NARUSASU/SASUNARU: warning: contain strong language, yaoi, and intense violence.

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Lady Tsunade had ordered team 7 to be at her office. And at this very moment, Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto are standing in front of her. "I am going to give you a hard mission today losers!" she said and stood up and hit her palms on the desk in front of her. Naruto grinned, 'yes finally, my chance to prove that I'm much better than Sasuke' he thought and gloomed at Sasuke. "What are you staring at?" Sasuke said to Naruto. Naruto crossed his hands and replied "something ugly, hehe". Sasuke frowned and looked in to Narutos eyes. "I didn't know there was a mirror in this room" he said and smirked. "What did you say?" Naruto turned his body to face Sasuke and threw his arms to the sides. Sasuke smirked and turned to face Naruto, "you heard me, what are you going to do?"

"SHUT UP!" everyone in team 7 turned their focus to Lady Tsunade. "You fools wanna know what the mission is or what?" she frowned and starred angrily at Naruto and Sasuke. "Aah... Please tell us what the mission is before these boys start fighting again, will you Lady Tsunade?" Kakashi asked and scratched the back of his head. Sakura scolded at the two boys, Naruto was already pouting. "Very well, you are going to track down Orochimaru. You will only fight him if necessary, but the main goal is to find out his whereabouts. Understood?" team 7 nodded and turned for the door.

"Sakura" Naruto said and smiled. He approached the bridge where they had decided to meet and showed that he was very pleased about the mission. He totally ignored Sasuke who was leaning against the railing. "Hey Naruto, you didn't by any chance see Kakashi on the way? He's always so late and I'm really wondering why..." Naruto shaked his head as a no and sat down on the ground. Kakashi finally came after half an hour waiting. "YOU ARE ALWAYS SO LATE KAKASHI!" Sakura said angrily and pointed her finger at Kakashi. "Oh well... You see I was just enjoying life on my way here and heard some birds sing in the..." "Save it!" Sakura cut him off. "Let's just go now that you're here."

After many hours of walking, they finally reached a village. "God, I'm hungry for some ramen" Naruto said, and as to emphasize his stomach growled. "Yhea, I guess it's time to find eat and them find an in so we can rest." Kakashi said nonchalantly. After eating ramen, much after Narutos nagging, they started to look around for a place to stay for the night.

Kakashi walked out of the in with his bag on his shoulder. "Is this one full too?" Sakura asked in a depressed voice. "It is." Kakashi said. "But the manager recommended a hotel so let's just go there." Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke followed obediently.

"Ehm, Kakashi?" Naruto asked. "Is this really the only place to stay?" they were all staring up at the love hotel. Kakashi laughed and they all went inside. The lobby had black walls and looked like a long hall. In the end there was a big red desk and a man behind it. "Welcome to our love hotel. Do you want a room?" the man behind the desk asked. "We would like four rooms please?" Kakashi asked and looked around in the room or lobby or what you can call it. "I'm sorry to inform you that we only have three rooms available. Is that okay?" the manager said. "Well okay, then I get the big room and you guys can just sleep like you want." Naruto said and grinned. "Not going to happen." Kakashi replied. "Sakura is a woman so she gets one room for herself." Sakura smirked at Naruto, but he ignored her. 'Damn her for always being lucky, just because she is a woman.' Naruto thought. "And I'm your sensei so I think it's only appropriate that I get a room of my own." Kakashi finished. "Wait?" Sasuke asked. "Does this mean that I have to share room with that dobe?" Sasuke pointed an accusing finger at Naruto. "What the fuck did you just call me?" Naruto clenched his fists and scolded at Sasuke who completely ignored him. "Get over it boys. You will share a room for one night and there will be no fighting between you, understood?" Kakashi said with and superior voice and crossed his arms. The boys frowned and nodded.

"Good, seems like everything worked out." The manager said. "Unfortunately we just got our AC broken, so it will be very warm in your rooms. But just sleep light clothed and it will be alright." He then held out the keys and smiled. 'Shit, it's going be really irritating sharing room with that dobe Naruto.' Sasuke thought and took the key from the manager and headed to their room.

Naruto and Sasuke walked in to their room. There was only one large bed in the middle of the room and a closet beside the door. The walls were painted in a dark red and the sheets on the bed were white, pink, black and red.

Naruto scratched his cheek and dropt his bag on the floor. "It's not as I thought." He said. "Hmm." Sasuke replied not really that interested in a conversation. "I mean, it could have been sex toys and other stuff here. This is after all a love hotel." Sasuke dropt his bag to and walked to the closet. He opened it only to be very surprised. Naruto seeing the shocked face on Sasuke walked to him to see what were inside the closet.

Sex toys. Allot of the too. Dildos, rope, whips, vibrators and almost everything else you can imagine. "HAHAHAHA" Naruto laughed so hard he had to hold his stomach. "Why are you laughing Usuratonkachi?" Sasuke said and frowned while crossing his arms. "I-it's just that, ha-ha, you blushed so hard Sasuke!" With those words Sasuke blushed even more. He scolded hard At Naruto who couldn't stop laughing. "I'm not blushing, baka! It's just hot in here." Sasuke said with an irritated look on his face. "Ha-ha, it's not that hot in here, Sasuke. But I guess you will get warm if you get turned on by these things?" Sasuke punched Naruto and growled angrily. "Fuck of you, Dobe. These things don't turn me on." He then walked away from Naruto who just couldn't stop laughing.

"We should get to bed, don't you agree?" Naruto asked Sasuke a while after he had stopped laughing. "Hmm." Sasuke answered. They took off their clothes, put on their PJs and brushed their teeth. 'Sucks that we have to share bed' they bout thought. They got in bed from each side and made sure to keep a long distance between them.

"It's so hot in here!" Naruto sighed and threw off his pants and shirt. "Aah, much better. Aren't you hot Sasuke?" Sasuke sat up in bed and took of his pants, then his shirt. 'Wow you can really see all of his muscles even without him flexing!' Naruto thought. 'He's a little skinny tough, but he doesn't look bad. Wait what? Doesn't look bad?' "Gyaa" Naruto said and slapped his face. "What the hell are you doing dobe? Shut the fuck up and sleep..." Sasuke said, obviously angry, and then he lay down again under the blanket. 'What the hell was that?' Naruto thought. 'He doesn't look bad? Yes he does. He looks terrible!' They both fell asleep shortly after.

Naruto woke up and felt really refreshed. 'I haven't slept so well in a long time. This bed is really warm and comfy.' He stretched a bit and opened his eyes. What he then saw shocked him.

Sasuke was lying with his head on Narutos chest and an arm thrown over Narutos stomach. And Naruto had his hand around Sasuke, resting on Sasukes hip. But Naruto didn't move. He was too afraid of facing the consequences of what might happened if Sasuke woke up .

End of part 1