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Chapter 1

The beast stumbled on unsteady paws, the cracked, yawning expanse of rock and debris making walking difficult for the animal. It stared at the destruction before it, glimmering blue eyes outlined in crimson wide and fearful. "No, this cannot be," the being thought, eyes searching as it continued to move in stumbling, weaving steps. It slipped easily from walking bipedally, to moving quickly on all fours, its maw opening and ushering out a haunting cry. The sky above was hidden, covered by clouds colored a sickly brown. The clouds were heavy and oppressive, blocking most of the light from the ground beneath it.

Again, the beast cried out, pausing as the echoing sound of its own voice came back to it, empty and with no reply. "No! Where are you! Where is everybody! Please!" the animal begged as it finally came to a stop. The beast crunched the ground with crimson colored claws, tears spilling off grey furred cheeks to drip and moisten the destroyed ground on which it stood, defeated and weary. "Son?!….Celebi?! Arceus! Someone…anyone," the animal whispered, falling into unrepentant sobs.

"Celebi!" cried out a voice, breaking the unnaturally still world around them and a weary, brown tinged fey looking creature appeared. Its wide eyes gave it the appearance of extreme innocence, but within the depths of the glimmering blue eyes showed times past and those yet to happen. "Old friend, you survived? Until I heard your cry, felt your energy, I thought I was mistaken in what I had seen," Celebi stated lightly, fluttering gently above the cracked and desiccated earth.

"I…I suppose I must've survived, or this is hell. I didn't…expect this. There was a rush of noise, a bright light and then…everything was gone. What happened Celebi?" The animal asked, heaving itself up to a halfway sitting position.

"The end. Everything must end sometime; I just didn't expect you to last as well. I…must admit, our time together, healing you all those years ago, must have put some of time in you," Celebi replied honestly as its luminescent wings fluttered once more upon its back. It stared out at the desolate world with a soft smile, tinged with nostalgia and regret. What stood before them had once been a great and mighty forest and now, nothing but cracked earth, dust and ash.

"Who else lives Celebi? What do I do now? What do WE do now?" The Zoroark asked, following the green Pokémon's eyes to stare at the world around them. It's great crimson mane, tipped in black, drifted in the hot, acrid breeze that was kicking up, causing the Zoroark to cover it's snout with a paw. "What about my son? Am I the last?"

"There are many of us left and yet very little compared to how many Pokémon used to exist," Celebi answered with a blink of its eyes, "All that are left are the great and legendary. Us gods of the Pokémon world. Some of us, however, have perished like others. You ask what happen and I can tell you little. It happened so fast, but…our world has ended and from the ashes shall arise another one. We may survive it, or not, it all depends on us and our willpower to live." Celebi lowered his eyes as he finished speaking, before glancing back up at the weary Pokémon before him, "Your son perished like all the others, human and Pokémon alike. It happened quickly, none of them felt any pain, I promise you that. Of your kind, much like us, you are the last and only."

"I suppose I should be thankful for that, for your words, but I just feel…sad. My child is gone Celebi. The world is gone, and yet I live, Zoroark muttered lightly, heaving a sigh and bringing itself up to stand tall. "You didn't answer the last question though Celebi. What do we do now?"

Celebi glanced up at the Zoroark before him, taking in the contrast of the female now and the young mother Zoroark he had met so many years before. "We find ourselves somewhere comfortable and we sleep. We'll wake again when we are needed, or when we wish."

"You will stay with me?"

"Always old friend. I would not wish for anyone to sleep alone. Come, I know a place that will stay hidden with our abilities. Time and Illusion should create a lasting spell to keep us well hidden," Celebi replied as it fluttered its wings strongly and flew slowly out into the encroaching dusk. Zoroark took one last look at the dead world before her and followed, sighing softly;

"I will remember you always my son. May you sleep well and Arceus watch over your soul."

It took ages, but the destroyed world started again, like Celebi had said it would. The large sheet of clouds that coated the world, after several years, finally dropped its load, flooding the world with life giving waters. Wind picked up, fluffing the clouds and clearing them away from a sky that hadn't been seen by anything for almost one hundred years and wouldn't be seen by anything for another few hundred. The slumbering legendary Pokémon that lay beneath the world, either hidden in high caves deep within mountains or underneath the turbulent seas unknowingly spread their energies across the barren world. The energy gave birth to life, to trees and with Arceus careful, though weary guidance; the world blinked open infant eyes and grew. Millennium's passed and the Pokémon still slept, awakening only on occasion with they were needed, or when they wished to see the progress that the new life was doing.

Their energy gave birth to something innately new though, and that was wizards who drew upon the energy soaked into the ground and their own magical core. However, one Pokémon never woke; staying asleep and content in dreams and that was Zoroark. He lay resting in the highest reaches of the now dubbed Himalayan Mountains, peaceful with his memories. He had no reason to awake, and thus slept on.

Harry Potter, boy wizard extraordinaire, lounged in the smallest bedroom of number four private Drive. It was two weeks to his fourteenth birthday and he was currently doing something that was somewhat…illegal. What stood before Harry Potter was the culmination of almost three years of studying. Ever since his first year and seeing Professor McGonagall turn into a tabby cat, he had the insane urge to do the same. Learning that his father, and newly met godfather, was an animagus only cemented the belief that he was meant to become one as well. Hermione probably would have been proud of him for studying so much and for so long…if it wasn't for the fact that what he was about to do was somewhat…illegal, that is to say it would be illegal if anyone found out and he was above the age of seventeen. Nifty little loophole there, but still, Hermione probably would be seething and coming after him like an angry goose. He could almost hear her voice,

"Harry James Potter! How could you do something so…so irresponsible and dangerous! Are you asking to be killed or expelled?!"

'She'd probably say something similar to that, at least," Harry mused as he stared at the bubbling cauldron before him. Part of him did feel guilty though, not allowing his friends to know what he was up to, what he had planned, but the other part of him was filled with gleeful anticipation. "Well, at the very least Sirius will be proud of me," he muttered to himself as he added a handful powdered moonstone and four drops of his blood before stirring clockwise, holding his breath as the potion frothed angrily, before settling down and turning an iridescent gold. He sat back, patiently waiting for the potion to turn aquamarine and let his thoughts drift to his other best mate.

Ron. Ron was the first friend he'd ever had, but it didn't take a genius that Ron would be torn between amusements and probably jealousy. After that, well, maybe he'd feel hurt that Harry hadn't included him on this bout of rule breaking, but if everything worked out alright, he'd teach them the art. Or let them look at his notes and get them to teach themselves considering he didn't considering himself much of a teacher really. At any rate, he knew neither would understand his overwhelming urge to become an animagus and it mostly stemmed as a way to feel closer to his dearly departed father and his godfather, who was on the run currently due to Pettigrew escaping during the end of term.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts as the potion blinked a faint white and bled, from the center outwards, aquamarine blue and spit up silver sparks. "Hah! Take that Professor Snape!" Harry whispered as he gently dipped a ladle in the mixture and dolled himself out one dose. He stared at the potion for a moment, a proud grin sliding over his features as he looked at a potion he had completed, on his own and perfectly. The potion was somewhat hard to make, taking two weeks and needing almost perfect timing to place in the ingredients. He had been planning to brew it at school during his fourth year, but since Sirius enabled him less chores and quite a bit of a free time, he had taken a risk and made the Animagus Revealing Potion. If it worked, and he was sure it would, it would show him his form by forcibly changing him into it. The results wouldn't last long, probably no longer than five minutes, which was why he had nicked a mirror from the bathroom and had it on the floor to look at himself before he changed back.

He hoped for something cool, perhaps with wings or maybe a dog, like Sirius or a stag, like his father. Hell, he'd probably like anything he turned into as long as it wasn't overly stupid, or a rat. "Ah, well…bottoms up!" and with that, he downed the vial in one go, shivering as an icy feeling curled around his body, which seemed to be shrinking downward at an alarming rate. Harry closed his eyes, feeling somewhat nauseous and shivered, waiting for the strange, shrinking shifting sensation to stop. When it did, he felt ecstatic, mildly nauseous and somewhat…off. He assumed it was due to the new paws he found himself to be stumbling on as he tried to make his way to the mirror.

Blinking into his reflection, he was startled to see an unfamiliar animal staring back at him. The creature before him, that was him, wasn't in any of the books he had looked through as he researched what sort of animal he could become, but…it was definitely some sort of fox. His fur was a dark grey, with a mane of black encircling his neck in a comfortable poof. The inside of his ears were black as well, and his tail was quite poofy. The tips of his paws were a crimson color and when he closed one eye, the color of the lid was also red, the same color of his paws, his stub of eyebrows and the top of the silly tuft of hair that grew between his ears, sticking up, though slicking back a bit, and just as unruly as his hair when he was human.

He laughed, a weird sort of chittery hiss escaping his lips as he stared at his form. Despite not knowing what he was, he was quite pleased with his animagus. It was…him, somehow. Harry, so into admiring his form and trying to figure out what he was exactly, was incredibly disappointed when the potion wore off and he was once more, just Harry. Glancing at his hands, he grinned and only had one thing to say, "Wicked." Giving a soft laugh, Harry leapt to his feet, suddenly full of energy and pulled a book towards him. Now that he had taken the potion, the next step was to change his body on his own. Probably the most difficult part, but he felt he was up to the task. After all, practice made perfect.

As young Harry Potter took the potion and changed into the tiny little form of Zorua, a being that had been extinct for eon's, the pent up energy inside his fox-like form was released, creating ripples around the world. They weakened as they spread farther and farther out, but all the same, they reached a certain slumbering Pokémon, who awoke suddenly, breathing deeply as familiar energy washed over her form. "Another…a child…unprotected," Zoroark said as he shifted, bones groaning as she shifted and moved, stretched for the first time since she'd first gone to sleep when the world was just a barren wasteland. She turned, facing the opening of her cave; the illusion's covering it kept her safe from prying eyes of any passing living creature. "A child, like he was, my son. Alone…Celebi?" she whispered, glancing about the cave. She saw no sleeping fey creature, but Celebi's energy still permeated the area. The time Pokémon must have just left to wander about. He did so, every hundred or so years. Pulling herself up onto shaky paws, she stumbled to the lip of the cave, shielding her eyes as a blinding expanse of white greeted her. Snow…actual, snow. So the world had recovered then.

Ignoring the landscape, Zoroark closed her eyes and felt the energy. It was faded by the time it hit her, but she stretched her senses along it, following the trail with her mind to where it originated. It was quite a distance, but she was not one to leave a Zorua alone. It needed to be taught and trained and taken care of. It was just a young child too, if the energy had anything to say about it. Zoroark glanced back at her cave, at the warm interior that had kept her safe in her slumber, before she leapt into a snow bank and took off, enjoying the energizing run as she followed the meandering energy trail. "Do not worry young Zorua. I will find you soon. I will keep you safe."