Chapter 20

Gillian was in Jack's wing of the house, waiting nervously for someone to come in and tell her something. Jack kept telling her to sit down before she wore a hole in her carpet but Gillian would only look up and give a weak smile then continue pacing. Jean finally came in and Jack immediately ran to him and gave him a hug, "Are you okay? Where's Riddick?" Jean peels Jack from his body. "I'm fine, he's fine, we're all fine." Gillian let's out a whoosh of air. Jean turns to Gillian, "He's up stairs taking a shower. Go on up Gill, he needs you right now." Once safely in her room Riddick was already out of the shower. "Hi," She said softly. She moved over to the bed, she sat on her side of it and he sat on the other. "Are you okay?" He finally said. She nods, "You?" "No, I'm not." He replied evenly. "I could of lost you today Gill, that's not a good feeling." His back was turned to her so she couldn't see his expression. She crawled over to him and laid a hand on his back. "I'm sorry." She said simply. He turned to look at her, "What are you sorry for?" She shrugged, "For being a Hellax I guess. If it wasn't for my uncle you wouldn't of went through all that shit." "It's not your fault. Your uncle was a fucker but his little plan back fired." She looked at him with a frown, "Back fired?" "Yeah, if he hadn't of turn me in to the mercs of wouldn't of met Fry or Jack, I'd still probably be a serial killer, most of all I wouldn't of met you. I wouldn't have been able to have my family if it wasn't for tha bastard. Now we're having kids of our own," He took her face in his hands, "And we're gonna make more between us." He kissed her to make the promise official.

Riddick strode to the sunroom, pausing in the doorway at the sight of Gillian. She was asleep with a book lying over her rounded belly. He walked over to her resting body for a closer look; he pulled the book from her fingers. They'd been to the doctor earlier that week, and Gillian had to know the baby's sex. She said, "I need to know the color for the baby's room and I can't stand yellow." With a laugh, the doctor pointed out the penis on the ultrasound screen and no more words needed to be said. Riddick beamed at what he accomplished and Gillian just cried. Crouching down, he kissed her gently on the cheek, eyes fluttered and her green gems looked at him. She smiled gently as she smoothed her top over her stomach. "Hey." She yawned. Riddick had never known his life to be so warm and peaceful. He and Gillian spent more time at ease than arguing. Don't get them wrong, they still fought over the petty stuff but they always knew that it would soon be resolved. Riddick's gaze went back to her stomach. Although he didn't glance her way, Riddick felt her hand on his, lifting it and placing his palm over her tummy. "Feel that? That's your son." Her voice broke, "Is your heart big enough for him?" Under his fingers, Riddick felt movement; he sucked in a breath from shock. He couldn't believe that his son could make himself so known. Then he began to kick harder, "See Riddick, he's saying 'hello'!" Gillian laughed. Riddick laid his face against her belly. Listening, he could actually hear his baby's heart beat, he then knew that nothing could make him love his child any less than him loving his wife.

Riddick paced back and forth in the hallway in front of his bedroom. Gillian insisted on having an at home birth, which made Riddick worry even more. He had an ambulance waiting on standby but it still didn't ease his nerves. He was forced from his own bedroom, he didn't want to go but Jack said that he wasn't any help so he should just sit and wait outside. That's exactly what he did, with his ear pressed to the thick door; he still couldn't hear a thing. The first of her wails ripped at his insides, and Riddick began to sweat besides the thermostat being on 50. The next few cries made him lunge for the doorknob, but he would regain his composure and pace again. The minutes ticked by slowly, and the longer he paced, the more frantic Riddick became. Her moans were more constant now, and coming closer together. The realization that his wife might be dying in there made him finally act on his instinct. Riddick jerked the door open, and it banged against the wall loudly, scaring everyone in the room. Gillian was lying back on the bed, Jack at her side, and the midwife at her feet. A sheet covered Gillian's upraised knees. "What's going on?" Riddick boomed. Jack went from Gillian's side to Riddick, "She's not dilated fully yet, you have to be patient." "Patient? I've been listening to her screams for over 2 hours now!" "And it might take another 2, maybe even the whole night." Jack yelled back. "No get out Riddick! I promise you'll be the first to know when the baby gets here." "Nuh uh, I'm not leaving! Not until I see how she is," he snapped. "Let him stay!" Gillian said, in a surprisingly strong voice. "Better yet, let him come here. I wana show him how I feel." She was lying back on the bed, red faced and panting. He came rushing to her side, "Baby are you okay?" "Come closer, let me tie your dick into a knot. Then let me ask you 'Baby are you okay'!" she said through clenched teeth. Jack laughed, and even Riddick couldn't hide a grin. "Don't you dare laugh, either of you!" she snapped. " You wanted this baby! Don't blame me!" He said between laughs. "It's your fault! You fucked me!" "You seduced me!" He argued back. They went back and forth until the midwife gave Jack a knowing look, Jack went to Gillian's other side, "Gilly, you can push now." Gillain was too busy trying to bite Riddick's hand. "Push, Gill!" Jack urged louder. Finally she did, releasing a long ragged breath before yelling at Riddick again. "I'm never doing this again!" "Fine!" He snapped after rubbing his bruised hand. She pushed again, her face then started to turn a scarlet. Suddenly, Gillian fell back against the pillows with a sigh and reached for him. Despite her threats, he took her hand immediately, and his fingers closed around hers, just as the sound of an infant's cries filled the room. Riddick grinned slowly as Jack was handed the baby and brought over to Gillian. Taking the baby she looked up at him, "I didn't mean what I said, and I didn't mean to bite you." He kissed her forehead then the baby's and nodded.


Riddick didn't bother to wait outside this time. "I'm not doing this again! How many times do I have to tell you?" She breathed before pushing again. Riddick thought about his 3 strong boys and 2 beautiful girls. "I think this is the 6th time babe." He smiled. "Well I mean it this time!" She cried, reaching for him, and Riddick let her take his hand in a strong hold that sometimes managed to hurt. And even though he had been through this before, the fear was always with him that something might go wrong, "I won't touch you again." He said "What! No more fighting?" Jack joked. Gillian smiled. "We hardly have time for it anymore. Each kid comes..." She paused to take a deep breath and give a great push "...faster than the last." She finished. The baby's cries filled the room. With that the other children came crowding into the room. All 5 couldn't wait to see their new baby sister. "Riddick we got a beautiful family here," Gillian whispered as the baby was placed on her chest. Riddick looked around the bed at his children. If things got any better for him he wouldn't be able to stand it anymore. His heart was a full as the room was at that point.