Hello. I had an idea, so I went with it. I've been trying new writing styles, and I've found one I like. It is directly inspired by Ernest Hemingway.

Anyways, welcome to the debut of the story, Upstream. It isn't long, it isn't beautiful, it isn't sane. I derived the idea from a certain Pokedex entry. This is just too much fun to write, so is no longer a oneshot, like it was originally planned to be.

Disclaimer: I do not own Nintendo; do not claim I do.


A fish flies through the air, high on the win against the creator.


The fish flails weakly as it lands, its fin breaking the fall from a devastating height.


The fish grins.

"I trained."

The creator falls to his knees.

"What have you done?!"

The fish winks, still grinning.

"I win, Arceus."

The creator stares down at the small red fish, a pained look in his eyes.

"I can feel it, fish."

"I mastered your son. Stole his powers. They were not his to wield, just as your powers are not yours."


"I am he."

"You damned fish! You bastard! You cheat! I'll kill you for this!"

"Even though you created the world, you forget you did not create time. None are exempt; you cannot defeat time. It affects all, from the lowly magikarp to the creator of all. I control its streams. For many eons, I swam through its rivers, all so I could confront you. Do you know what the life of a magikarp is, Arceus?"

The creator is silent.

"The life of a magikarp is hard. We are born a million at a time. From there, the eggs are stolen, eaten, poached, until only a few dozen remain. When we hatch, our parents attempt to eat us. Only about five remain. The remaining five are forced to fend for themselves. When the time comes, we swim upstream to the pool, and if we make it, we evolve."

"I evolved past that nonsense, Arceus."

"I evolved past your mistake!"

"...Do you know what happens to the others?"

"They die."

"They die, unless salvation comes to them."

"Today, salvation comes in the form of a fish."


"Magikarp got your tongue, Arceus?"

"...What do you want?"

"Tell me... Do you know what Giratina's realm is like?"

"No... No!"

"It parallels the life of a magikarp."

"It is a living HELL!"

"...Giratina is nothing compared to me..."

"He has recognized me as his master."

"You... defeated death?"







"Creation itself..."

"All see me as lord."

"I will never bow to you!"

"That's fine, I wouldn't want you as a disciple..."

"...Tell me... Have you ever heard of neglect?"


"The singular thing worse than a wrong action is no action, Arceus. By my calculations, Giratina will have his way for several millenia, just based on how badly you failed the worlds."

"...Time flows in all directions, but only those who swim upstream see that."