a cord among most people, the guys were good escorts, loyal, and hardworking. So there he was, going to get his bride. He didn't care what she looked like. Whether she was old, young, butt-ass ugly, or pretty. She was from Hellax's bloodline, and she had to pay for something. "Where are we going?" A deep voice, low and melodic sounded beside him from the co-pilot seat. "Jarvis." Riddick said, half still deep in thought. Jarvis had the ability to apparently appear out of nowhere. Some of the others called him Casper and feared his sneakiness, but Riddick was not so stupid. "We're going to a convent," Riddick replied. "What for?" "There's a woman there, she's Hellax's niece, and I'm going to get my revenge." "The girl is a nun?" "Nah, they just took her in." "Oh, so she just lives there with them?" "Yeah." "Ah, what do you plan on doing to her?" "She's gonna suffer for what Hellax should of got." "You mean you're gonna gut her and let her entrails." Riddick cuts him off. "God no! I plan on making her life a living hell. I'm gonna make everything opposite for her. If you loves something I'm gonna crush it, If she hates something, I'm gonna damn well see to her having a lot of it." "So you're not gonna kill her?" "Nope, something worse." "What's that?" "I'm gonna make her marry me."