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There's something to be said about time and its cardinal parts: beginning, middles, and ends. They always happen, as true as the air we breath. Forever will stay the same, as is the course of time and all the chronological traits that we have to come to accept, otherwise we never realize the worth of time.

Some say that ends are just new beginnings, and that somethings will always happen as fate intends: fixed points in time and space. However that is a topic bigger than this story, and if one is so curious, this story is part of a bigger tale that spans time, space, and finality which you are welcome to read and enjoy.

This story is about the beginning of the end, of means justified by ends. Of a man seeking for his own ends and closures and ensuring the beginnings of a monster brought forth from the sin of creation and rebirth in the name of a survival of an era.

A variation on a tale any fan of Pokémon would know, reshaped and lived out by a soldier cast asides by his nation for dealing an absolute to his enemy, leaving no survivors in a world that has become conflicted on what defines humanity and their place in the world, brought about by the calamity of a Third World War.

This is a story that casts asides the paradise that the Pokemon world is and prods into the machinations of a man who served as a soldier in an army plagued by left behinds and unwanteds established by a world long gone. Raiders, pirates, and every undesirable in their sights out in a nuclear wasteland that painted the world.

This is a world where the Cold War had gone hot.

A missile crisis that exploded into a world war.

Neutron bombs that fell, killing not by kinetic or explosive energy, but by radiation. The radiation then in turned killed the weak, but failing to kill the strong. The blood, and bones, and DNA of the survivors morphed and mutated, man becoming resistant to a degree, animals and plants affected much more radically. The changes came faster than any evolution in history, in the span of decades the offspring of those animals afflicted by radiation gained almost mythical and biblical powers.

With these powers almost all animals that existed before the bombs fell were extinct before mankind could've done anything, the new generations of animals becoming monsters. As the world rebuilt and regrouped, mankind found a common enemy and went war for the first time in history not against themselves, but against a mutually agreed threat.

From the Third World War monsters came to walk the Earth, and these monsters became entwined with the fate of humanity. Better than us in many ways, wielding powers of gods and fairy tales of old, these monsters challenged what humanity was worth while doing away with the old order of animal-human relations.

A product of our own misdeeds, risen up from the ashes of man, these monsters are distinctly a human problem.

How we have approached these monsters, centuries after their arrival, tells us what kind of people we are, and what we might and might have become.

In this world I present to you a military shaped and formed by the initial encounters with Pokemon: of men being too curious and not imagining the threat of animals who couldn't exactly comprehend their own new found powers. Perhaps the only way to fight monsters was to become ones themselves, and while the surviving civilians of the third world war had tried to rebuild society in places like Japan, Ireland, and Jordan, it was those took up arms in their names that had first tamed the beasts that we know as Pokémon.

The conflict that ensued in all corners of the world is now known as the Pokémon Crisis, barely a few decades removed from nuclear fire and the people who lived had to fight for their existence again.

Mutated whales and lizards that could create new islands, species that could control the weather, and beasts that could take on armored tanks by themselves. They had been a deadly threat, and as is common in history, enemies were eventually made friends only after years of hostility and attempts at domestication.

The devices used to tame and control them were spheres that could harness atomic energy to contain them into extremely compact forms, being able to fit into pockets. So these newly tamed monsters were given a broad name in addition to their individual ones: Pokémon.

To put in context one of the main plot points of this story, the main character being medically trained to a degree (as is his employer plus an entire department), I have to say this, and not to say as an insult: Pokémon are cancer. A mutation can only so long against otherwise regular cells, and written deep within DNA and the cells of the living are scripts which keep the body clean and cancer free. Perhaps it is not outrageous to think that if such a species was brought up upon cancerous cells would be at risk at extinction once the healthy cells start fighting back.

In short, if you didn't understand that, it has been a regression to 151 at large, not forward from that point in species count with Pokémon in this story. Eventually that regression will become zero.

To save all of Pokémon kind according, the sum of all zeroes has to be made into Two. A visionary plan, by a visionary man trying to play god, carried out by a soldier discharged from his military.

This story is a fanfiction of a fanfiction of the Pokémon series. More specifically the source of this story comes from another (on going as of the time I wrote this) story/nuzlocke comic that chronicles a journey of a young man trapped inside himself, who dares travels his home region to be the very best that no one ever was, even though he has an almost crippling condition. Travelling the Kanto Region, Red follows the path many have done for themselves, the only difference between them and him is for his partner: a well-experienced Pikachu, hiding a traumatized persona under one of a carefree youth.

During their travels they challenge gyms, battle rivals, confront death as it personally trails them, and eventually deal with a powerful organization known as Rocket Industries, largely responsible for many things in the world as it stood in the 24th century. How will they get to the end of their journey? Assumed that they even get there at all? And what will manifest in the end? That I am bound not to say, as I do have the knowledge of their beginnings, end, and everything in between.

This is not their story however; this is a story which binds time and fate with theirs.

The source material for this story can be found on Landwalker's Deviantart and Tumblr. Landwalker is the young man responsible for this world, and you should check out his nuzlocke accordingly. In fact if anything, you should check his work out before mine.

Many thanks for Landwalker for communicating and helping the progression of this story.