Chapter 16

Legolas held Aria close to him as they danced to the soft music later that evening at the celebration of their marriage. He could not help but smile. He was finally where he belonged and with who he was meant to be with. And overall, the day had been perfect. Aria was breathtakingly beautiful in her wedding gown and her smile during their vows could have driven all the darkness from Mirkwood. He could not help but continue to smile as they danced.

"What are you thinking about?" Aria asked as she looked up at him from where her head was against his shoulder.

"Just how beautiful you are and how lucky I am," he said answering as he leaned down and captured his wife in a gently kiss.

"No, I am the lucky one," she answered after their kiss as she closed her eyes as the music continued.

Legolas could not help but pressed a kiss against her forehead. This was the Aria that he had fallen in love with. And this is who would be by his side for eternity.

Thank the Valar.

Yet he was still nervous. And he was pretty sure that Aria was as well, but she would never let on that she was. He was not nervous about being intimate with his wife.

No, he was nervous about how Aria was going to handle the entire situation.

It had only been a few weeks since the horrific events that had left deep mental scars imprinted on Aria's psyche. While the physical ones had all healed, Legolas was pretty sure that the mental ones had not. Her nightly visits with nightmares had all but vanished, yet there were times that he knew that Aria would be thinking about what had happened to her. That would be when he would quickly do something to change her thought process – give her a kiss, ask her a question, distract her some way – anything to get her thinking again.

Maybe, just maybe, he could replace some of those bad memories with some good ones he thought as the music they had been dancing to ended before another one began.

"Come on," he whispered. "Let's slip away before too many notice that we have taken our leave for the night."

Aria looked up at him and nodded, biting her bottom lip a little. Legolas gently kissed her lips before leading her out of the Great Hall.

Legolas led her through silent corridors in a part of the palace that she had never been in before. She figured that this had to be where the Royal Family resided. Then it dawned on her. That now meant her as well. While she was lost in her thoughts, she had not noticed that her husband had stopped, before he quickly swept her up into his arms. The look of surprise on her face brought a small chuckle to his lips.

"You need to learn to stop daydreaming, meleth nin," he said as he entered a room that was lit by candlelight. He kissed her lips then set her back on her feet. "These are my quarters – I mean our quarters now," he said as he shut and latched the door behind him.

Aria took in the large expanse of a room around her. It was a circular room with a large bed in the center, along with a picture window. She noticed that Legolas had various bows were strewn about in one of the corners near a chair along with his dual long knives. There were also several bookshelves of books, along with a shelf full of woodcarvings of various animals. The room was very humble, not too fancy, but so Legolas.

"It is perfect," she said turning towards him and smiling.

Without saying a word, Legolas leaned down and captured his wife in a fiery kiss – pouring all his love, fear, anxiety and desire into that one kiss. Aria returned the kiss with just as much emotion – if not more. As they broke apart from their kiss after several seconds, a tear slipped down Aria's cheek.

"What is it meleth nin?" Legolas asked, wiping the tear away.

"Nerves," she whispered avoiding her husband's piercing blue eyes.

"I have them too," he whispered back.

She looked up at him and smiled softly. "Aníron le," she softly said.

Legolas didn't say anything as he gently ran a hand down the side of her face before taking the circlet out of her hair and allowing it all to cascade around her face as he set the circlet to the side. He had already taken his out and set it to the side when Aria was looking around his room. No need for adornments – they would only get in the way. "Amin liy llie," he whispered as he slowly began to kiss along her neck.

Neither of them knew exactly what to expect for their first time as husband and wife. For both of them, there were more nerves than anything else – Legolas was worried if Aria was going to handle being intimate with him so soon after her attack and Aria was just nervous that Legolas would realize that she was no good to him after being attacked.

Once Legolas had kissed along Aria's neck then back up to her lips, he felt that he was going to loose control if he did not bind with her soon. Slowly and carefully, he helped Aria out of her gown, since it was far too beautiful to rip off her body in a moment of unbridled passion. In return, Legolas slipped off his tunic top, so that he stood bare chested against Aria's bare body as he kissed her deeply as his hands explored her curves. The simple touch of Aria's bare skin was setting him on fire.

Not being able to stand for much longer, he led Aria to the bed and lay down with her and continued to kiss as his hands explored her body more – pinching and stroking her taunt nipples, cupping and rolling her soft breasts and even massaging her stomach. Yet he didn't dare go any lower at the moment. He would hold out for just a few more minutes.

During their kisses and exploration, Aria had begun to gently rub her knee against his groin, eliciting a deep moan from him as her hands trailed from his toned stomach and chest muscles then up to the tips of his pointed ears. It was the tips of his ears that just about sent him into a frenzy. Aria had known that stroking the tips of an elf's ears was a turn on for them, but she did not know that it would cause her husband to capture her in such a fiery kiss. She would have to remember that for future reference.

"You are going to be the death of me," Legolas lustfully whispered towards his wife as he stood up and rid himself of his leggings as he broke away from her after their fiery kiss.

Before he could crawl back in bed with her, Aria stopped him.

"What?" he asked, wondering if she was having second thoughts about continuing. Surely not – he hoped not. He was too worked up for her to stop. He needed to bind with his wife both physically and mentally.

"I just want to admire my husband's body," she said looking him up and down - from his broad shoulders to tone, muscular chest to his hard penis that was aching to be one with her. Legolas smiled as he indulged his wife for a few more seconds before pouncing back on her in bed. He was far too needy at the moment.

He quickly captured her in a deep kiss as his hand slipped down between her legs and gently began to rub her bud. She moaned into the kiss. He continued his assault on her senses as he moved his kisses to her neck and collarbone as he worked his way down her body, stopping at each of her taunt nipples where he sucked and rolled each one around his tongue briefly. As he continued to kiss and stroke her body, Legolas situated himself so that the tip of his weeping penis brushed against her opening.

Aria, whose eyes had been closed, opened them and looked up at her husband who was looking down her, waiting her permission to push on. All it took was a simple smile from her. Legolas captured her in another fiery kiss as he slowly pushed into his wife for the first time. He was not going to go fast, knowing that it might send Aria into a panic. Instead he went slow. And while it had taken longer then he wanted, he felt that this was best. Eventually Legolas' full length was sheathed inside of her and Legolas knew that there was no one else that he wanted to share this with.

As for Aria, she only felt a bit of pain, yet it was not like the pain from before – no this pain she knew would disappear. She looked up at Legolas who was waiting to see if she was okay. She smiled up at him as she put her hands behind his neck to pull him down for a kiss. Legolas took that a sign as he slowly pulled back then pushed into his wife once again. Aria moaned as she wrapped her legs around his body so that she could feel more of his husband within her. Her moans urged him on as he began to thrust in and out of her at a faster rate. Eventually Aria matched his rhythm as they continued to reach for the place that they could only reach together.

"Amin liy llie," Legolas whispered in her ear, the faster his hips thrust against hers as he could feel himself tethering close to the edge. She couldn't help but moan and cry out his name as she was sent into a state of bliss once again. As her muscles clinched around him, Legolas lost himself inside of Aria. At that moment, they felt their world click and everything came into a much brighter focus.

Now they were truly husband and wife – bound to each other both physically and mentally.

Legolas collapsed against Aria, who wrapped her arms around him as they lay there in each other's arms, trying to catch their breath. It was then that Aria knew that Legolas would always love her no matter what happened in their lives.

"Amin liy llie, Legolas." Aria said, snuggling in his arms and kissing him. "Thank you for taking care of me."

"Always meleth nin. Always," he said kissing her once again as he moved to leer over her before kissing her deeply on the lips. They rolled over in their bed and began another round of lovemaking that would take them towards their new dawn.

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