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Volterra, Italy August 3rd 1720

"It is said that the Gods used to walk among men. In a time before evil, the humans and the Gods lived side by side on the Earth in peace and harmony. While the millenniums passed a corrupt new power began to rise and the tranquillity became disrupted. As his talents grew, the humans began to change. Less and less continued to worship the Originals until all but a few of the Gods faded out of existence. The Originals had to act and they had to act fast. Seeking refuge in the heavens, they used their combined strength to banish Evil to the underworld where his talents were constrained by the Earth, but not before he could leave his last remaining mark on humanity. As his final act of defiance, Evil rewarded the first of his worshipers with eternal life to carry on his work until he would be free to walk again. And so was born the vampire race."

Aro turned to face the guests gathered before him. This was a tale he had been telling since his creation and it never failed to impress the others of his kind. However, today was different. Today he wasn't looking to impress, he was looking for answers.

During an archaeological dig in Peru another scroll had been discovered. One very similar to the one he was currently holding in his withered hands. As soon as he had heard of the discovery he had sent his best men to recover it and they were due back at the castle any second now.

He paced up and down the throne room of his castle in Volterra, Aro wasn't used to being kept waiting and he wasn't enjoying it. The people gathered around him drew back for fear that his contempt at the situation would spill over and on to them.

At the very back of the room, Carlisle Cullen stood in silence. He had been with the Volturi now for almost twenty years. He enjoyed the company of the ancients because of the vast knowledge they held. However, since the discovery of this latest scroll Aro had become unpredictable. He was scared of what it might contain and had started lashing out at anything that he considered unnatural, Carlisle's diet being one of the first issues.

After much contemplation the blond vampire had decided it was time to leave Italy and head to The New World. He had never been to America before and its development was calling to him. Maybe he could even form his own coven to help with the loneliness he felt. But before he left he was curious about what this new scroll may contain.

The moment the Guard arrived back at the castle the atmosphere shifted. Carlisle could feel it. Before, everyone had been excited, anticipating some swing in the balance of power that may finally draw them out of the shadows. But Felix's grim face spoke volumes. Whatever that scroll contained it would not be good news.

"Well, what did you find?" Aro was oblivious to the change. He only had eyes for the piece of parchment, perfectly preserved, in his chief's hands.

"The humans found only one part of the remaining prophecy. I searched the site myself but there is no trace of anything left. To be honest I think they are looking in the wrong place. This predates any of the other artefacts found along side it..."

"Yes, yes, yes. I know that, but what does it say."

Not wishing to anger his master anymore, Felix passed the parchment along, allowing Aro the honor of reading it aloud to the rest of his kind.

"It is said that the balance of power will be decided by One. She will be born to the Originals before the second millennium of the Common Era, securing their power in the heavens. When she falls, her protector will be sent. He alone will be gifted with the abilities to fight those who wish to harm her. She will be his charge, vulnerable until the day of her eighteenth year of birth. Only then can she harness her powers and banish Evil forever.

The one with the golden eyes will be created on..."

It was obvious that the prophecy wasn't complete. Even from his position at the back of the room, Carlisle could see where the parchment had been torn. However, his focus wasn't on what was missing, but what had been written. He knew he needed to act fast if he had any chance of leaving Italy alive.

While the rest of the vampires assembled processed what they had just heard he took his chance, slipping out of the window of the throne room, and into the warm Italian night. He didn't stop running until he made it to the coast. From there he swam, hard and fast, away from Europe and towards the New World. As far away from Aro and his insecurities as possible.


Denali, Alaska, USA September 13th 1988

As the Cullen family disposed of the final bear carcass for the evening something caught Edward's eye. He turned his head skyward as a brilliantly white light streaked across the heavens. He had seen hundreds of falling stars in his time on Earth but never one so blindingly bright. He turned to his family to see that they too had noticed the meteor lighting the night sky. When it passed their location the family seemed to snap out of their trace and turned to head back to the home they were sharing with their cousins. Neither one of them understood the significance of what they had just seen.

Millions of miles away, the Gods were rejoicing as Charles and Renee welcomed their child to the world, baby Isabella.

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